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Friday, November 28, 2008


Yes, women are prettier. Sure, you already knew that. But, after countless hours of surveys and studies on the following topics, these facts have emerged:

  • Maturity -- Women mature much faster than men. Most 17-year-old females can function as adults. Most 17-year-old males are still trading baseball cards and giving each other wedgies after gym class. This is why high school romances rarely work.
  • Handwriting -- To their credit, men do not decorate their penmanship. They just chicken-scratch. Women use scented, colored stationary and they dot their i's with circles and hearts. Women use ridiculously large loops in their p's and g's" It is a royal pain to read a note when she's dumping you, she'll put a smiley face at the end of the note.
  • Relationships -- First of all, a man does not call a relationship a relationship. He refers to it as "that time when me and Suzie was doing it on a regular basis." When a relationship ends, a woman will cry and pour her heart out to her girlfriends, and she will write a poem titled "All Men Are Idiots." Then she will get on with her life. A man has a little more trouble letting go. Six months after the break-up, at 3 am on a Saturday night, he will call and say, "I just wanted to let you know you ruined my life, and I'll never forgive you, and I hate you, and you're a total floozy. But I want you to know there's always a chance for us." This is known as the drunken phone call, that 99% of all men have made at least once. There are community colleges that offer courses to help men get over this need; alas, these classes rarely prove effective.
  • Sex -- Women prefer 30-45 minutes of foreplay. Men prefer 30-45 seconds of foreplay. Men consider driving back to her place as part of the foreplay.
  • Bathrooms -- A man has at most six items in his bathroom - a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel. The average number of items in a typical woman's bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.
  • Groceries -- A woman makes a list of things she needs and then goes to the store and buys these things. A man waits till the only items left in his fridge are half a lemon and something turning green. Then he goes grocery shopping. He buys everything that looks good. By the time a man reaches the checkout counter, his cart is packed tighter that the Clampett's car on Beverly Hillbillies. Of course, this will not stop him from going to the 10-items-or-less lane.
  • Going out -- When a man says he is ready to go out, it means he is ready to go out. When a woman says she is ready to go out, it means she will be ready to go out, as soon as she finds her other earring, finishes putting on her makeup.
  • Offspring -- Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and soccer games and romances and best friends, their favorite foods and secret fears and hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.
  • Dressing up -- A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, get the mail. A man will dress up for: weddings, funerals.
  • Laundry -- Women do laundry every couple of days. A man will wear every article of clothing he owns, including his surgical pants that were hip about eight years ago, before he will do the laundry. When he is finally out of clothes, he will wear a dirty sweatshirt inside out, rent a U-Haul and take his mountain of clothes to the laundromat. Men always expect to meet beautiful women at the laundromat. This is a myth.
  • Weddings -- When reminiscing about weddings, women talk about "the ceremony." Men talk about "the bachelor party."
  • Socks -- Men wear sensible socks. They wear standard white sweatsocks. Women wear strange socks. They are cut way below the ankles, have pictures of clouds on them, and have a big fuzzy ball on the back.
  • Nicknames -- If Gloria, Suzanne, Deborah and Michelle get together for lunch, they will call each other Gloria, Suzanne, Deborah and Michelle. But if Mike, Dave, Rob and Jack go out for a brewsky, they will affectionately refer to each other as Bullet-Head, Godzilla, Peanut Brain and Useless.
  • Eating -- A woman will generally admire an ornate desert for the artistic work it is, praising its creator and waiting a suitable interval before she reluctantly takes a small sliver off one edge. A man will start by grabbing the cherry in the center.
  • Clothes -- Men don't discard clothes. The average man still has the gym shirt he wore in high school. He thinks a jacket is "just getting broken in" about the time it develops holes in the elbows. A man will let new shirts sit on the shelf in their original packaging years before putting them to use, hoping they'll become more comfortable with age. Women think clothes are radioactive, with a half-life of one year. They exercise precautions to avoid contamination by last year's fashions.
  • Trust -- The average woman would really like to be told if her mate is fooling around behind her back. This same woman wouldn't tell her best friend if she knew the best friends' mate was having an affair. She'll tell all her other friends, however. The average man won't say anything if he knows that one of his friend's mates is fooling around, and he'd rather not know if his mate is having an affair either, out of fear that it might her friends. He will tell all his friends about his own affairs, though, so they can be ready if he needs an alibi.
  • Driving -- A typical man thinks he's Mario Andretti as soon as he slips behind the wheel of his car. The fact that it's an 8-year-old Honda doesn't keep him from trying to out-accelerate the guy in the Porsche who's attempting to cut him off; freeway on-ramps are exciting challenges to see who has the right stuff on the morning commute. Does he or doesn't he? Only his body shop knows for sure. Insurance companies understand this behavior, and price their policies accordingly. A woman will slow down to let a car merge in front of her, and for another woman who was busy adding the finishing touches to her makeup.
  • Shoes -- The average man has 4 pairs of footwear: running shoes, dress shoes, boots, and slippers. The average woman has shoes 4 layers thick on the floor of her closet. Most of them hurt her feet.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the Morning Jolt!

Thanksgiving is a time to recognize all that God has given us each passing day. We say 'thanks' for the most precious gifts in our lives - our family, friends and loved ones.

My Thanksgiving wish for all of you is to be reminded of what really counts and what remains important, no matter what our circumstances or what life brings and to cherish all the special people and moments along the way…..

Have a turkey-fic Thanksgiving!

Water Cooler Talk

  • No big surprise. Way hot mom Brooke Burke won the Dancing with the Satrs trophy for season seven.
  • Platinum Blonde bass player Kenny MacLean has died. Police said the musician was discovered collapsed and unresponsive Monday at his Toronto apartment.
  • Hannity & Colmes are breaking up. Alan Colmes plans to leave the show at the end of the year.
  • Canada's Supreme Court has ruled that airlines need to provide two passenger seats for extremely overweight people.
  • Ted Koppel is leaving the Discovery Channel six months before his contract is due to expire in May, the network announced Tuesday.
  • The creator of the TV show "Heroes" is now apologizing for saying that people who watch his show are "dipsh*ts" and "poor saps."
  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt got married in Mexico November 20, just outside of Cabo.
  • The fashion color of the year is blue iris, according to the Pantone Color Institute.
  • Jason Lee now admits that he secretly married Ceren Alkac, the mother of his second child, several months ago.
  • "Scrubs" returns to TV on January 6th... but it's jumped over to ABC.
  • GM has ended their 9-year endorsement deal with Tiger Woods.
  • Amy Winehouse is back in the hospital again. This time, it's said to be a reaction to a medication. Uh-huh.
  • First lady Laura Bush confirms that she is planning a memoir and has met with publishers.
  • Madonna is said to be furious at Alex Rodriguez who dropped out of Kabbalah training because "he was bored."
  • Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear will spend Thanksgiving together with their 11-year-old daughter... and Heather's new boyfriend.


Great Expectations dating expert Robert Fisher offers these tips to help singles reduce the stress of holiday dating:

  • Stop, think and plan -- Many professionals have an implementation calendar at work; they also need one for their personal lives as well. "Think in advance about the business, religious, community and neighborhood events that you'd like to attend, and start thinking now about which ones you'd like to bring a date to," says Fisher.
  • Take time for a "reconnaissance date" -- An important office or family holiday function is the wrong place for a first date. Schedule a "reconnaissance date" before the event. Fisher notes that even if it's just a cup of coffee or lunch, a reconnaissance date gets the preliminary awkwardness out of the way and gets some chemistry going. This simple strategy can make all the difference before one is "on stage" in front of co-workers or family.
  • Hold your horses -- It's natural to do some "what if" thinking when meeting someone new, but remember to pull in the reins. "Although there's no better time to arrive with the perfect partner, this is not the time to pin all of your hopes on meeting your dream mate," cautions Fisher.
  • Go easy on the spirits -- Holiday party drinking stories are almost as much a part of the seasonal lore as are Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. "Go easy on the alcohol," warns Fisher. "Adrenaline from nervousness or jitters can amplify alcohol's effect. If you're going to drink at a holiday party with your date, a good rule of thumb is to cut in half the amount you'd normally consume in a given period of time."


Does Thanksgiving and the annual onslaught of hungry friends and loved ones wear you out, physically and emotionally? Well, relax, because this year you can follow the Weekly World News' handy zodiac guide and take the hassle out of turkey day:

  • Aries -- Are multiple cooks in your kitchen driving you batty? Don't throw them out, delegate all the chores and then enjoy watching them slave away while you relax.
  • Taurus -- Turkey day traveling gets the Bull child down - this year let the relatives bring the feast to you - tell them a psychic foretold danger ahead if you leave home on Thanksgiving.
  • Gemini -- Aunt Millie won't sit next to mon and sister's in the kitchen weeping because she thinks she's fat? Invite a bunch of friends to join the festivities and your family will be on their best behavior.
  • Cancer -- Sis's brats are blasting the stereo and Grandma's got the TV volume on high - it's driving you batty. Tempted to flip the circuit breaker and claim the power's out? Buy noise dampening earplugs and you'll survive headache free.
  • Leo -- House-proud Lions could be driven to drink by hyperactive youngsters. Here's a hint - Plan activities to divert their attention from destroying your antiques and you'll survive without mishap.
  • Virgo -- Virgos are distraught when plans go awry, and this includes your relative's chronic lateness. But tell them the feast starts an hour earlier than you plan and for once they'll arrive on time.
  • Libra -- Meddlesome relatives annoy privacy-loving Librans. Resist the urge to stuff a turkey leg in nosy Aunt Nellie's mouth. Fake deafness instead, responding to questions with "Eh? Eh?"
  • Scorpio -- Resist the temptation to stuff Uncle Milton down the disposal, or shove Cousin Billy Bob down the trash chute, Scorpion. Turn your annoyance on the pots and pans, retiring to the kitchen after dinner to scrub and polish your irritation away.
  • Sagittarius -- Archers hate being cooped up with a bunch of annoying relatives. Organize a long walk for the crowd - you'll enjoy the great outdoors and exhaust them so they'll go home early.
  • Capricorn -- Do you always get stuck at a skin full of dirty dishes while everyone else kicks back and relaxes? Announce that exposure to detergent makes you break out in hives - then cleanup's on them.
  • Aquarius -- Fretting over who brings what stresses you out - not to mention that half your relatives can't cook. This year order a prepared feast from the deli.
  • Pisces -- Peaceful Pisces dislikes arguments. When your relatives start quibbling pretend to faint - they'll get so distracted the subject won't come up again.


(Men's Health) About 2,370 calories stand between you and the post turkey bliss. Skip the gym this year and burn off the feast with these family-friendly "workouts":

  • Turkey and gravy -- 730 calories to burn off play touch football for 55 minutes.
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy -- 600 calories to burn off walk 4 and a half miles with the family.
  • Double order of pumpkin pie with whipped cream -- 540 calories burn off rake parents' lawn for 70 minutes.
  • Stuffing -- 280 calories burn off by roughhousing with nieces and nephews for 40 minutes.
  • Dinner roll -- 130 calories burn off by washing dishes for 30 minutes.
  • Cranberry sauce -- 90 calories burn off by watching Sportscenter for 50 minutes

Great News! You Can Drink Your Own Pee!

We've got great news for you this morning-- astronauts aboard the International Space Station told Mission Control in Houston that their new urine recycler has passed the test and is working just fine! In other words -- now you can drink your own pee! However, a separate testing will be conducted back on Earth on samples of processed urine, sweat and condensation before astronauts can start drinking purified water which is scheduled next year. The $154-million system, distils, filters, ionizes and oxidizes wastewater, including urine, into fresh drinking water. Yum, Yum! (

Never Steal From a Woman With a Frozen Turkey

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a would-be carjacker was stopped cold -- quite literally -- when he tried to steal the car of a woman armed with a frozen turkey! Police say 30-year-old Fred Louis Ervin allegedly stole money from a gas station before running across the street to a grocery store parking lot where he began beating Irene Moorman Bailey while stealing her car. But soon other shoppers came to her rescue including one who hit Ervin squarely with a frozen turkey! Despite serious head injuries, Ervin still got away in Bailey's car and hit several other cars as he fled. But police arrested him a short time later. (

How to keep your pets safe during the holidays.

I read that some Veterinarians are more concerned during the holidays, especially when family chaos increases and your pet's environment may change from day to day with the arrival of family and friends bearing gifts, holiday food items and exotic plants. Here are some household toxins to always keep away from Fido:

  • Antifreeze
  • Chocolate
  • Acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories
  • Prescription or illegal drugs
  • Rodenticides
  • Xylitol
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Onions and garlic
  • Lilies
  • Macadamia nuts

Unique Country Christmas Gift Ideas!

With the holiday shopping season upon us, we thought we'd remind you about some of the unique country gift options out there for you.

  • If they didn't get the 5th Annual Chevy Country Music 2009 Calendar in an issue of NASCAR Illustrated, Progressive Farmer Magazine, Country Weekly or People Magazine, your listeners can download the calendar for free at They'll need a color printer to appreciate the shots of Heidi Newfield, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Rissi Palmer, Jason Aldean, Joe Nichols, Lady Antebellum, Rodney Atkins, Chuck Wicks, Jypsi, James Otto and Phil Stacey.
  • This Friday only, November 28th, Jewel is offering her album Perfectly Clear for a one dollar donation to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, plus shipping and handling. Order the album at
  • Ipod users can download a free copy of Trisha Yearwood singing "My Favorite Things" at Yearwood recorded the song for Sears' Heroes At Home program. While at, people are encouraged to learn what they can do to help deserving military families.
  • The second annual A Kiss For Country auction is going on now at Country artists have teamed up with Mary Kay Incorporated for the program, which is auctioning off celebrity "lip prints" to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of domestic violence. Through December 12th, listeners can bid on "Kiss Cards" from Jewel, Reba McEntire, Kellie Pickler, Sara Evans, Jennifer Hanson, Naomi Judd, Miranda Lambert, Rodney Atkins, Emerson Drive, Julianne Hough, Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes, John Rich, Martina McBride and many others.
  • Project Paper Doll will launch on eBay this Friday (November 28th). Fans can bid on wooden dolls that have been personally decorated and signed by country stars. The proceeds will benefit Nashville's Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, a leading provider in pediatric health care. The unique pieces of art come from a long list of country artists, including George Strait, Merle Haggard, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, George Jones, Brooks and Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Jessica Simpson, Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Kid Rock and Brooks and Dunn. The auction runs in three different groups through the middle of December. Find out more at

People and things that/who never existed that have had a great influence on mankind.

( provides us with this list of people and things that/who never existed that have had a great influence on mankind.

  1. Santa Claus
  2. Barbie
  3. Robin Hood
  4. The Marlboro Man
  5. Rosie the Riveter
  6. Daedalus and Icarus
  7. The Little Engine That Could
  8. Big Brother
  9. Romeo and Juliet

Have you ever been taken advantage of by an auto mechanic?

Don't worry you're not the first. And so it doesn't ever happen again, here are 5 things your auto mechanic won't tell you (from AAA):

  1. Always request an estimate.
  2. Your work order should also clearly state a guarantee on the work. If not, ask the shop what type of guarantee is provided on both workmanship and parts.
  3. If the mechanic is replacing something on your vehicle, ask for your old parts back.
  4. You should always study your bill for doubled labor charges. If you're getting a new water pump and you replace the timing belt at the same time, there's no additional labor to do the timing belt just the additional cost of the parts.
  5. Don't replace your tires until you do your own tread test. Do a simple penny test. Find the wear bar on the tire and insert the penny in the tread. The less you see of Lincoln's head the better the tread.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WKRP turkey drop scene Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Bowling For Thanksgiving
The city of Cincinnati is gearing up for their annual Turkey Bowl, an annual outdoor Thanksgiving tradition. Contestants try to knock down ten pins by using frozen turkeys in place of bowling balls. The lanes are set up on the holiday season ice skating rink on downtown's landmark Fountain Square. This year's winner gets $100 cash and a full set of the "WKRP in Cincinnati" DVDs including the famous "Turkeys Away" episode in which the mythical radio station gives away live turkeys by dropping them out of a helicopter to their deaths-- because the station manager thought turkeys could fly. And just in case your worried about the political correctness of all this, the frozen birds used in Turkey Bowl are discarded store turkeys not intended for anyone's table. (AHN News)

Who's cheating Who??

Of the married men and women who have affairs, 62% of men and 46% of women have strayed with lovers they met in the office, according to the Durex Global Sex Survey, making the office the most popular place for illicit affairs to start. Want more?

  • About 440,000 affairs have been discovered as a result of electronic traces, such as e-mails and cell phone logs.
  • People over 50 are most likely to have an affair with nearly one-third of this age group admitting to having had sex with someone they shouldn't. This compares with 23% of those 30 to 40 years old and 14% of those under 30.
  • People who work in three specific jobs are more likely to cheat than others: human resources, trucking and travel agencies.
  • 44% of adults worldwide have had a one-night extramarital fling, and 22% have had a full-fledged affair.
  • Nearly 33% of adults know someone who has been caught cheating with a lover.

Do you work with a butt kisser?

Psychologists call it "upward influence" or "supervised-focused impression management" or "tactical subordinate ingratiation." Here's some words we compiled thru the listeners: Apple polisher, Ass Kisser, Boot Licker, Brown Noser, Butt Wipe, Fawner, Flatterer, Flunky, Foot Licker, Goody Two Shoes, Groveler, Keener, Kiss-Up, Lackey, Lickspittle, Suck-Up, Sycophant, Teacher's Pet, Toad eater, Toady, Tool, Truckler and Yes Man.

Here are 25 cities with the lowest unemployment rates and the job growth ..

Even though the economy appears to be in the tank, there are some cities where finding a job isn't too terrible. There are several cities with low unemployment rates and sizeable job growth. Here are 25 cities with the lowest unemployment rates and the job growth they're experiencing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  2. Rapid City, South Dakota
  3. Idaho Falls, Idaho
  4. Bismarck, North Dakota
  5. Houma, Louisiana
  6. Morgantown, West Virginia
  7. Logan, Utah
  8. Fargo, North Dakota
  9. Casper, Wyoming
  10. Billings, Montana
  11. Ames, Iowa
  12. Lafayette, Louisiana
  13. Midland, Texas
  14. Iowa City, Iowa
  15. Lincoln, Nebraska
  16. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  17. Great Falls, Montana
  18. Charlestown, West Virginia
  19. Des Moines, Iowa
  20. Missoula, Montana
  21. Salt Lake City, Utah
  22. Provo, Utah
  23. Odessa, Texas
  24. Pocatello, Idaho
  25. Sioux City, Iowa

When your making out your Christmas Card list this year....

Please remember those who have served! Send a card to:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave, NW
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

Monday, November 24, 2008

Water Cooler Talk

Congrats to Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz who welcomed a son into the world last week. Bronx Mowgli Wentz.
ABC has told the producers of "Pushing Daisies," "Eli Stone" and "Dirty Sexy Money" that they've got enough of their shows... stop producing them! Some new episodes in the can, but don't get attached.
U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed while making a speech at a black tie affair last Thursday.
The Weather Channel is laying off people in a cost-cutting measure.
Gene Simmons is peeved that Kiss is not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. "There are disco bands, rap bands, Yiddish folk song bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but not Kiss," he said at a speech at the Billboard Touring Conference. "I believe we have more gold records in America than any other group, but it's okay."
Former Senator Fred Thompson said he's had his political fun and he's heading back into acting.
Julianne Hough says she's not returning to "Dancing with the Stars" next season to concentrate on her country music career.
British actress Sienna Miller won 53,000 pounds ($80,000) in damages from a British photo agency on Friday over claims of paparazzi harassment.
Dr. Pepper said back in March that if Guns N' Roses new album actually dropped in 2008, they would give everyone in America a free can of soda. The album is out and so until midnight tonight, coupons for a free 20-ounce soda will be available on Dr Pepper's web site. They'll be honored until February 28.
The ideal amount of time for sex is three to 13 minutes -- not counting foreplay. That's the word from a survey of 34 sex therapists, all of whom are members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research in the U.S. and Canada.
In an upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary, 26-year-old Britney Spears says, "If I wasn't under the restraints that I'm under right now, with all the lawyers and doctors and people analyzing me every day and all that kind of stuff... I'd feel so liberated, and feel like myself."
Madonna and Guy Ritchie were granted the first stage of their divorce on Friday.
Among the celebrities attending the grand opening festivities of the new Atlantis Resort in Dubai last week: Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Charlize Theron, Quincy Jones, Gerard Butler, Mary-Kate Olsen, Lily Allen, Michael Jordan, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, Wesley Snipes and Robert DeNiro. Rooms start at $800 a night.
Paris Hilton says she still loves ex-boyfriend Benji Madden.
Even though men may think that becoming a father in their 30s or even early 40s is just about perfect, a new study from Swedish researchers concludes that children born to fathers who are older than 30 are more likely to develop bipolar disorder. Why? As you get older, so does your seed.
A&E Network has finally set a date for Patrick Swayze's new drama series, "The Beast." It will premiere on January 15 at 10pm.


Packing on pounds is easy to do during the holidays. So here are 10 suggestions to help you keep the weight off from nutrition and health expert Dr. James D. Krystosik:

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Being tired often triggers eating pangs.
  2. Drink plenty of water. If you don't take in liquid, the body retains it, increasing body weight by 10 to 15 pounds.
  3. Curb appetite by loading up on "good carbs" - high fiber veggies like beans, whole grains such as oats and brown rice and fruits.
  4. Limit your intake of proteins.
  5. Keep stress levels down by walking, exercising and meditation. Stress can spark the appetite.
  6. Avoid "bad carbs" like high-starch potatoes, breads and desserts.
  7. Vinegar reduces the body's absorption of "bad carbs" so use a variety of vinegar with olive oil for salad dressings.
  8. Stay away from foods with hydrogenated oils and the sweetener aspartame. These substances do not aid in weight loss.
  9. Choose foods with "good fats" like soy beans, avocado, nuts and seeds, fish like salmon, tuna and halibut and leafy green veggies.
  10. Keep in touch with a pal who has similar diet and health goals to boost your willpower during the holiday food feast.


Anytime you have more than one drink, you boost your risk of developing metabolic syndrome, a set of conditions that includes low HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and excess belly fat. In a study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, women who had more than one drink on any given day had a 60% higher risk for these conditions than those who stuck to one, says lead study author Amy Z. Fan, Ph.D. (Women's Health)

The University of Michigan says doctors are exposed to the cold virus more than any other segment of the population, and they've devised ways to protect themselves from getting sick. Why they don't share their secrets with their patients more often than they do is a mystery, but preventive medicine specialist Dr. Mark Moyad has spilled the beans. Doctors routinely take Ester-C vitamin C tablets and suck on zinc lozenges, he says. They also eat raw garlic. It contains powerful anti-viral compounds that, unfortunately, are destroyed by heating. To ward off bad breath, they blend garlic with chickpeas and deodorizing parsley into a mixture called hummus. (Sun)

That "medium" soda may actually be a large. Duke University researchers have discovered that some fast food chains are encouraging customers to buy larger soft drinks, which justifies higher prices, by increasing the number of ounces in all sizes of drinks. They know what you may not: Most people subconsciously pick the middle option without considering the actual amount, says study author Richard Staelin, Ph.D. Remember, 8 ounces is one serving. (Men's Health)

Credit and debit cards have become indispensable. Most Americans are now using them, rather than cash, to make purchases, both big and small. But the days when you "can't leave home without" your credit card are rapidly coming to an end. Financial institutions are testing biometric scanners that will allow you to buy anything you want just by touching a scanner with the tip of your finger. The scanner will read your fingerprint, which is unique to you, and compare it with a copy on fine at your bank or credit card company. If it gets a valid match, you'll automatically be charged for the item and can walk out of the store with it no checkout lines involved. In a trial run, one bank has already installed fingerprint ATM machines in the United Arab Emirates. To get cash, just touch the screen and type in your PIN. Others plans include a chip in your cell phone. Pass the phone over the product you want to buy and it will tell you the price and other details. It will debit your bank account after you punch in a confirming ID number. (Sun)

Stress can make allergies worse, concludes a study from the Ohio State University College of Medicine. Researchers subject people to a stressful public speaking situation and then pricked their skin with allergens. Those who reported moderate anxiety developed allergic bumps that were 75% bigger than ones they developed when tested after calming situations. Stress increases levels of inflammatory proteins, which may aggravate the allergic response, says principal investigator Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, Ph.D. (Women's Health)

The Cleveland Clinic reports one of the biggest risk to your overall health could be your credit card balance and other debts you're carrying. People who are in debt are much more likely to suffer from stomach ulcers, depression and even heart attacks, than those who live within their means. Find out where your money is going by keeping a record of every penny you spend for a month or two. Then look for ways to cut your expenditures. Don't keep the problem bottle up. Confide in your spouse or a close friend, and enlist that person's help in getting your fiances under control. (Sun)

Skip the cold cereal: Eating eggs and bacon in the morning can help you control your hunger later in the day. Indiana University scientists determined that dieters who consumed their biggest dose of daily protein at breakfast felt full longer than those who ate more of the nutrient at lunch or dinner. The upshot: "They were less likely to overeat the rest of the day," says study author Heather Leidy, Ph.D. To fend off hunger, shoot for at least 20 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast. (Men's Health)


Modern medical practitioners are rediscovering the healing power of color, a technique that's been used effectively in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. Here are the ayurvedic colors and the conditions they treat:

  • Red -- boost energy and self-confidence. Use it to treat sexual dysfunction, anemia, depression, low blood pressure, asthma, chronic cough and skin diseases.
  • Orange -- promotes cheerfulness and happiness. It's effective against artery disease, heart problems, anorexia, kidney problems, menstrual distress, lung disease and lower back pain.
  • Yellow -- is associated with mental clarity and a healthy nervous system. It's helpful in the treatment of digestive problems, diabetes and arthritis.
  • Green -- brings a sense of peace and harmony. Surround yourself with green if you suffer from eye problems, tumors, joint pain and swelling or diabetes.
  • Blue -- calms and relaxes. It can banish headaches, muscle cramps, insomnia, throat problems and disorders of the lymph system.
  • Violet -- is the color of spiritual awareness and creativity. It cures insomnia, kidney and bladder problems and it boosts the immune system.

Why You Should Never Agree To Naked Photos!

We've said it before and we'll say it again. If you agree to allow yourself to be photographed nude, you're asking for trouble. In Fayetteville, Arkansas, Tina Sherman learned the hard way after his husband, Phillip, accidentally left his cell phone behind at McDonalds. Stored on the phone were nude photos of Tina -- photos that then somehow ended up online. The Shermans are now suing McDonalds, the individual franchise owner and the store manager for $3 million bucks. This is to pay for their suffering, embarrassment and the cost of having to move to a new home. Phillip called the McDonald's after realizing he had left his phone behind and says he was assured by employees they would keep the phone secure until he could come pick it up. Nobody from McDonald's has had any comment.

Cosmopolitan gives us five comments that turn him off

  1. "Do I look fat in this outfit? No, really be honest."
  2. "I can't go out in public with my hair this messy."
  3. "Am I better looking than your last girlfriend?"
  4. "I feel like such a pig. I knew I shouldn't have eaten so much."
  5. "Doesn't that girl wear too much makeup?"

Are you working too hard???

One-third of American workers suffer from job-related stress because they're being severely overworked, says a study by the Families and Work Institute. The study also says about one-half of U.S. employees complain about handling too many tasks, being interrupted too often to deal with other tasks or problems - or both. The chances of suffering from chronic job-related stress are worst for baby boomers between 40 and 50 (37%), employees of companies ravaged by layoffs (42%) and workers at companies that refuse to offer flexible schedules (56%).

Milk does the love life good!

It turns out that Vitamin D may act as pheromones to attract the opposite sex. It works in Iberian rock lizards, at least, and it may work in humans, too. A Spanish team at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid concludes that essential nutrients, such as vitamins, can make females become excited by secretions in males. When certain vitamins are in the male secretions, it's a sign of good health.

The truth can set you free! Well, maybe not!

He who said "The truth can set you free" probably wasn't in a relationship. Every guy has his cache of fallback excuses -- not egregious, deceitful fabrications, just little white lies to help smooth things over. You can usually rely on tried and tested classics to get you through the "Do I look fat in these jeans?" moments, but sometimes situations arise that make you scramble to come up with something new. assembled a list of 10 of the most common male excuses to help you avoid ever having to flounder in such a situation again.

  1. You look great in everything you wear.
  2. I was just looking at how skanky she was dressed.
  3. I don't need a holiday to remind me how special you are.
  4. didn't want to wake you up.
  5. I'm not really a breasts guy anyway.
  6. I didn't want to buy you something that you didn't want.
  7. It wasn't my fault. [insert name of friend she already doesn't like] made me late.
  8. _____ just got dumped.
  9. I am just a really picky eater.
  10. I have got work to do.

What holiday pastime makes you feel closest to your Honey?

A poll asked women, "What holiday pastime makes you feel closest to your guy?":

  • 40% said sitting by the fire
  • 20% said decorating the tree
  • 18% said a big family dinner
  • 10% said making a snowman
  • 5% said watching a Charlie Brown DVD
  • 4% said exchanging gifts
  • 3% said religious services

Women's Health aslso asked, "Holidays with the in-laws means..."

  • 48% said laughter and good times
  • 23% said holding my tongue until it's numb
  • 17% said compromises with a side of compromise
  • 12% said constant wine refills

Older is better!

Although attracting a younger man's attentions may be flattering ladies, a recent survey says mature men make the best mates. Researchers Martin Fieder and Susanne Huber, of the University of Vienna concluded that the most successful relationships occurred when the man was four to six years older than the woman. In fact, scientists believe the pairing of older guys with younger women is actually a biological phenomenon that humans instinctively follow. Young, educated women also find older men an interesting challenge because senior males know more and can guide her and enrich her life more so than a contemporary. Researchers also discovered that older men tend to have more money, better manners and career achievements - traits sure to win the heart of a years younger lady. Plus, no matter how old you get, you'll always be the younger woman.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet me at Bashas' LHC and get your $10 Gift Card!

Join me at Northside Havasu Bashas’: 1631 McCulloch Blvd, LHC at 11AM on Saturday Morning to shop for Thanksgiving Dinner! I will even give you a $10 gift card (while supplies last). Huge saving everywhere in the store to make your holiday as special as it should be!

That's LHC, Basha's, 11am, BE THERE and save!

Water Cooler Talk

  • People names Australian actor Hugh Jackman (40-year-old, 6-foot-2-inch) the "sexiest man alive."
  • Times are changing. Thursday, Paul McCartney and Guns N' Roses each debuted their new albums on MySpace before putting them on sale.
  • According to the University of Minnesota, nearly 78% of the state's college students are sexually active, yet only 71% drink alcohol.
  • Despite John McCain's loss, Jackson Browne is still going after his campaign for using his song "Running on Empty" in a commercial.
  • After nine months of dating, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are history.
  • Winona Ryder got sick on a flight to the UK this week, was hospitalized when she arrived, but is said to be out and doing fine. No details given.
  • A online poll found 84% of women over pack when they go on a trip.
  • That sheikh suing Michael Jackson for $7 million said that he spent $350,000 on a brain power guru to help Michael's creative juices flow better.
  • Bob Hope will be honored with a postage stamp next spring.
  • A recount verified that John McCain defeated Barack Obama by 3,632 votes in Missouri.
  • We gobble an extra 619 calories per day between Thanksgiving and January first, according to research from Texas A&M International University in Laredo.
  • So, if Hillary Clinton accepts the job as Secretary of State, who will fill her spot in the Senate? Some are suggesting her husband.


The kind of pet you choose to own or if you don't own one at all, makes a statement about who you are. Answer these questions and discover which pet is best for you:

Which description fits you best?

  1. I buy things to impress the neighbors. (8 points)
  2. I'm quiet and have a small circle of friends. (2 points)
  3. Neighbors think I'm Howard Hughes. (0 points)
  4. I love people and make friends wherever I go. (6 points)

How tolerant of others are you?

  1. I can put up with most behavior. (8 points)
  2. I'm stiff at first but accepting over time. (3 points)
  3. I'm quick to complain when people break the rules. (0 points)
  4. I can usually go with the flow without freaking out. (6 points)

How often do you and your family get out and about?

  1. We're physically active but tend to be homebodies. (7 points)
  2. Honestly, we're such a lazy bunch it's scary. (2 points)
  3. We're retired and restricted by a fixed income. (1 point)
  4. We spend as much time as possible outdoors. (6 points)

Do you have a sense of humor?

  1. Yes. Whatever happens in life, I laugh it off. (8 points)
  2. Not really. I'm pretty serious most of the time. (1 point)
  3. I've been told I'm a sourpuss. (0 points)
  4. Probably the same as the average person. (5 points)

What's your history with pets?

  1. I've always had a variety of animals around me. (8 points)
  2. I had one when I was little. (3 points)
  3. I've never owned one in my life. (1 point)
  4. I have lots of experience with cats and dogs. (5 points)


Up to 5 points - You don't have the time or inclination to care for an animal requiring more attention than a goldfish. It's not that you're selfish, you're just too darn busy to feed Fido.

6 to 11 points - Kitties, gerbils or hamsters are best picks for your lifestyle. These furry pets offer companionship, but they're also capable of being left to their own devices.

12 to 19 points - You enjoy being the center of your all-American family, and you believe it wouldn't be complete without a couple of dogs or a dog and a cat combination.

20 to 27 points - Your flamboyant character demands that you own one or more exotic animals, such as snakes or lizards. But should you choose a dog, make sure it's an active breed.

28 to 32 points - Your laid back approach to life easily includes a couple of pooches. You also have the skill and sense of humor to handle high maintenance pets, such as large birds.

33 to 40 points - You're a regular Dr. Doolittle who thrives in a household teeming with a variety of pets. Your generous nature and natural warmth also attract all manner of strays.


The #1 reason men lie is "to have sex," according to a survey conducted by Hamilton Beattie & Staff for the book, "All Men are Liars: An Incomplete Guide to Relationship Trauma," by Jeffrey Rodengen. The survey found:

  • By a margin of 2 to 1, men and women believe men routinely lie about sex, relationships, politics, business, their personal and professional achievements and their abilities at sports.
  • When women lie, they not only do it very well, but also are more likely to tell just a white lie to protect someone else.
  • Most people believe politicians tell more lies than business leaders, journalists, celebrities and pro athletes combined.
  • Former President Bill Clinton is seen as a bigger liar than either George W. Bush or Richard Nixon.
  • The leading celebrity liars are O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, and Tom Cruise.

The position in which you sleep at night reveals your personality.

The position in which you sleep at night -- whether it's all curled up in a fetal position or sprawled out across the bed -- reveals your personality. That's the word from Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service. After spending years analyzing six common sleeping positions, he has concluded that each is linked to a particular personality type.

  1. The Fetal (41%) -- People who sleep this way, which is the most common way to sleep, are described as tough on the outside, but sensitive on the inside. Often shy when they first meet someone, people who sleep like this soon relax. Twice as many women as men sleep in the fetal position.
  2. The Log (15%) -- People who sleep this way lie on their side with both arms down, close to their side. They tend to be social and easy-going people who enjoy being part of the in-crowd. While they are trusting of strangers, they are often gullible.
  3. The Yearner (13%) -- Sleeping on your side with both arms stretched out in front of you describes the yearner's sleep position. While they have an open nature, they can be suspicious and even cynical. Such people are slow to make up their mind, but once a decision has been made, they are unlikely to ever change it.
  4. The Soldier (8%) -- Lying flat on the back with both arms pinned at the side is the sleep position of the soldier. People who sleep this way are quiet and reserved. They don't like a fuss and set themselves and others to high standards. People who sleep like this are more likely to snore and have a bad night's sleep.
  5. The Freefall (7%) -- People who sleep this way lie on their tummy with their hands at the sides of their head. While they tend to be brash and gregarious on the surface, they are nervy and thin-skinned underneath. They don't like criticism or extreme situations. This sleep position is good for digestion.
  6. The Starfish (5%) -- People in the starfish position sleep on their back with both arms up around the pillow. Because they are always ready to listen to others and offer help when needed, they make the best of friends; however, they generally don't like to be the center of attention. People who sleep like this are more likely to snore and have a bad night's sleep, just like the soldier position.

World Hello Day!

Anyone can participate simply by greeting ten people. The annual celebration demonstrates the "importance of personal communication for preserving peace."

Thank you to all who called in this morning and taught Kirt and I to say hello in another language!

Pickup lines for women to use in a bar.

A New York City matchmaker who specializes in introducing upscale singles to each other, shared these pickup lines for women to use in a bar:

  • "Takes forever to get a glass of wine around here."
  • "Wow, somebody smells so good."
  • "You live around here?"
  • "So what do you do?"
  • "You here on business?"
Come on Ladies, we can come up with better and more creative pick up lines than that! Email me yours at

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Water Cooler Talk

  • An Indian web site is going to take on Google Earth, and using satellite technology, will allow you to zoom into the earth to within 18 meters. Currently, Google Earth only allows you to zoom in to within 200 meters.
  • Former "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Marissa Jaret Winokur will return as Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray" on December 9th at Broadway's Neil Simon Theatre. She'll rejoin original cast member Harvey Fierstein who is playing devoted stage mother Edna Turnblad.
  • Will Smith is giving away turkeys... 300 at a time! Monday in Miami, yesterday in Dallas, today in St. Louis, where he'll appear at a premiere of his new movie, "Seven Pounds."
  • Former "Dancing with the Stars" alums Melanie Brown and Kelly Monaco are are set to star in "Peepshow," a topless, burlesque-style performance that is expected to open in March at Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas. But alas neither Brown or Monaco will be topless.
  • This weekend was supposed to be the weekend the next Harry Potter movie came out, but they bumped it until next summer.
  • Mary Delgado, the woman chosen by "The Bachelor" in the most recent round of that show, was arrested last Saturday night after being exceptionally drunk in Del Rio, Texas, and then arguing with cops.
  • Here's what we know about "Carnival of Light," that mythical Beatles song that Paul McCartney said he'd like to release. It's 14 minutes long and two of the band's members called it "rubbish," which is why it was never released.
  • We do know that Kelly Clarkson's next single will be called, "My Life Would Suck Without You" and it could be out as soon as next month.

Are your weekly grocery shopping and drugstore bills getting out of control?

Don't fret. There are ways to trim those tabs by as much as 20% without shortening your shopping list. Buy generic! Here are the top 5 things that you should always buy generic (from

  1. Produce
  2. Over-the-counter medications
  3. Organic food
  4. Basic skincare and beauty
  5. Pantry staples

Star Trek movie trailer 2009

You have got check this out!

Sign Up to receive the latest BlackFriday ads!

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, the start of the Christmas shopping season. Many retailers open very early and offer doorbuster deals. It is the busiest retail shopping day of the year!

Shopping the Holiday Sale Ads 2008

How do you decide if the deal is real? Here are some tips to help you get the most for your money. (from

  • Shop around. A "sale" price isn't always the "best" price. Some merchants may offer a sale price on the item you want for a limited time; other merchants may offer items at a discount everyday.
  • Read sale ads carefully. Some ads may say "quantities limited," "no rain checks," or "not available at all stores." Before you step out the door, call to make sure the item you want is in stock.
  • Consider your time and travel costs. If an item is on sale, but the store is across town, include your time and the costs of transportation and parking in the price.
  • Look for price-matching policies. Some merchants will match, or even beat, a competitor's prices.
  • Go online. Check out websites that compare prices. If you decide to buy from an online merchant, keep shipping costs and delivery time in mind.
  • Carefully consider bargain offers that are based on purchases of additional merchandise. For example, "Buy One, Get One Free" or "Free Gift with Purchase." If you don't really want or need the item, it's not a deal.
  • Clip coupons. Coupons are useful when they save you money on what you're already planning to buy. Check coupons for any restrictions. For example, do expiration dates apply, or do you have to spend a certain amount before you can use the coupon? Some retailers will accept expired coupons, and even coupons from their competitors. Check with the retailer before you leave home to learn their policy.
  • Ask about sale adjustments. If you buy an item at regular price and it goes on sale the next week, can you get a credit or refund for the discounted amount?

Department of Homeland Security is testing a scanner that can detect evil intentions...

In a bid to weed out terrorists before they get on an airplane, the Department of Homeland Security is testing a scanner that can detect evil intentions lurking in your mind. The scanner, called MALINTENT, consists of sensors that read body temperature, heart rate and breathing to determine if you're planning to wreak havoc on the flight. The device will be used in conjunction with more traditional security scanners that look for bombs and other concealed weapons. MALINTENT is based on the theory that prior to acting on criminal impulses, people have certain characteristic physical reactions, such as elevated heart and breathing and an increase in body temperature the same kind of signs a lie detector test can uncover. But with MALINTENT, you don't have to be connected to the machine by wires. It does its work while you pass through a portal that looks like a metal detector. (Sun)

Do you really want to go all night long???

For eons, singers have crowed allusions of all night sex in their lyrics, but can you really go "all night long?" According to a new study published in the international Journal Of Sexual Medicine, the best sex should last between seven and 13 minutes and even three minute sex is considered "adequate." In a survey of American and Canadian men and women, most consider making love for more than 13 minutes to be "too long." That should have a calming effect on couples who believe sex should last 15 to 20 minutes.

Kissing could be the best boost to your love life!

Especially for women who need to rev up their libidos. That's the word from sex therapist Laura Berman, founder of the Berman Center for Sexual Health, who insists that great sex begins with a kiss. Berman says that "Kissing is so important and goes by the wayside so quickly." Berman, who uses talk therapy to help couples build stronger relationships and improve their sex lives, has a homework assignment that will help couples get in the mood. "Start giving your partner a 10-second kiss at least once a day," she says. "You'll be surprised to see what a difference it makes and how long it feels compared to what you normally do." This is very important: The kiss should just be that: a kiss. Men, make sure you kiss just for the sake of kissing and not as a prelude to sex.

10 ideas on how to celebrate the holidays on a shoestring budget:

  1. Make a spending plan and stick to it.
  2. Shop early -- before Thanksgiving. This eliminates last minute panic buying.
  3. Be prepared each time you leave home to shop. Carry a list of who you are buying for and how much you can spend. Be specific. Get agreements from family members.
  4. Pay cash. Credit card users typically spend twice as much money as others.
  5. Use the "envelope method." Prepare one envelope per person, placing money in each envelope. When the envelope is empty, you are finished buying for that person.
  6. Shop when you have lots of energy.
  7. Shop with a buddy, or not. A buddy may encourage you to splurge, so choose your buddy carefully.
  8. Ask sales staff about upcoming discounts. They will usually tell you, but won't offer the information unless you ask.
  9. Don't buy anything for yourself.
  10. Write the size of your total consumer debt at the top of your shopping list. Reality check!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New High Quality Sound

I hope you've noticed a difference in our new upgraded, totally digital sound?

If not turn it up! Sounds great with the windows down, going 70 on the Interstate, volume full blast!

Any questions? Tyrone and i are always here!


Craig Powers
#1 K-Flag Fan!

Montgomery Gentry Releases Interactive Video

Montgomery Gentry just released a brand new interactive version of their video for "Roll With Me." Available exclusively online at, the video allows viewers to watch the edited shots from any angle

Nicole Kidman may be done with acting...

Nicole Kidman is joining the likes of Angelina Jolie and Joaquin Phoenix, who have recently insinuated or announced an end to their acting careers. During a Sydney press conference for her upcoming film, Australia, the Oscar winner hinted that she may become a full-time mother.

  • Kidman said, "In terms of my future as an actor and stuff, I don't know. I am in a place in my life where I've had some great opportunities, and I may just chose to have some more children."
  • Meanwhile the actress is thrilled to be part of fellow Australian Baz Luhrman's big-budget creation. "Rarely do you get to make a film that you've dreamed of doing since you were little, which is to be part of the Australian cinema. I haven't really had a film that's done that in a big way."

Water Cooler Talk

  • A perfume company is suing Prince, because they claim he was supposed to endorse a new scent to go along with his album, "3121."
  • Simon Cowell says he was dumped by text message.
  • According to a Yahoo! Personals and 70% of women say they'll live with their guy before marriage.
  • Michael Jackson says he's too sick to travel to London to testify in a suit that claims he owes an Arab sheik $7 million. Does Jackson owe everyone cash? Hey Mike! We're suing you. too!
  • Christopher Lloyd says he won't be rebuilding his $11 million home that burned up last week in the California fires. He'll take the insurance money and run.
  • No word from NBC if the show "Lipstick Jungle" is going to stick around. Fans are sending the network tubes of lipstick to try and save it.
  • Since UPS began mapping routes to maximize right and minimize left turns, it has cut the time trucks spend idling and saved more than 3.3 million gallons of gas.
  • It pays to write books. Sarah Silverman has signed a $2.5 million book deal. Tina Fey is said to have been offered $6 million and First Lady Laura Bush is rumored to having $7 million waved in front of her to write things down.
  • Sean "Diddy" Combs will appear on "CSI Miami" as a prosecutor later this winter.
  • A woman exploring Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park came across a 2.09-carat flawless diamond while prospecting there.
  • Max Motors in Butler, Missouri, offered car buyers a choice of incentives: $250 in gas money or a gift certificate for a handgun. 80% of buyers took the handgun gift certificate.
  • Kiefer Sutherland says his time in prison this year for drunk driving was how he quit smoking. Seems like the tough way to do it, but whatever works.
  • A contestant in the latest round of "Survivor," Ace Gordon, was arrested early Sunday morning following a drunken booze fest in a bar in Naples, Florida.


According to author Allan Pease, here are a few truths...

  • Men like to be closer to the door. In seven out of 10 relationships, the male opts for this spot. And it's not so he has a clearer path to the fridge; rather, "it's to protect his loved one from intruders," says Pease. "In ancient cultures, the male always guarded the cave opening." What if women always sleep near the entry? Then they are the dominant ones in the relationship, emotionally or mentally, to their man.
  • Switching positions can be harmful to your sleep. Ever stayed at a hotel with a comfy bed, yet both of you had a lousy night's rest -- and you don't know why? You probably switched positions without realizing it. Maybe you still slept on the right side and he slept on the left, like at home, but suddenly you were near the door.
  • A woman scoots to her man's space when he's out of town. "It's because you are subconsciously drawn to his scent, which is still on his pillow," explains Pease.
  • Guys spread out when you're away. "This is a dominant position: Male monkeys do this," says Pease.


(Casual Chat) In the early stages of a relationship, the impression you create is important. You don't want to freak her out or have her heading for the hills. Here are a few things to keep a handle on during the get-to-know-you dates to make sure you make it successfully into a relationship and avoid being the topic of discussion at her next girl's night out.

  • Making persistent contact
  • Giving too much disclosure
  • Being possessive or overprotective
  • Overstepping boundaries with her friends
  • Dropping by unexpectedly
  • Having outbursts
  • Overspending

"What is it that puts you in the Holiday spirit?

What is it that triggers that feeling?"

  • Christmas music on the radio
  • The first snow
  • Thanksgiving
  • Santa arrives at the mall
  • The weather
  • My brother asks me for money!
  • Only 3 people give me the finger on the commute to work instead of the usual 5!

Are you being bad at work????

We are bad at work. Things people have admitted doing at work: "Which of the following have you done in your office?"

  • Stolen supplies - 65%
  • Slept - 54%
  • Gone through a co-worker's desk - 45%
  • Downloaded pornography - 35%
  • Masturbated - 32%
  • Had sex - 28%

Women read too much into what Men say!

Relationship expert Laura Snyder says that women tend to read too much into what men say. You know when he says stuff like, "I don't feel like going out tonight." Instead, she hears "I don't feel like going out with you anymore." Synder claims that unlike men, who tend to mean what they say, women tend to have layers of meaning in even the simplest statement. Here's more:

  • She says: "I'm sorry." She means: "I apologized. Now it's your turn."
  • She says: "I think I've gained a few pounds..." She means: "But I'm still attractive, right."
  • She says: "I'm ready to go. But you should stay and have fun." She means: "You better come with me."
  • She says: "You're really great with your nephews." She means: "I want to know if you ever want to have kids without you freaking out."
  • She says: "I'm fine." She means: "I'm pissed and it's your job to find out why."


Ladies, your first initial is more than just a letter. It reveals the kind of lover you are and points the way to the mate most likely to make your dreams come true. The study of letters, acrophonology, is an amazingly accurate way to delve into the psyche, says psychologist Andy Cummings. "Researchers found ancient texts that support the belief that your first initial relates to specific personality traits," she explains. "And what the ancients believed is still valid today. In particular, studies have found that acrophonology is especially relevant to passion and romance." Look for your letter below and see what it reveals about the lover who lurks in your soul.

  1. You'll do whatever it takes to win the heart of your lover. Your soul mate to keep hidden from others.
  2. There's nothing you value more than gifts that prove your lover's devotion. Sentimental and giving, you love papering your mate as well.
  3. You're a social animal who craves the closeness of a long-term partner. You want a mate who's both a pal and a lover. Communication and closeness are vital.
  4. You're highly passionate and intense, and you require the same zeal from your honey. You may be too possessive at times, but your loyalty is beyond dispute.
  5. Your mate should be a good listener because you love to talk. But beyond all the chatter, once you give your heart away, you'll never stray from his side.
  6. You're a born romantic who loves to turn fantasy into real life. Notorious for showing affection to public, you need a mate who's not shy.
  7. You're a perfectionist, but you don't demand more of your lover than you do of yourself. He must be your intellectual equal to keep you interested.
  8. Financial status is high on your list of priorities. You're hesitant about sex during the dating phase, but you jump right in once you know the love will last.
  9. Lusty and sure of your powers, you prefer an older man. You need to be worshiped by a lover who appreciates your sexually adventurous spirit.
  10. It takes someone with stamina to be your lover because you're a dynamo. Although you're a bit of a loner, you're idealistic about love and need it to last.
  11. Shy and secretive, no one would know there's a wildly sensual woman behind the mask. You take love seriously and have the patience to wait for the right person.
  12. You must have a man in your life. You especially enjoy the wining and dining rituals of dating, and a guy with a brain is a real turn on.
  13. When you fall in love, it's head over heels. Your all-consuming passion must be met with equal ardor to keep you happy.
  14. You're unassuming on the outside, but an insatiable lover is lurking just below the surface. You need a lover patient enough to bring out your wilder side.
  15. As a lover, you're secretive about your desires, but once they're unleashed with a trusted partner, look out. You must curb your tendency to be jealous of your mate.
  16. You're flirtatious and love a good party. You value your reputation and social standing, so a good-looking, intelligent mate is a must.
  17. You require constant activity, so you crave a partner who can keep up with you sexually and otherwise. Also, you're intrigued by people from other cultures.
  18. When it comes to a lover, you'll take an Einstein over a Schwarzenegger. But under your buttoned-down, sweet exterior, you're a sexy gal who's a demanding playmate.
  19. Your career and finances must be in order before you'll even consider romance. You don't give your heart away lightly, but once you do, it's for life.
  20. You want a partner who takes the lead in the game of love. Flowers, soft music, and candlelight are guaranteed to ignite your sexual fireworks.
  21. You have a generous heart and lavish love and gifts on your sweetheart. When you're not with a partner, you're constantly on the prowl for someone to adore.
  22. Eccentric guys peak your interest. Settling down is tough for you because you value your freedom and love living on the wild side.
  23. Your willful spirit makes you determined when you're pursuing a love interest. Sometimes blinded by love, you believe nothing is too good for your sweetheart.
  24. You're adept at carrying on several relationships simultaneously. Even when you're committed to one person, your mind never stops whirling.
  25. You're sexy, sensual and in control at all times. If your love interest won't let you run the show, there could be a test of wills in your relationship.
  26. You're a selfless lover who attracts men with problems you think only you can solve. Sincere, passionate and dreamy, you enjoy a rich fantasy life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Water Cooler Talk

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones' latest role: she was in Prague last week, filming a Lux shampoo commercial.
  • This Friday's "20/20" on ABC will feature an interview with Ashley Dupree, or the prostitute that brought down New York Governor Elliott Spitzer.
  • A woman in England is divorcing her husband after she caught him cuddling with another woman in the on-line game, "Second Life."
  • CBS' "60 Minutes" had its highest overnight ratings in nearly a decade with when Steve Kroft interviewed President-Elect Obama. It was seen by 24.5 million people on Sunday.
  • Comedian Wanda Sykes says she's "proud to be gay" and feels she needs to be more outspoken, following the approval of proposition 8 in California.
  • A busboy is suing Justin Timberlake, saying the singer's Manhattan barbecue place didn't pay him enough of a salary.
  • John Mayer is dropping hints like he's planning to propose to Jennifer Aniston.
  • Times Square is getting its first green billboard that is powered completely by solar and wind energy.
  • The son of an Arab monarch is taking Michael Jackson to court, charging that he $7 million as an advance on an album and an autobiography that he never produced.
  • Sharon Stone and her 24-year-old boy toy Chase are history.
  • Paul McCartney says he's close to releasing a lost Beatles track from 1967.
  • "Big Fat Greek Wedding" star Nia Vardalos and husband Ian Gomez have adopted a baby girl.
  • One friend tells the New York Post that Paula Abdul is so freaked about that stalker committing suicide out in front of her house that she's hired "cleaners" to remove any ghosts that might be trying to hang around her house.
  • Rod Stewart headlined a 60th birthday party for Prince Charles on Saturday. Other guests included Rowan Atkinson and Dame Judi Dench.

The all new Aquarius's very own Lisa McCabe is going to fulfill a childhood dream by being the handler of the Cloe balloon in this year Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Set your Tivo's! Good Luck Lisa! Don't get let it get away!! We love you!

Kirt & Jessi

What smells good may not be good for you!

With literally thousands of chemicals and fragrances added to everything from moisturizer to nail polish, how can I know if my beauty products are safe?'s "Body" section has some great tips to get you started:

  • Minimize Fragrances - Beware of the word "fragrance." You might think it's something that simply smells pretty, but scents are chemicals.
  • Scrutinize Nail Polish - Phthalates -- used widely in nail polish -- are a big topic of controversy and research. Scientists have been studying this group of chemicals for at least 20 years and have found that they may be linked to birth defects in humans (they're definitely toxic to animals).
  • Use Hair Dyes Less Often - Salons are not required to list the ingredients in their hair dye, but we know that many contain coal tar ingredients -- chemicals that have been linked to cancer.
  • Avoid Skin Lighteners - You want to avoid anything that changes your skin composition, watch out for products that have hydroquinone -- a chemical that bleaches the skin and can cause lesions.
  • Choose Shampoo Carefully - Be especially wary of dandruff shampoos, because they often contain selenium sulfide -- a neurotoxin and possible carcinogen. If you can, avoid shampoos that list ethanolamine or diethanolamine -- called TEA or DEA on the label.
  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify - Once you start digging into the ingredients of many of your favorite beauty products, it's easy to become disheartened. After all, who doesn't like to look nice, smell nice and have smooth skin and pretty nails? But try to look for ways to cut down the amount of products you're using: Drop a step from your skincare routine, give your hair days off from washing, use fragrance free whenever possible and always look for products with less ingredients.

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