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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should We Stop Shaking Hands Amid Swine Flu Outbreak?

As the swine flu continues to spread, asked yesterday (April 29th), "Is it time to stop the handshake?" In light of the epidemic, Costa Rica's health minister has urged citizens to temporarily stop greeting each other with the traditional kiss on the cheek, and some in Europe are also considering a break in using the traditional three-kisses-on-the-cheeks greeting. So what about the handshake? Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, who's a Fox News contributor, says no, explaining, "Stopping the handshake could have a negative effect. We need human touch and genuine communication more than ever right now." Dr. Michael Anderson, the interim chief medical officer of Cleveland's University Medical Hospital, agrees, telling Fox News, "There are other ways to protect yourself, like using an alcohol-based sanitizer, which I use two or three times an hour. I've probably shaken the hands of 10 colleagues today. I think it's a wonderful social greeting."


Cool your headphones: If you want to be social, you have to look social, and while tunes might keep you grooving through your workout, ear buds scream "Don't bother me." So if you want to give the gal on the next weight machine an opening to say hi, leave your mp3 player at home or work out with just one ear bud in place.

Don't go overboard:
There's nothing wrong with a woman wearing a hot outfit for a workout, but coming to the gym with just-done hair, perfectly powered face and all of your best jewelry? Not a good idea. The same goes for guys, too. Full-on gelled-up hair fit for a nightclub? Not such a great idea, either. Keep it cute, but keep it real, too. Remember, you're supposed to sweat

Mix and mingle: This isn't a middle-school dance, so ladies, go where the boys are. Learn how to use dumbbells and go to the men's free-weight section. This mix and mingle rule goes for you, too, guys -- don't count out your gym's yoga, body-sculpting or even dance classes. Not only are they good for your physique, but the man-to-woman ratio can't be beat.

Time it right
: To minimize your chances of getting a brush-off, pick the right moment to make your move -- as in not while she's maxing out on cardio or in the middle of a rep set. Instead, make your move at the drinking fountain. If your gym has post-workout relaxation areas, use them, or you can stretch your stiff muscles by exploring the halls; it takes you out of the workout element and gives someone an opportunity to say hello.

Use exercise as your alibi
: Since everyone at the gym has a common goal -- to get in shape -- there are plenty of segues into conversation. Ask for advice on how to use a certain weight machine you've never tried before, or, if you've got decent knowledge under your belt, share it by correcting someone's lift technique. Offer to spot each other.

Are you suffering from a "bad boss"?

In The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work, authors Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht describe some of these bosses and how to deal with them.

  • The Control Freak micromanages every move you make. How to Deal: Bombard this person with emails, reports and meetings. This might overwhelm him and throw off his controlling behavior.
  • The Buddy tries to solicit personal information and seeks inclusion as though you are best of friends. How to Deal: Include this person but keep your distance. Invent a fictional hobby, extend invitations you know she can't accept, and avoid hugs.
  • The Workaholic has sacrificed his life for his job and expects the same from you. How to Deal: Let this person know there is life outside of work. Discuss family, friends and hobbies at every opportunity.
  • The Teller of Bad Jokes always has one for you and it's always bad. How to Deal: Be prepared for the painful punchline and feign amusement. Then change the subject.
  • The Supreme Delegator takes all of the credit and none of the blame and essentially is setting up others to take the fall. How to Deal: In writing, advise on all key decisions and plans, but be prepared for a denial of knowledge if anything goes wrong.
  • The Yes/No Manager could care less about useful information or discussions and simply wants every decision boiled down to "yes" or "no." How to Deal: Present summaries with several alternatives for action. If asked for a recommendation, give it orally.
  • The Passive-Aggressive Boss procrastinates, complains about not enough time, and then blames others for the bad job. How to Deal: Involve others in projects as much as necessary so that you have witnesses.
  • The Indecision Maker needs info from many different sources before making any sort of "independent" decision. How to Deal: Present any question as if you've taken an informational survey of any key employees who might have a stake in the problem.
  • The All-Business-is-Personal Manager can't separate business and personal life. How to Deal: Make your work time enjoyable, one bad incident could ruin your work relationship. In the long run, though, your nightmare could turn into a sweet dream. That toxic supervisor could be the motivating factor for you to make a change for the better.


Computer scientists have built schools of robot fish that seek out pollution without any human guidance. The mechanical swimmers are 20 inches long, 6 inches tall and nearly 5 inches wide, just large enough to contain electric motors, a satellite navigation system, chemical sensors and a tiny computer capable of running programs that gives the school "swarm intelligence." Once released into a river or lake, the fish stay in wireless contact with each other. "Each school will contain five fish, and they will constantly monitor for pollutants," explains research leader Dr. Dongbing Gu, of the University of Essex in England. "When they find something, they will send a message to the rest of the school, who will then converge on the area to take readings. They expect to release the first robo-fish into the Thames River within 18 months. (Sun) South

Korean scientists have engineered four beagles that glow red using cloning
techniques that could one day be used to develop cures for human diseases. The four dogs have all been named "Ruppy," a combination of the words "ruby" and "puppy." They look like just normal beagles in regular light, but when they are placed under ultraviolet light, they glow red. Even the nails and abdomens look red. Lead researcher Lee Byeong-chunm a professor at Seoul National University, claims these are the first transgenic dogs with fluorescent genes. While scientists in other countries, including the U.S., have previously cloned fluorescent mice and pigs, this is the first time dogs with modified genes have been cloned successfully.

Film goers can soon feel a real thrill when watching a suspenseful scene or their heart race during a passionate romance thanks to electronic clothes that turn movies into feelies. Engineers at Philips Electronics have already built test models of the haptics jacket, a comfy zip-up top that's studded with sensors and 64 strategically placed actuators, devices that convert electronic signals into motions. By subtly vibrating at specific points on a viewer's body, the actuators can send a chill up someone's spine, make arms and legs feel tense and even simulate a rape heartbeat by creating a thumping sensation on the chest. The signals are so slight, it only takes two AA batteries to power the whole jacket. But the effects can be dramatic. "People don't realize how sensitive we are to touch, although it's the first sense that fetuses develop in the womb," explains Philips senior scientist Paul Lemmens. (Sun)


  • Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania has switched parties... from Republican to Democrat.
  • With everything that's been happening on Wall Street, it only seems right for a sequel of the 80's movie... so Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas are going to do it.
  • Mel Gibson showed up at the Hollywood premiere of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" with his girlfriend, 39-year-old Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva.
  • Seems like we were just reading all kinds of doom and gloom about the marriage between Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, but now we're told that they're expecting twin girls via a surrogate late this summer.
  • Broadway dimmed it's lights last night for one minute at 8 o'clock, to mark the passing of Bea Arthur.
  • Former "Prison Break" actor Lane Garrison was paroled and released from a California facility early Wednesday morning. Garrison had been sentenced in 2007 to serve three years and four months after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter and misdemeanor counts of drunken driving.
  • A New York woman is suing her bank after they informed her husband that she had $800,000 in secret account under her own name.
  • Eva Longoria Parker says when her husband's NBA career is over, they're moving to France.


Joe Nichols will venture into new waters when he moves to New York City later this year to play the lead role in the Broadway adaptation of the 1992 movie Pure Country. Nichols will play Dusty, George Strait's character in the film.

This will be a big undertaking for Nichols, who tells us that he has limited acting experience and has never even seen a Broadway show."I think acting in general is something I've always wanted to get into if the right opportunity came along. If I had to audition for the lead role in Cats or Les Miserables or something like that I probably wouldn't get it. I'm pretty safe saying I wouldn't get it, cause I don't have any acting experience. I don't go to Broadway shows a whole lot. I have never been to one, so not having a drama background or acting skills or anything like that, it would probably be far-fetched to ask for me to go up and land a lead role in anything other than Pure Country, which is about a country singer."

Nichols adds that playing Dusty will hardly be a stretch for him. "I'm very familiar with that character, very familiar with the part, very familiar with the story. (I'm) a huge fan of the movie and always have been a George Strait fan, so it's an honor to go up and fill those shoes in a Broadway musical, but to ask anything other than this part would stretch further than my capabilities, but I'm glad that this opportunity came along. It gives me a chance to go do Broadway. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing."

  • The Broadway production of Pure Country will open in early 2010.
Kenny Chesney will try a new approach to releasing his latest video, "Out Last Night." For the first time in his career, he will unveil the clip on on Friday (May 1st). The video was filmed on location in Miami and characterizes the real-life events that led to the writing of "Out Last Night."
  • Chesney tells us that he unexpectedly wrote the song with Brett James the day after Christmas after spending several hours in his favorite bar at his second home in St. John. "We didn't really know we were writin' a song at the time, but I even said this in the liner notes on my album -- somewhere between a lot of friends and bartenders and boatees and a tropical depression and some grilled shark bites and pasta salad and a bunch of Coronas a song kind of evolved throughout the night. We didn't really have to write much of the song because the next day we were just kind of describing and bringing back to life everything that happened the night before."
  • He adds the song is perfect for this time of year."I felt like when I wrote this with Brett James that it was gonna be a fun summer record for me. From the looks of things -- knock on wood -- it looks like it's gonna do well for us. It's as real of a song that I've had."
  • "Out Last Night" is the only new song on Chesney's Greatest Hits II CD, which will be released on May 19th.
Julianne Hough and Taylor Swift are among this year's "100 Most Beautiful People" list in this week's issue of People magazine. This is the second year in a row for Swift, who opted to be photographed last year without any makeup. Other stars who made the cut include Christina Applegate, Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie.


  • Beauty was not enough to keep Hough and her boyfriend, fellow singer Chuck Wicks, on Dancing With The Stars. The couple were voted off during Tuesday's (April 28th) results show.
Jason Aldean will host his annual Concert For The Cure on June 12th at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville to benefit Susan G. Komen For The Cure. The event falls during this year's CMA Music Festival. Following his performance that night at LP Field, Aldean will invite a few special guests to join him for the late night concert and silent auction. So far, Aldean will be joined by fellow Georgia native Luke Bryan.
  • Aldean was personally touched by breast cancer when a close family friend passed away from the disease at only 26 years old. He said, "I know a lot of fans heard my friend Melissa's story in the album special that GAC did. That two minute clip barely touch on how passionate I feel about this. I promise to make it the most rocking late night gig in downtown Nashville that night, and I hope people will come out to support this cause and help me remember Melissa."
  • Tickets range from $25 to $100 and are available to fan club members this week. Tickets to the public go on sale on Saturday (May 2nd) via and Ticketmaster. A limited number of VIP Packages, including tickets in the exclusive VIP lounge and meet & greet passes, will also be available.


  • Aldean's latest single, "She's Country," tops the Mediabase chart this week. This is Aldean's second Number One hit of his career. His first, "Why," topped the charts in 2006.
  • Aldean and rocker Bryan Adams will tape CMT Crossroads early next month in
Gretchen Wilson will head to Capitol Hill on May 5th to hand-deliver nearly 10,000 letters to both Tennessee congressmen and senators urging them to increase funding for adult education programs. Wilson, a high school dropout, went back to school and got her diploma just last year.
  • While in Washington, Wilson will testify in a hearing before the Subcommittee on Higher Education about her experiences in earning her G.E.D. She will encourage Tennessee legislators to support adult education on the state and national level.
  • She said, "I truly believe that we can be better parents and better Americans if we make adult education more accessible."


  • The current federal education appropriations provide services to just 2.5% of those in need.
  • Because adult education is so underfunded, 80,000 adults were wait-listed for federally funded programs last year.

Family, friends and fans alike are mourning the death of Vern Gosdin, who died late Tuesday (April 28th) in Nashville at the age of 74. He reportedly suffered a stroke several weeks ago and was under the care of hospice.

Gosdin was best known for his hits in the 1980s, including "Set 'Em Up Joe," "Chiseled in Stone," and "I Can Tell By the Way You Dance (You're Gonna Love Me Tonight).

  • Gosdin co-wrote "Today My World Slipped Away," which was a Top 10 hit for himself in 1982 and George Strait in 1997.
  • Upon hearing of Gosdin's death, Strait issued a statement saying, "We will all miss Vern. He was one hell of a country singer and helped me out a lot on my very first tour. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."
  • A public visitation is planned for Gosdin on Saturday (May 2nd) at Nashville's Mount Olivet Funeral Home.


LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY/SYN (check local listings)
Chuck Wicks, Julianne Hough

Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Faith Hill

Joe Nichols, Charley Pride, Dwight Yoakam



Celebrity Gossip

SEAN PENN FILES FOR SEPARATION FROM WIFE: Sean Penn filed for "legal separation with minor children" from his wife, Robin Wright Penn last Friday (April 24th). Both parties filed paperwork for divorce in 2007 but by April of the following year, the divorce petition was dismissed at their own request. Although Wright Penn attended the Oscars on her husband's arm this year, the Milk star did not thank her when accepting his award for best actor. The couple has two children; 18-year-old Dylan and 15-year-old Hopper Jack.

LIEV SCHREIBER AND NAOMI WATTS' SON BRIEFLY HOSPITALIZED: Liev Schreiber missed the Tuesday (April 28th) night premiere of his movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine because his 21-month-old son Sasha with Naomi Watts was briefly hospitalized. The actor's rep told People magazine that he immediately flew from Los Angeles to New York to be with his family, and Sasha is now doing much better. In a statement the rep said, "Sasha got home today and is feeling much better after being hospitalized on Tuesday night with respiratory problems."

AMY ADAMS WAS A HOOTERS GIRL: Before she became a two-time Oscar-nominee, Amy Adams made a living working at Hooters. The actress told Parade magazine, "I'd spent a lot of time doing theater and hanging around in tights and leotards. I wasn't overly shy so I didn't think there'd be much difference -- a little pair of shorts, a little top." As she discovered, "Uh, there was a big difference!" Adams revealed that 2002's Catch Me If You Can was supposed to be her big breakout film, but when it didn't make her a big star, she shrugged it off under the general belief that "everything happens for a reason."

LANE GARRISON RELEASED FROM JAIL: Lane Garrison was released from the California Correctional Institute in Tehachapi, California on Wednesday (April 29th) after serving less than half of his 40-month sentence. The former Prison Break actor pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving after a December 2006 car accident that killed a 17-year-old boy. reports that Garrison plans to check himself into an in-patient rehabilitation center in order to shorten his probation period.

TRAVOLTA EXTORTION SUSPECTS PLEAD NOT GUILTY: The two suspects accused of trying to extort $25 million form John Travolta and his family in the wake of his son's death earlier this year, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday (April 28th) in the Bahamas. Former Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne both remain free of $50,000 bail ahead of their September 21st trial. The two allegedly demanded money to keep quiet about a document related to the treatment of the celebrity's son.

FARRAH FAWCETT'S CONDITION UNCHANGED: Farrah Fawcett's condition remains unchanged since leaving the hospital earlier this month. A spokesperson for the 62-year-old informed the public of her status in the wake of her 24-year-old son Redmond being granted a brief leave from jail to visit with her. Fawcett's hospitalization was reportedly intended to treat internal bleeding and was not directly related to her anal and liver cancer.

TYRA BANKS TESTIFIES AGAINST STALKER: Tyra Banks appeared in a New York City courtroom on Wednesday (April 29th) to testify against her accused stalker, who is charged with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass. The talk show host said that threats from 38-year-old Brady Green made her "feel extremely vulnerable. I fear the safety of my staff. My family. The people in my vicinity." Banks explained the intensity of the situation with Green, saying, "I was at work one day about to leave and a bunch of people on my staff said, 'No! You can't go.' [Green] got past security and you need to be here. Never in my career had staff reacted like this. I had to stay in my dressing room for a while." Green faces a maximum of 30 days in jail if convicted.


The Arizona Diamondbacks had a great day yesterday, routing the Chicago Cubs 10-0. Doug Davis allowed two hits over seven innings while Chad Tracy and Justin Upton each drove in three runs. The Cubs walked 10, eight in the last two innings, including three with the bases loaded.

In other National League action yesterday....

Milwaukee 1, Pittsburgh 0
Florida 4, N.Y. Mets 3
Colorado 7, San Diego 5
Washington 4, Philadelphia 1
St. Louis 5, Atlanta 3
Cincinnati 3, Houston 0
San Francisco 9, L.A. Dodgers 4

In the American League...

L.A. Angels 3, Baltimore 2
Chicago White Sox 6, Seattle 3
Boston 6, Cleveland 5, 10 innings
N.Y. Yankees 8, Detroit 6
Oakland at Texas, ppd., rain
Kansas City 11, Toronto 3
Minnesota 8, Tampa Bay 3

The Denver Nuggets have won an NBA playoff series for the first time in 15 years, knocking off the New Orleans Hornets 107-86 last night. Carmelo Anthony poured in 34 points for the Nuggets who were tied at 62 before ending the third quarter on an 18-4 run. J.R. Smith finished with 20 points for the Nuggets, who will take on the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals.

Joe Johnson scored 25 points and the Atlanta Hawks built a 63-40 halftime lead before completing a 106-91 win over the Miami Heat last night. Flip Murray finished with 23 points and Josh Smith added 20 as the Hawks grabbed a three-games-to-two lead in the NBA first-round series. Dwyane Wade had a game-high 29 points for the Heat, who host Game 6 tomorrow night.

Tonights NBA Playoff action...

Boston at Chicago,
Orlando at Philadelphia,
Portland at Houston,

And in the NHL Playoffs tonight, Chicago at Vancouver.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Imagine yourself strolling along a path at your local zoo. Which of the animals is the first to attract your attention? Psychologist Dr. Marilyn Provost, of Charles Darwin University, says there's a primal connection between your personality and your favorite zoo animal. "We've all encountered people who resemble bears, baboons or others in the animal kingdom," Provost explains. "Research shows that your favorite zoo animal reflects your personality." Here's what the beasties reveal about the real you:

  • Monkeys and Apes -- Like our primate cousins, you're quick-witted, socially exuberant and full of enthusiasm. Whether on the job, at home or on vacation, you attract others like bees to honey.You possess a contemplative side when it's time for important decisions or analysis of complex situations. No matter the obstacles, your self confidence keeps you cool in a crisis.
  • Gators and Reptiles -- The beauty of these critters isn't apparent at first glance, but you're the kind of person who searches beyond the superficial. Your imagination is an endless source of creative ideas, and you usually have more than one ingenious project in progress at a time. You handle problems intuitively, surprising family and friends with clever solutions.
  • Walruses and Seals -- You share an infectious charm with these talented creatures, and you're able to win others to your way of thinking when it counts. With a passion for everything from pro football to Broadway musicals, you're a well rounded person who fits into any group with ease. You're also an engaging conversationalist who's often the life of the party.
  • Elephants and Giraffes -- The size of these animals relates directly to your need to experience all that life has to offer. You're up for any new adventure, and you have little problem getting others to follow your lead. You're rarely shy about your desires and unafraid to make demands. Your determination to overcome any challenges usually ends in triumph.
  • Tigers and Lions -- The strength and might of these creatures is a source of wonder to a soft hearted person like you. Gentle and ethereal, you bring out a protective instinct in lovers and strangers. But you also possess a regal quality that puts the haughtiest lioness in the jungle to shame. People find this duality of spirit intriguing as they discover your still waters do run deep.
  • Grizzlies and Polar Bears -- You're as fiercely loyal as any mama bear, reveling in your role as the chief nurturer of your clan. You're in your element when you're dispensing homemade soup along with shrewd advice. Your generous spirit and compassion for others also makes you an important figure in your community as you strive to make life better for everyone.


So how can you can cut down on the number of time-wasting e-mails you get at work? There are six basic rules for avoiding unnecessary chatter in your inbox, according to Kaitlin Sherwood, author of "Overcome E-mail Overload."

  • Sign off your messages with "No reply needed" to avoid annoying "Great" and "Wow" responses.
  • When making a request, finish with "Thanks in advance" to prevent the "Thanks/You're welcome" loop.
  • When completing a response to a request, end with a conclusive statement like, "Hope this helped."
  • Use "FYI" in the subject line to specify that the message is solely informative.
  • Don't write statements phrased like questions, like "Peter and Laura did a great job, didn't they?" Your coworkers will answer them, and you'll have more pointless exchanges.
  • When you receive a CC message and you must reply, send your response only to the sender instead of everybody. Use BCC instead of CC as often as possible.

Here are 10 things that men look for in the pursuit of happiness and Ms. Perfect. says why should we be the only ones trying to make women happy? Men want to be happy too, and boys just want to have fun, so here are 10 things that men look for in the pursuit of happiness and Ms. Perfect.

  1. Charm
  2. A statuesque body
  3. A beautiful face
  4. Honesty and trust
  5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  6. Sense of humor
  7. Intelligence and confidence
  8. Ambition and drive
  9. Heart of gold
  10. Love


A husband creates seven additional hours of housework each week for women -- but when men get married, it saves them an hour a week when it comes to household chores, according to new study by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. In general, married women do far more housework than they would if they were single, while men do less. And the situation gets worse for women when they have children. Married women with kids do about 28 hours of housework a week, compared with their husband's 10 hours.


The color you wrap yourself in every day makes a stronger statement than you know. Neurologists say the colors you wear have a direct effect on the people around you, altering their state of mind and brain chemistry. "You can use fashion to your advantage, equipping yourself with the proper colors to ace a job interview, win an argument or influence whoever you see and whoever sees you," explains Dr. Gene Channerry. Here's how to harness the power of pigment for success and happiness:

  • Purple Power -- The ancient color of emperors has long been associated with spiritual wisdom, giving those who wear it a quality of mystery and depth. Purple also stimulates the pituitary gland, adding a sense of imagination and allure.
  • Indigo Trust -- Studies find that women who wear dark blue are seen as more competent and intelligent. It's no mistake that policemen, military officers, pilots and business leaders wear navy blue. The color increases a feeling of loyalty and supreme confidence.
  • Blue Cool -- The hue of the open sky has been found to increase the brain's production of melatonin, the chemical that regulates sleep and relaxation. Viewing shades of blue immediately creates a sense of calm reassurance, lowering the pulse rate and cooling off anger and stress.
  • Green Fortune -- The color of fresh leaves is also the color of money and scientific surveys find it's associated with luck, success and self confidence, making this the best color to wear when applying for a loan or interviewing for a job.
  • Orange Cheer -- Warm colors boost the moods of everyone who sees them, creating a feeling of friendliness. A University of Georgia study found 94 percent of people who looked at orange or yellow felt happier within seconds.
  • Red Passion -- Well known as the color of desire and high emotions, red has a pronounced physical effect on those who see it. This hue triggers the release of adrenaline and epinephrine, two stimulating chemicals that boost heart rate and raise body temperatures.
  • Pink Persuasion -- This feminine color reduces hostile feelings and leaves those who see it relaxed and cheerful for 30 minutes or more. Pink has a stimulating effect on the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that regulates mood and feelings of friendliness.


  • Fox told the president "Thanks, but no thanks" about airing his Wednesday night press conference. ABC, NBC and CBS will all show it, but FOX is sticking with their original plan of a new episode of "Lie to me." It's the first time a network has ever told a president "no."
  • A judge allowed 24-year-old Redmond O'Neal out of jail long enough to visit his mom, Farrah Fawcett, last Saturday.
  • CBS is pulling "Harper's Island" from Thursday night and moving the murder-mystery reality series to Saturday nights at 9.
  • They canceled tonight's scheduled premiere of "Wolverine" in Mexico City, because of the swine flu outbreak.
  • Shirley Jones is planning a concert tour with Florence Henderson, to see how many will turn out for the 60s TV icons.
  • The woman engaged to the alleged "Craigslist Killer" says she still plans to marry him this summer. Okay...
  • A woman who claims she was sexually harassed then fired from the TV show "Lost" is suing ABC and actor Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume on the show. She claims he fondled the woman's buttocks and breasts and kissed her on the lips in October, 2007.
  • Patton Oswalt, who is the voice of Remy in 2007's animated hit Ratatouille, and his wife Michelle have welcomed their first child into the world, a daughter.
  • Monster Cable has announced they're lowering prices during the current recession.


Reba McEntire is set to perform on the Grand Ole Opry on May 9th. This is McEntire's first Opry appearance since 2001. She will sing four songs during an extra 30-minute segment added to the end of the 7 p.m. CT show. Tickets to the show are available at and by calling 615-871-OPRY.

  • McEntire said, "The Opry holds a special place in my heart -- from family vacations when I was a kid, to the first time I got to play, to the night I was asked to joined. I can't wait to take the stage and see all of my Opry family and friends!"
  • Her new single, "Strange," continues to make its way up the country charts.
  • The song is the debut release from her new album, which is scheduled to come out later this summer.

Miranda Lambert takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Prior to hitting the road with Kenny Chesney for the first of his Sun City Carnival shows, Lambert decided to do some hunting and wound up injuring herself, according to the Las Vegas Weekly. As she bled through her jeans while on stage at The Joint in Las Vegas on Saturday night (April 25th), she told the audience, "Last weekend I was hog hunting and I cut my leg. Really, it was no big deal. I was drinkin' beer and I fell in the creek bed and cut my leg."

Always up for a challenge, Lambert has also decided to tackle the sport of barrel racing, as she tells us:"Well, I'm tryin'. I never grew up with horses or anything. I grew up on a farm but we didn't have horses, so I just have always been fascinated. I've sang at a million rodeos, so I've always loved barrel racing. I just thought it was so cool, and I don't know, I've been talking about it for two years and finally about six months ago I just went and bought a horse and started learning to ride."

Since she can't exactly take her horse on the road to practice, Lambert uses other learning techniques while on tour. "It's a slow process but I know how to ride and I love riding now. It's just learning the barrels and learning all that stuff is . . . I got some instructional barrel racing videos on the bus that I can watch (laughs). I just figure I'm 25 and if I want to try new things I might as well do it now or I'm never gonna do it."

  • Lambert's next Sun City Carnival show with Chesney will be on Friday (May 1st) in San Antonio.
The video for Keith Urban's new single, "Kiss A Girl," will debut on Wednesday (April 29th) on The animated clip was shot in Nashville with Urban and his band members performing in front of a green screen.

Members of Urban's Monkeyville fan club got an exclusive peek at the video on Tuesday (April 28th) at his official website.

  • Urban and his band entered a rehearsal space in Nashville last week to begin getting ready for his Escape Together World tour, which kicks off at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on May 7th. The tour will play in 58 North American cities with rotating opening acts Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Glen Campbell, Little Big Town and The Zac Brown Band.


  • Urban's acoustic performance of two songs on his Defying Gravity album -- "Kiss A Girl" and "Sweet Thing" -- are available for viewing online at Exclusive photographs and interview footage can also be seen as part of the programming on the Yahoo! Pepsi Smash program.

Kenny Chesney will be the subject of a one-hour Austin City Limits taping on May 12th. The
appearance is to promote his upcoming Greatest Hits II album, which is due out on May 19th.
  • Chesney said, "With everything I've been able to do in my career, it's still an incredible honor to be asked to do Austin City Limits. That's a whole other kind of music show..."When you go in there and you think about all the people who've come before you, you really want to stand and play and sing and let the songs have their moment."
  • Greatest Hits II includes 15 songs spanning back over the last eight years.
  • It also includes Chesney's new hit, "Out Last Night," which is a Top 15 hit on the country charts.
  • Chesney will mark the album's release on May 19th with a visit to The Late Show With David Letterman.
Jason Aldean and rocker Bryan Adams will share the stage for the next installment of CMT
Crossroads. The show will be taped before an invitation-only audience in Nashville early next month. The episode will premiere on June 26th at 9 p.m. ET.
  • Aldean's latest single, "She's Country," tops the Mediabase chart this week.
  • Previous episodes of Crossroads have included Lindsey Buckingham and Little Big Town; Bon Jovi and Sugarland; John Fogerty and Keith Urban; Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire; Joss Stone and LeAnn Rimes; Robert Plant and Alison Krauss; and Def Leppard and Taylor Swift.

Kellie Pickler says that the title of her latest single, "Best Days Of Your Life," can be quite
misleading. She tells us that people who sum up the song based on its title will quickly learn that it's not what they think. "It's funny, cause when people first read the title track, 'Best Days Of Your Life,' you know you think I'm probably singing about my life and how I'm having the best time, and these are the best days, and it's far from that."

In fact, Pickler co-wrote the song with Taylor Swift about a former boyfriend and how he had the best days of his life when he was dating her.

  • Pickler is currently on tour with Swift. The Fearless tour plays in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday (April 30th).


MIKE & JULIET/SYN (check local listings)
Collin Raye

Jason Michael Carroll

John Rich, Danny Bonaduce, Mark Martin

CMT CRIBS/CMT 1:00PM, 10:00PM (ET)
Trisha Yearwood at Graceland

Jason Aldean, Paula Deen, Jamie O'Neal


Dwight Yoakam, Joe Nichols, Charley Pride

Celebrity Gossip

NEW MAN FOR LINDSAY LOHAN? Lindsay Lohan may have found a new man while vacationing in Hawaii. has photographed the starlet frolicking around the beaches with a man who has been identified as internet cafe-owner Ben Holz. A source told the website, "Lindsay met Ben at her hotel and they connected right away. The day they met, he invited her to dinner and they got along really well. It was his idea to take Linds to the tidepool to swim, and even though she was a bit out of her element, she seemed to love being in the water and being in nature."

JULIA ROBERTS SWEARS WHILE HONORING TOM HANKS: Julia Robert's title as America's sweetheart may have taken a beating after she dropped a few f-bombs at a Monday (April 27th) night event where Tom Hanks was honored. Taking the stage at the 36th annual Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute, Roberts announced, "It's late, and I'm paying my babysitter overtime, and I have to pee," before turning her attention to Hanks and saying, "So, everybody f---ing likes you." Hanks later admitted that the Oscar-winner has "the biggest potty mouth you have ever heard." To see the clip of Roberts's speech, go to:

BRANGELINA IMPRESSING NEW YORK TOWN: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are stunning the town of Oyster Bay, NY -- where they are temporarily residing -- with their casual, down-to-earth behavior. Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto told People magazine, "When you talk to someone who has met them they're kind of glowing. People love saying they saw them. They feel something very special happened to them." The manager of a local grocery store told the magazine that while in the shop, "They looked out of place because they were so beautiful. They looked like they were airbrushed when they were walking. I went up to Brad and asked if he needed help and he said, 'No thanks.' I was looking at him but I don't really remember it -- it was like a dream."

MIA FARROW TALKS ABOUT HUNGER STRIKE: Mia Farrow told Fox News on Monday (April 27th) that she is nervous about her three-week hunger strike to raise awareness for the Darfur humanitarian crisis. The 64-year-old said on the first day she stopped eating, "I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I feel good. But yes, I am a little nervous." She explained her method of protest, saying, "I thought if I go on a hunger strike, this is a time-honored way of drawing focus to the issue and shame to the perpetrators. I realize it is an extreme thing to do, but worse things are happening to the people of Darfur. I felt compelled, I cannot just watch."

JESSICA ALBA CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY WITH CELEB PALS: Jessica Alba celebrated her 28th birthday over the weekend with an '80s themed soiree. People magazine reports that Sarah Silverman, NBA star Baron Davis and Rosario Dawson were among the 50 guests who dressed in decade-appropriate clothing and danced to Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson.


The Arizona Cardinals and running back Edgerrin James have parted ways with one year remaining on his contract. The team also announced Tuesday that it released cornerback Rod Hood and defensive end Travis LaBoy.

Carlos Zambrano pitched seven innings and came within a triple of the cycle while leading the Chicago Cubs' 11-3 pounding of Arizona. Zambrano singled and added an RBI double before belting his 17th career home run.

Elswhere in the National League on Tuesday...

Philadelphia 7, Washington 1
Houston 8, Cincinnati 3
Atlanta 2, St. Louis 1
Florida 7, N.Y. Mets 4
Milwaukee 6, Pittsburgh 5
San Diego 4, Colorado 3
L.A. Dodgers 5, San Francisco 3

And in the American League...

Chicago White Sox 2, Seattle 1, 1st game
Seattle 9, Chicago White Sox 1, 2nd game
L.A. Angels 7, Baltimore 5
N.Y. Yankees 11, Detroit 0
Cleveland 9, Boston 8
Texas 5, Oakland 4
Minnesota 4, Tampa Bay 3
Toronto 8, Kansas City 1

The Dallas Mavericks have advanced to the NBA's Western Conference semifinals for the first time in three years by downing San Antonio 106-93. Boston knocked off Chicago 106-104 in overtime while Orlando was beating Philadelphia 91-78, giving the Celtics and Magic 3-2 leads in their first-round series. And Portland topped Houston 88-77 to force a Game 6 in that series.

The Washington Capitals beat the New York Rangers 2-1 last night to become the 21st team in Stanley Cup history to win a series after trailing three games to one. Sergei Fedorov provided the game-winner with 4:59 left. The Carolina Hurricanes also reached the Eastern Conference finals, beating New Jersey 4-3 on goals by Jussi Jokinen and Eric Staal in the final 80 seconds.

The National Hockey League has written a check for an unknown amount of money to the Phoenix Coyotes for payroll and rent payments. The Arizona Republic reports if the team fails to pay its debt, the league can take it over, according to terms of the loan. The NHL team has struggled for years losing an estimated $30 million a year.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't forget that TODAY is the day that every Arizona Chili's will donate proceeds to St. Jude.

Go to this link to print out the flyer at Even if you can't attend, please forward the information on to your family, friends and co-workers in the state. We need your help to spread the word and make this day a great success for the children of St. Jude.

What are your two or three favorite TV shows of all time?"

A Harris Poll asked, "What are your two or three favorite TV shows of all time?" Here's the top 15 favorite TV shows of all time according to the poll:

  1. "CSI"
  2. "M*A*S*H"
  3. "House"
  4. "NCIS"
  5. "24"
  6. "Seinfeld"
  7. "Friends"
  8. "Two and a Half Men"
  9. "Lost"
  10. "ER"
  11. "Family Guy"
  12. "Law and Order"
  13. "Star Trek"
  14. "The Simpsons"
  15. "Grey's Anatomy"
My 2 favorite's ALL TIME of course DID NOT make the list.


Mike Tyson says his girlfriend is encouraging him to go on "Dancing with the Stars," as if someone has offered him the chance.

Salma Hayek got married over the weekend to the father of her 1-year-old daughter in Venice, Italy.

If you drink one 8-ounce glass of low-sodium vegetable juice very day, it could help you to lose weight. How much weight? About four pounds in 12 weeks, according to researchers from the University of California, Davis.

Oprah's threatening to sue Mutual of Omaha if they don't pull their new TV commercials that refer to "Aha moments."

Simon Cowell's doing well. Between his jobs here and on the other side of the pond, his personal wealth is estimated to have gone up 7% over last year, making him now worth around $175.2 million.

45% of guys admit they flirt with other girls when out with their friends.

Yes, that was Brad Pitt taking flying lessons in New York last week.

So you know, Verizon and Apple are in talks to bring out a Verizon version of the iPhone by next year.

Eating dark chocolate may cut your risk for heart disease by 33%, a study in The Journal of Nutrition reports. You need only 1.7 ounces which is equal to 10 dark Hershey's Kisses per week to reap rewards.

Nothing official yet, but GM is said to be planning to say goodbye to its Pontiac brand.

T.G.I. Fridays is trying to spur you into coming in for a meal by offering all salads and sandwiches for $5 in the month of May.

Kiss Your Mate Day --

A day set aside to kiss your mate when they're least expecting it. So what are you waiting for??

Certain men kiss the way dogs say hello: by slobbering all over you. Some scientists now think this is because male saliva contains libido-increasing testosterone, so guys instinctively try to transmit their spit to get you in the sack. Who says dudes aren't romantic? (Cosmopolitan)


Kenny Chesney will play his first stadium show of the summer on Saturday (May 2nd) at Pizza Hit Park in Dallas. The Sun City Carnival tour lineup that night will include openers Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum along with special guests Sugarland and Montgomery Gentry.

Chesney has increasingly added stadium dates to his last few tours. He tells us the setting provides the ultimate rush for any entertainer. "It's the fact of seeing that many people in a shared moment in a couple hours time during the summer experience the music that you created and having them sing those songs back to you and to hear 50 to 60,000 people at once do that . . . It's the biggest high in the world, and it's the most thing to do for me and the guys. It's awesome!"

Chesney adds that he is proud to have grown his career to the point that he and his band are filling up stadiums. "Everything that's happened to us in the past several years has just been a building block, and to go out there on that big a stage in front of that many people . . . It's the most amazing thing that you could ever feel as an entertainer."

  • The Dallas show will also be the first of the Corona Party Zones as part of the all-day festivities. New act Kate & Kacey will host and perform at the Tailgate Experience in 11 markets.
Jason Michael Carroll's sophomore album, Growing Up Is Getting Old, drops on Tuesday (April 28th). Carroll's busy tour schedule didn't allow him much time to write for the new album, but he tells us he took extra time to make sure the songs he recorded were still a reflection of himself."As an artist you have several responsibilities to your fans, and one of 'em is to always represent who you are as an artist, and the only ways that you really have to do that is, one, through your live shows, but the truth of the matter is some people won't get to see you live, so, more importantly, on your CDs. Always record songs that mean something to you and say to the listener who you are, and to me, I've always tried to do that, and that's where I really stuck to my guns and really kept my head at while we were doing this."
  • Carroll's debut album, Waitin' in the Country, was released in 2006. The disc produced two Top Five hits -- "Alyssa Lies" and "Livin' Our Love Song."

The CMT Music Awards have upped the show's star value with newly announced performers Keith Urban, Sugarland and Def Leppard. Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift are already confirmed to take the stage during the live broadcast on June 16th at the Sommet Center in Nashville. Tickets to the eighth annual fan-voted awards show go on-sale Saturday (May 2nd) at the Sommet Center Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets.


  • Fan voting for the top nominees in each of the categories at the 2009 CMT Music Awards continues through May 11th online at
  • On May 19th, CMT will announce the four finalists in each of the categories, except Video of the Year. Fans can then vote online at through June 15th to determine the show's winners.
  • The final nominees for Video of the Year will be announced at the beginning of the live show and fans can vote at throughout the broadcast (ET/CT only) to determine the night's big winner.

Jason Aldean tops the Mediabase country singles chart this week with his latest single, "She's Country." This marks Aldean's second career chart-topper.
  • He said, "Man, it's hard work to get up to that Number One spot, and I don't take it for granted. I've got a small, but mighty team...from the guys at the label to my crew out on the road. Thanks to them and all my friends at country radio, we'll be celebrating extra hard this week."
  • "She's Country" is the lead single from Aldean's new album, Wide Open, which debuted at Number Two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart earlier this month.
  • "She's Country" is the fastest-rising single of Aldean's career to date.
  • Aldean is currently headlining his Wide Open arena tour. In the coming months he will open a handful of dates on Keith Urban's Escape Together World tour.


  • Aldean's first Number One was "Why" in 2006.
  • Wide Open is his third album. His previous two releases, Jason Aldean and Relentless, have been certified platinum and gold, respectively.

Jewel and FTD are teaming up to offer the Jewel Lullaby Bouquet this Mother's Day (May 10th). The floral arrangement combines pastel pink European Tulips, Peruvian Lilies, deep pink petite spray roses and traditional white and lavender daisies. Each bouquet arrives with an autographed copy of Jewel's new Fisher-Price music series CD called Lullaby, a collection of original and traditional lullaby songs for both parents and children.
  • Lullaby was produced by Jewel and recorded at her home studio in Stephenville, Texas.
  • The 15-track release features 10 self-penned songs and a few standards, including "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."


  • Jewel will host the Mother's Day Lullaby Memories Sweepstakes on her official website, Fans can nominate a special mom to receive one of two grand prizes, which includes the deluxe Jewel Lullaby Bouquet, an autographed CD, and a personal phone call from Jewel on Mother's Day. Ten runners-up will also receive a Jewel Lullaby Bouquet along with the autographed Lullaby album.

Tracy Lawrence will release his first inspirational album, called The Rock, on June 9th. The 10-song CD is the result of a promise he made to his parents years ago. Lawrence said, "My mom and dad have been coaxing me for years to record an inspirational country CD. I promised them I would, but kept pushing it off because it just didn't 'feel' like the right time. I had to grow personally and artistically to get here. The Rock is where I am today."
  • Lawrence recorded The Rock with his road band for the first time.
  • The lead single from The Rock is called "Up To Him." Lawrence's new video will debut on GAC and CMT in the coming weeks.


  • The Rock is Lawrence's second album release on his own Nashville-based indie label, Rocky Comfort Records.
  • His first album, For The Love, produced a Number One single with "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" featuring Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.


THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW/SYN (check local listings)
Dierks Bentley

Jason Michael Carroll

Dolly Parton

Celebrity Gossip

CASEY ALDRIDGE DOING 'WELL': Casey Aldridge is "doing well" in the wake of his weekend car accident, according to his uncle. Odus Jackson told, "There was just a little swelling, but he's alert. They're keeping him under precaution for a couple of days to make sure that no bleeding starts, but at the moment he's still resting well and doing well." Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears's daughter, was thrown from his pickup truck when it rolled over on Sunday (April 26th) morning. Jackson added "I think they're going to keep him under observation for about three days. Doctors are telling him that he should recover to full normalcy. It'll just take some time for it to all heal up -- the brain. As I told somebody, he stepped over a snake, thankfully."

REDMOND O'NEAL VISITS MOM, FARRAH FAWCETT: Redmond O'Neal was allowed to leave jail on Saturday (April 25th) with a police escort to visit his mother, Farrah Fawcett. Entertainment Tonight reports that a judge signed a court order allowing the 24-year-old a three-hour window for the visit, which police said is occasionally allowed for inmates who have gravely ill family members. Fawcett, who has been battling anal cancer for a number of years, was recently released from the hospital.

CARMEN ELECTRA PREGNANT? Carmen Electra is sparking rumors that she's pregnant. reports that the 37-year-old bikini-loving celebrity fueled rumors that she is expecting a child with fiance Rob Patterson after refusing to take off her sun dress during a bikini dance-off last week.

KIM KARDASHIAN LIES ABOUT DYED LOCKS: Kim Kardashian sent waves through the internet community over the weekend after announcing that she'd dyed her trademark dark locks blonde -- but later revealed that the new 'do was nothing more than a wig.

TYRA BANKS EXPECTED TO TESTIFY IN COURT: Tyra Banks is reportedly scheduled to appear in a New York courtroom this week where she is expected to testify against an alleged stalker. The Associated Press reports that Brady Green of Georgia is accused of following the television host and was arrested after trying to visit her in Manhattan. The 38-year-old pleaded not guilty to stalking, harassment and criminal trespass and rejected several non-jail plea deals offered by the prosecution. The AP reports that if he had accepted the plea offers, Banks' testimony would not have been necessary and he would not have seen her in court.

KATE WALSH DIVORCE GETTING UGLIER: Kate Walsh's estranged husband is fighting a protective order against him requested by the actress's accounting firm. reports that Alex Young does not believe he's been given all the financial information on Walsh and claims that the accounting firm is acting like a P.R. firm for Walsh and said that the protective order reads like a "press release to benefit one client, Ms. Walsh."

PATTON OSWALT IS A DAD: Actor Patton Oswalt and his wife Michelle welcomed their first child on April 15th. The United States of Tara actor told People magazine "I'm blissfully exhausted and exhausted-ly blissful," after the birth of daughter Alice.


Dan Haren twirled a three-hitter and broke open the game with a two-run double as the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Chicago Cubs 7-2. It's the same two teams tonight with Chicago sending out Carlos Zambrano against Yusmeiro Petit.

In other National League action yesterday...

Philadelphia 13, Washington 11
N.Y. Mets 7, Florida 1
Houston 4, Cincinnati 1
St. Louis 3, Atlanta 2
Milwaukee 10, Pittsburgh 5
Colorado 12, San Diego 7
San Francisco 5, L.A. Dodgers 4

In the American League...

Texas 6, Baltimore 4
Boston 3, Cleveland 1
Detroit 4, N.Y. Yankees 2
Tampa Bay 7, Minnesota 1
Kansas City 7, Toronto 1
Seattle at Chicago, ppd., rain

The Los Angeles Lakers have cruised into the second round of the NBA playoffs with a 107-96 win that eliminated Utah in five games. Kobe Bryant scored 31 for the Lakers, who have won 26 of their last 30 home playoff games and will now play the winner of the Houston-Portland series that the Rockets lead 3-1 heading into tonight's game in Portland.

The Denver Nuggets made quite a statement in taking a 3-1 series lead over New Orleans last night. The Nuggets tied the NBA record for the most lopsided playoff victory ever, 121-63 over the Hornets, whose All-Star guard Chris Paul was held to four points and six assists in one of the worst games of his career.

The Atlanta Hawks have their first road playoff victory in nearly 12 years, beating the Miami Heat 81-71 to tie the first-round Eastern Conference playoff series at two games apiece. The Hawks defense frustrated Miami star Dwyane Wade, who scored 22 points on 9-for-26 shooting.

In the NHL playoffs, Anaheim and Chicago have advanced with first-round victories in six games. The eighth-seeded Ducks eliminated Western top-seed San Jose 4-1 while the Blackhawks beat Calgary 4-1.

Washington Capitals defenseman and enforcer Donald Brashear is suspended for five games, beginning with tonight's decisive Game 7 of their first-round playoff series against the New York Rangers. The NHL suspended Brashear for incidents before and during Game 6 on Sunday, including breaking the eye socket of the Rangers' Blair Betts.

The Arizona Cardinals have agreed to contracts with nine rookie free agents. The team did not release terms of the deals.

Monday, April 27, 2009


  • Wants & Needs -- She: The delicate balance of emotional, physical and psychological longing one seeks to have a fulfilled relationship. He: Food, sex and beer.
  • Thingy -- She: Any part under a car's hood. He: The strap fastener on a woman's bra.
  • Vulnerable -- She: Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. He: Playing baseball without a cup.
  • Commitment -- She: A desire to get married and raise a family. He: Not trying to pick up other women while on a date with one's girlfriend.
  • Entertainment -- She: A good movie, concert, play or book. He: Anything with one ball, two folds or three stooges.
  • Flatulence -- She: An embarrassing byproduct of digestion. He: An endless source of entertainment, self-expression and male bonding.
  • Remote control -- She: A device for changing from one TV channel to another. He: A device for scanning through all 300 channels every 2 minutes.


This Men's Health quiz separates the social butterflies from the information vultures:

Do you IM chat at work?

  1. Just on a slow day (2)
  2. I'm addicted (3)
  3. Not since college (1)

What kind of gossip excites you the most?

  1. Dirt - the bad stuff (3)
  2. Intel that helps at work (2)
  3. Only good news (1)

Where are you in the office hierarchy?

  1. I'm a rookie (1)
  2. I'm a vet with little say (3)
  3. I'm the man in charge (2)

How often do you regret dishing something?

  1. A few times a week (2)
  2. Only during a scandal (1)
  3. Only when I'm caught (3)


  • 4-6 You're a hermit; a bit more scuttlebutt could benefit your career.
  • 7-9 You strike the perfect balance you're social, but discreet.
  • 10-12 You're a chatterbox. Censor yourself or risk ruining your reputation.

Weekend Movie WRAP-UP

Obsessed, starring singer and actress Beyonce Knowles as a woman who takes on a psychotic office temp after she begins stalking her husband, opened at the top of the weekend box office. Idris Elba portrays the husband who becomes the object of obsession of the temp, played by Ali Larter. Last week's top movie, 17 Again, fell to second place.

Debuting in third place was Fighting, starring Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard in the film set in New York City's underground bare-knuckle fight world. Opening at Number Four was The Soloist, starring Jamie Foxx as a schizophrenic music prodigy living on the streets of Los Angeles and Robert Downey Jr. as a reporter who befriends him.

Disney's nature documentary, Earth, premiered in fifth place, following families of polar bears, elephants and humpback whales over the course of a year. Disney pledged to plant a tree for every viewer who sees the movie in the first week after its opening last Wednesday on Earth Day.


  1. Obsessed, $28.5 million
  2. 17 Again, $11.7 million
  3. Fighting, $11.4 million
  4. The Soloist, $9.7 million
  5. Earth, $8.6 million
  6. Monsters vs. Aliens, $8.5 million
  7. State of Play, $6.9 million
  8. Hannah Montana: The Movie, $6.4 million
  9. Fast & Furious, $6.1 million
  10. Crank: High Voltage, $2.4 million

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