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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


  • Honduras is the new hot spot on the globe. Shady election results, the military has ousted the president... hang on.
  • Wednesday is the rumored day for Michael Jackson's funeral, with burial at the Neverland Ranch.
  • "Dancing With the Stars" judge Len Goodman, 65, is recovering from prostate surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.
  • Comedian, Fred Travalena, the "Man of a Thousand Faces," who appeared numerous times on the Johnny Carson show in the 70's and early 80's, has died at his home in Encino, CA, from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was 66.
  • Britain's Prince Harry enjoyed a date last week with singer Natalie Imbruglia.
  • "Ugly Betty's" Ana Ortiz welcomed a daughter into the world last week, Paloma Louise.
  • Time hasn't released a special edition since 9-11... but there's one out this week for the passing of Michael Jackson.
  • Chevrolet is enjoying high demand for its 2010 Camaro. Can't make 'em fast enough.
  • Two California minor league teams set a new record for most runs scored in a game last Saturday night. Final score: 33-18.
  • You'd have to be old enough to remember, but Gale Storm has died at age 87. She was a big star in early 1950's TV.
  • In Sweden, a new law was passed that allows Swedish women to go topless in public swimming pools.
  • Pitch guy Billy Mays was just about to do a series of commercials for Taco Bell. He died suddenly over the weekend at age 50, most likely of a heart attack in his sleep.
  • NASA has uncovered some better quality video of the moon landing 40 years ago. Should release it soon.

National Blonde Day --

Men of all ages love the stereotypical blonde. he's a fantasy that's here to stay. Here are some blonde facts for you:

  • American adults who are naturally blonde: 5%

  • World population that is naturally blonde: 2%

  • Finish population that is naturally blonde: 30%

  • American women who color their hair who choose blonde: 42%

  • 2004 Playboy centerfolds who are blonde: 40%

  • Miss America winners who are blonde: 24%

  • Women who think the first female president will have brown hair: 76%

  • Blondes who think they are more popular with men: 91%

  • Men who think blondes have better love lives than other women: 18%

  • Year by which natural blondes may be extinct: 2202



  • Always compliment your significant other. Sanford calls Maria "special, unique and fabulous," all things anyone wants to hear. And to boot, he tells her that she doesn't need therapy, which -- we suspect -- followed Senorita Maria fishing for a compliment about how loco she is. Either way, Sanford knows how to praise his woman.
  • Pet names are important. Sanford takes to calling Maria "dearest," and she later ups the ante to "beloved," telling him, "I hope you change the dearest." No one wants to be called dude or girl, but certain pet names hold different meanings. Such as, babe -- or even baby -- sounds slightly demeaning while sweetie or muffin seems... well, overly sugary. And please, don't even get us started on "pooh bear."
  • Follow through on promises. Since these e-mails were from a year ago and Sanford was just discovered now, he was obviously doing something right. And, when he told Maria he was going to pick up the movie, Holiday, we're betting he actually did it. Now, whether it's the 1930's version of Holiday or the newer Cameron Diaz-Kate Winslet chick flick, The Holiday, we're not sure. However, the point remains: gifts make for a happy mistress.
  • Use spell check. This man was governing the entire state of South Carolina (pop. 4.4 million) and the man can't be bothered with proper spelling? There are programs that spellcheck for you now, Gov. Sanford. We suggest you learn to use them so some poor sap at The State doesn't have to (sic) everything. (On a side note: Maria also had her share or spelling errors. However, since she is from Argentina, and -- we're assuming -- not a native English speaker, we find this less offensive. And actually, slightly adorable.)


THIEF ACCIDENTALLY TAKES HIS PICTURE DURING ROBBERY: A man who was in the midst of robbing a home in Virginia accidentally took his own picture with the victim's cell phone. Police are currently looking for the man captured in the photograph. A city spokesperson said it appeared the male suspect had been attempting to make a phone call during the home invasion and unknowingly captured his own image using the phone's camera. The suspect then fled the scene leaving the cell phone behind. (UPI)

MAN BREAKS INTO HOME AND STAYS FOR A WEEK: Police said a man broke into a Cincinnati home and stayed there for a week, watching television, sleeping in the master bedroom and driving the car while the family was on vacation. Nicholas Truesdell, who allegedly broke into the house through a rear window, was arrested and charged with buglary and unauthorized use of a vehicle after it was apparent that the 19-year-old drove the family's 2007 Nissan Altima. (AP)

OWNER SAYS CAR WITH 558,000 MILES STILL RUNNING SMOOTH: A 90-year-old Florida woman says her Mercury Comet Caliente that she purchased in 1964 is running smoothly 558,000 miles later. Rachel Veitch says her car has lasted her through 45 years and three husbands. Veitch says she looks forward to hitting mile 600,000 if she says, "I live long enough. I tell people, 'Except for the congestive heart failure, a stroke and a double mastectomy, I'm in great shape!'" (UPI)

MAN TRIES TO ROB HOTEL WITH BUTTER KNIFE: South Dakota police said they arrested a man after he tried to rob a hotel with a butter knife. The clerk refused to give the man any money and the robber left the hotel on foot. Police allegedly spotted a man matching the clerk's description of the thief. The man was arrested. Police said they also recovered the 'weapon.' (AP)



  • 12 Rounds
  • Two Lovers
  • Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience


  • Eastbound & Down Season One
  • Entourage Season Five
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl Season Two


  • Do The Right Thing
  • Flawless
  • Seven

Pitchman Billy Mays died of a pulmonary embolism

Pitchman Billy Mays died of a pulmonary embolism likely caused by heart disease, a Tampa coroner announced on Monday (June 29th). Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Vernard Adams said preliminary autopsy results found that the 50-year-old "had an enlarged heart, a thickening of the wall of the ventricle which takes blood to the heart."

Contrary to speculation, Mays' death was not the result of head trauma. After a flight on Saturday (June 27th), Mays told a television crew that he'd bumped his head upon landing, leading many to assume a head injury led to his sudden death. The coroner confirmed that there was no evidence of head trauma adding that no internal or external injuries were found.

The examiner also noted that Mays was also taking Tramadol and hydrocodone for hip pain, but said that there was no evidence that Mays was abusing these drugs, and that pill counts show he had been taking the correct amount.

  • Final results of the autopsy and cause of death will not be known for several weeks.
  • A Pennsylvania television stations reported on Tuesday, "The Mays family says funeral arrangements are not complete, but they expect to plan a fitting ceremony."
  • Meanwhile, the Discovery Channel announced that they will devote programming to Mays this Wednesday (July 1st). A previously-scheduled Pitchman marathon of episodes one-11 will air beginning at 11 a.m. and culminate with the never-before-seen season finale at night.
CHECK IT OUT: Listen to the 911 call that Mays' wife made after finding his body:

Still finalizing their autopsy results on Jackson

The Los Angeles County Coroner's office, still finalizing their autopsy results on Jackson, confiscated all of the entertainer's prescription medications from his rented Holmby Hills home on Monday. A team of medical examiners entered the home around 12 noon and exited carrying two large plastic bags.

  • Their action spurred more speculation about whether addictions to various prescription drugs played a role in Jackson's death, and raised more questions about the physician who was with him and made the 911 call. Dr. Conrad Murray, who insists thaat he did not prescribe OxyContin to Jackson, was working without board certification at the time of the star's death, according to


Brad Paisley's eighth album, American Saturday Night, hits retail outlets on Tuesday (June 30th). His debut single, "Then," recently held the Number One spot on the country charts for three weeks.

American Saturday Night is a more personal album for Paisley, who wrote or co-wrote all 15 songs on the CD from a new perspective, he tells us: "This album came from a different place because I'm in a different place than most of the records I've done. I went into this with a team of guys that I rely on heavily, the same team I've had since really the first album, and we're all in different place."

Paisley says the influence on American Saturday Night came from a couple places. "There's two or three things that I felt were the common thread and the reason for this being the album that it is and one is where I'm at, which is second little boy, a place where I have a perspective of retrospect that's good, and then there's the times that we're living in, and all of those things shaped every song that we wrote, I think."

  • The album's new single, "Welcome to the Future," heads to radio in July. Paisley says the song is "my favorite thing I've ever written."
  • His American Saturday Night tour continues on July 10th in Clarkston, Michigan.

Kenny Chesney, Kid Rock, Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Sugarland and Taylor Swift are the first performers to be confirmed as part of ABC's CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock special. The three-hour show will air on August 31st at 8 p.m. ET.
  • For the first time, the special will expand from two hours to three.
  • The CMA Music Festival took place from June 11th-14th in downtown Nashville.


  • This is the fifth time ABC will broadcast CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock.
  • Each year, CMA Music Festival draws more than 56,000 fans per day.

Keith Urban is ever mindful about the state of our world today, and the problems people face on a daily basis. Making people feel better is the emphasis behind his current Escape Together World tour, he tells us: "All I want to be able to do on this tour is help people reset their sense of self and worth and belief, and they can walk out of that concert walking a little taller and feeling a little more connected and not so separated and alone, you know, that's why the tour's called Escape Together, cause it's a very 'us' experience in the arena, and you feel a sense of togetherness, and hopefully that doesn't leave just because you have gone home. You go home and feel a sense of community because it really, it takes a village."
  • The tour rolls on to Omaha's Qwest Center on June 9th.
  • Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, will celebrate the first birthday of their daughter,

Dierks Bentley tops the Billboard chart this week with "Sideways." This is Bentley's second consecutive chart-topper off his current Feel That Fire album.
  • Bentley said, "We've been kicking our show off with 'Sideways' and it gets the party started quickly! Thanks to all the fans that have fun, get wild and a little 'sideways' during our show because we feed off of that energy."
  • "Sideways" is Bentley's seventh career Number One hit.


  • Forbes named Bentley to its Top 10 list of "Next Breakout Stars" based on likeability and awareness.

The Lost Trailers' Stokes Nielson and his wife, Maria, welcomed their second child into the world on June 22nd. Their healthy baby boy weighed in at 7.7 pounds. The couple already have a toddler daughter. Their son's name has not yet been announced.


  • The Lost Trailers were 2008's "Most Played New Group" thanks to their Top 10 hit, "Holler Back."

SheDaisy lead singer Kassidy Osborn got married over the weekend to her longtime boyfriend, Derek Williamson. The two were wed in a private ceremony at the Latter Day Saints Temple in San Diego, California.
  • Osborn said, "For being one of the most important days of my life, it couldn't have been more perfect and beautiful!"
  • SheDaisy is gearing up for the release of their fifth album. In the meantime, the sister trio continues to tour this summer.
  • Their Fourth of July plans include performing at the annual Stadium Of Fire celebration in Provo, Utah.


  • Shedaisy's last CD, Fortuneteller's Melody, was released in 2006.
  • Their last Top 10 hit, "Don't Worry Bout A Thing," charted in 2005.


Dolly Parton

Naomi Judd, Big Kenny

ON THE STREETS/GAC 1:30PM, 5:30PM, 10:30PM (ET)
Brad Paisley, Tanya Tucker

Brad Paisley

Taylor Swift, Def Leppard, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley

Martina McBride


  • Vincent D'Onofrio (actor, Ed Wood, Men In Black) (50)
  • David Alan Grier (actor and comedian, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka) (54)
  • Mike Tyson (ear-biting former heavyweight boxing champ and ex-con) (43)
  • Stanley Clarke (jazz-rock bassist) (58)
  • Fantasia Barrino (American Idol winner) (25)
  • Lena Horne (legendary singer) (92)
  • Monica Potter (actress, The Last House on the Left, Con Air, Patch Adams, Head Over Heels, Along Came A Spider, Saw) (38)
  • Michael Phelps (swimmer, has won 14 gold Olympic medals, the most by any Olympian) (24)


  • Ronnie Milsap debuted on the charts with "I Hate You" in 1973.
  • Chet Atkins died of cancer in Nashville in 2001 at the age of 77.
  • Brad Paisley's "Ticks" topped the Billboard country chart in 2007.
  • Garth Brooks received a star in front of Capitol Records on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995.
  • Kenny Chesney signed his first recording contract with Capricorn Records in 1993.

Celebrity Gossip

DIANE KEATON FINE AFTER ON-SET INJURY: Diane Keaton was slightly injured in New York City on Monday (June 29th) while filming a scene for her new movie, Morning Glory. reports that Keaton was sporting a bodysuit for a sumo wrestling scene when the injury occurred. A statement released by Paramount studios later in the day read, "Diane Keaton is in good health and spirits following a fall on set of Morning Glory where she bumped her head. The actress was taken to a hospital for precautionary tests and has been cleared by doctors to return to work tomorrow."

SHIA LABEOUF AND MEGAN FOX DATING? Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox may be more than just Transformers co-stars. Sources tell the New York Daily News that there appears to be a romantic connection between the two, citing their behavior during a recent dinner with ten friends -- including Oliver Stone. A witness told the paper, "They definitely seemed into each other. Shia couldn't keep his eyes off of Megan: He literally watched her like a hawk all night."

ANISTON ROMANCE RUMORS SWINGING BACK TO GERARD BUTLER? Now that Bradley Cooper has brushed off Jennifer Aniston romance reports, that media is back to linking her with Gerard Butler. A source told the New York Post that the actress has been in "an unusually cheerful mood" while filming Bounty Hunter with Butler. An insider told the paper, "Jennifer seems very relaxed and friendly. She has a great laugh and is very chatty on set. Jen and Gerard seem to have a great relationship and chemistry between them."

MEMORIAL SERVICE HELD FOR ED MCMAHON: More than 200 friends and family members attended a memorial for Ed McMahon on Sunday (June 28th). Entertainment Tonight reports that Natalie Cole performed her song "Smile" alongside David Foster in honor of the Tonight show sidekicked. Other celebrities in attendance included Tony Danza, Jimmy Kimmel and Johnny Carson's wife, Joanna Carson.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Colorado River Line Dance Club get down at Bandits BBQ

For all you Flaggers interested in Boot Scottin' a new line dancing club is kickin up it's heels every Thursday at Bandits BBQ, 2350 MIracle Mile at 8pm. For more information 928758-6362 or 928-219-2790.


SPRINT CUP: JOEY LOGANO WINS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE - Teenager Joey Logano became the youngest winner in the history of the Cup Series on Sunday, winning the rain-shortened race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The precocious 19-year-old rookie came back from a crash that put him a lap down earlier in the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 and won in his 20th Sprint Cup start. The top 10 finishers in the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 are:

  1. Joey Logano
  2. Jeff Gordon
  3. Kurt Busch
  4. David Reutimann
  5. Tony Stewart
  6. Brad Keselowski
  7. Kyle Busch
  8. Sam Hornish Jr.
  9. Jimmie Johnson
  10. Kasey Kahne

NATIONWIDE SERIES: KYLE BUSH BACK IN FIRST PLACE - Apparently tired of his recent pattern of leading the most laps and finishing somewhere other than first, Kyle Busch took a different tack in Saturday's Camping World RV Sales 200. Busch saved his surge to the front for the final green-flag run in the Nationwide Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. After passing Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Joey Logano for the lead on Lap 165 of 200, Busch stayed in front the rest of the way.

The top 10 finishers of the Camping World RV Sales 200 are

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Joey Logano
  3. Brad Keselowski
  4. Mike Bliss
  5. Kevin Harvick
  6. Carl Edwards
  7. Greg Biffle
  8. Scott Speed
  9. Erik Darnell
  10. Jason Leffler

CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES: TWO IN A ROW FOR HORNADAY - Ron Hornaday took home his second consecutive Elvis trophy with an overpowering victory Saturday in the 200 at Memphis Motorsports Park. Hornaday led 175 of 201 laps on the .75-mile track. The driver of the Kevin Harvick Inc. No. 33 Chevrolet had a commanding lead over Brian Scott's No. 16 Toyota before a late-race caution forced a green-white-checkered finish. Hornaday pulled away on the final restart and won by .653 seconds over Scott

The top 10 finishers in the 200 are

  1. Ron Hornaday
  2. Brian Scott
  3. David Starr
  4. Aric Almirola
  5. Matt Crafton
  6. Mike Skinner
  7. Timothy Peters
  8. Johnny Sauter
  9. Colin Braun
  10. Todd Bodine


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had a huge debut weekend at the top of the box office, with its $112 million take bringing the movie's total to $201.2 million since opening last Wednesday (June 24th). The sequel to 2007's original Transformers movie overcame scathing reviews from critics to have the biggest opening weekend of the year, surpassing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which took in $85.1 million over its opening weekend in early May. Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox star in the Michael Bay-directed film about battling alien robots.

Opening in fifth place was My Sister's Keeper, starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin in a drama about a girl, played by Breslin, who was conceived by her parents to be a donor for her leukemia-stricken older sister.

  • Last weekend's top movie, The Proposal, fell to second place.


  1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, $112 million
  2. The Proposal, $18.5 million
  3. The Hangover, $17.2 million
  4. Up, $13 million
  5. My Sister's Keeper, $12 million
  6. Year One, $5.8 million
  7. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, $5.4 million
  8. Star Trek, $3.6 million
  9. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, $3.5 million
  10. Away We Go, $1.7 million


NBC HOSTING ED MCMAHON CELEBRATION: NBC is set to host an untelevised celebration of Ed McMahon's life on July 1st. His publicist Howard Bragman told the Associated Press that the event will be held at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood although details such as the guest list are still being finalized. The former Tonight show sidekick died on June 23rd at the age of 86.

MICHAEL JACKSON DOCUMENTARY GETTING LOTS OF AIR TIME: NBC is scheduled to run a one-hour version of Living With Michael Jackson on Monday (June 29th) night. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the network had secured the rights to the program -- a 2003 documentary that led to child molestation charges against the pop superstar." MSNBC has also secured 12 airings of the special, which already ran six times over the weekend.

CASTINGS ANNOUNCED FOR 'SPIDER-MAN' MUSICAL: Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming will star in the upcoming Broadway production of Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Wood will play Mary Jane Watson while Cumming will portray the villainous Green Goblin. The musical is scheduled to begin preview performances in February of 2010.

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett will be laid to rest in a private ceremony on Tuesday (June 30th). People magazine reports that the actress's longtime partner Ryan O'Neal has arranged the funeral, which will only be attended by close family and friends.

The couple's 24-year-old son Redmond will be allowed out of jail -- where he is undergoing intensive drug treatment -- to pay his last respects to his mother at her funeral. However, correctional department spokesperson Steve Whitmore said that while Redmond will be allowed to wear a suit, "Protocol is that he will still be in handcuffs and leg cuffs."

  • Meanwhile, Fawcett's doctor and friend Lawrence Piro revealed that Redmond spoke to his mother over the phone on the day of her death. Piro said on Friday (June 26th), "He wasn't able to be present in person, but he did speak to his mother by phone twice yesterday and he was able to say all the things he wanted to say. She heard him and was able to be responsive. It was a very nice moment for both of them."

TV pitchman Billy Mays was found dead in his Tampa, Florida, home

TV pitchman Billy Mays was found dead in his Tampa, Florida, home on Sunday (June 28th). reports that the 50-year-old was found by his wife and pronounced dead at 7:45 a.m ET. Police said that there were no signs of forced entry into Mays' residence and that foul play was not suspected.

The website said that Mays returned home the previous night from Philadelphia, where he had shot a new Oxiclean commercial. CNN reports that the flight had a hard landing after the plane's front tires blew out, but added that there were no reported injuries. Mays described the landing to a Tampa TV station:"As we hit, you know, it was just, I mean the hardest hit. All the top things from the ceiling started dropping. It hit me on the head, but I've got a hard head."Sources told TMZ that upon arriving home, Mays was, quote, "acting fine and normal . . . he was talking business with his father-in-law."

Mays appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien just last week to tout his new reality show, Pitchmen, on The Discovery Channel. Following are two soundbites from that appearance: "I hear your voice when I try to go to sleep at night. And I think a lot of us in America do, yelling at me, yelling at me to buy something." (Mays) "Excuse me, it's not yelling, it's projecting." (O'Brien) "Projecting." (Mays) "Projecting. And by the way, my voice is soothing. A lot of people... I'm on Nickelodeon, I'm on different channels with kids. It's soothing."

"By the way, this is how I was taught on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. And, by the way, you mentioned Ed McMahon. I worked for the same company Ed McMahon started with, National Pitch Products, and it's an honor. Twenty-seven years ago I started there. I was taught by some of the best pitchmen you'll never know."

  • Mays' wife Deborah said in a statement on Sunday, "Although Billy lived a public life, we don't anticipate making any public statements over the next couple of days. Our family asks that you respect our privacy during these difficult times."
  • The Discovery Channel said in a statement, "It is with incredible sadness that we have to report that Billy Mays died in his sleep last night. Everyone that knows him was aware of his larger-than-life personality, generosity and warmth. Billy was a pioneer in his field and helped many people fulfill their dreams. He will be greatly missed as a loyal and compassionate friend. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family at this time of incredible loss."
  • Mays began his pitchman career in the 1990s after he was recruited to demonstrate the products of Orange Glo International on the Home Shopping Network. The energetic Mays soon landed deals for commercials and infomercials.
  • A Tampa radio show reported on Sunday that Mays had recently inked a deal to film commercials on behalf of Taco Bell.
  • An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted on Monday (June 29th).

Celebrity Gossip

BRADLEY COOPER IS 'JUST FRIENDS' WITH JENNIFER ANISTON: Bradley Cooper is denying that he's romantically involved with Jennifer Aniston. Although the two were spotted having dinner together recently, the actor said during a press conference in Paris last Friday (June 26th), "She's a friend of mine. Simply, simply, just a friend." He explained, "In America, its not like it is here. She's someone who is super, super known. Famous. If someone says 'hello' to her, it's given that he's fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She's a very, very interesting woman, but she's simply a friend."

MEL GIBSON AND GIRLFRIEND REPORTEDLY EXPECTING DAUGHTER: Mel Gibson and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva will reportedly welcome a daughter later this year. The Daily Mail reports that 39-year Grigorieva recently revealed the baby's sex. A friend told the paper, "Oksana and Mel are over the moon. Oksana is very happy and in love with Mel. She's a very calming girl and will be a stabilising influence on him." Gibson has seven children with his estranged wife Robyn, who filed for divorce from the actor two weeks before he and Grigorieva went public with their romance.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE MAY GO NUDE: Hayden Panettiere nearly bares it all in her upcoming film, I Love You, Beth Cooper, and isn't opposed to going full-frontal in the future. The 19-year-old told E!, "I'm cool with my body, and I'm cool running around undressed and all that stuff, but there are just certain things that not everyone needs to know, that you need to keep somehow private and personal to you. But you never know, you never know. I could be 30 years old and just be like, 'Screw it -- I want to take it all off. I better take a picture of this baby before it all goes.'" For one scene in I Love You Beth Cooper in which she only wore breast stickers, Panettiere drops her towel but is only shown from the back.

KATE HUDSON AND A-ROD STILL GOING STRONG: The romance between Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez appears to still be going strong. People magazine reports that the actress was in the stands at her beau's baseball game on Friday (June 26th) night. A source at the game told the magazine, "Kate was standing and clapping and cheering during the game, especially when A-Rod hit a home run. She looked adorable and was so happy."

'UGLY BETTY' STAR WELCOMES DAUGHTER: Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz gave birth to a daughter on Saturday (June 27th). The actress's rep confirmed the news to People magazine, saying, "She is surrounded by her friends and family and so happy to be a mom. She is just really enjoying the moment. The baby is absolutely beautiful." Ortiz and her husband, musician Noah Lebenzon, have yet to chose a name for their first child.

GALE STORM DIES: Gale Storm has died at the age of 87. The actress, who rose to fame in the early days of television on My Little Margie and The Gale Storm Show, passed away on Saturday (June 27th) at a convalescent hospital, her son confirmed. The Associated Press added that Storm's health had been failing in recent years.


  • George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today" went to Number One in 1980.
  • The Statler Brothers and Tom T. Hall were officially inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame during a medallion ceremony at the Hall's theater in 2008.
  • Mickey Gilley went to Number one on the Billboard country chart for the first time with "Room Full Of Roses" in 1974.
  • Tammy Wynette's "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" claimed the Number One position on the Billboard country chart in 1968.


Brad Paisley

Naomi Judd, Big Kenny

Steve Earle


Darius Rucker's Learn To Live has already produced two Number One hits -- "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" and "It Won't Be Like This For Long" -- while a third single, "Alright," is quickly heading toward the top of the chart. This is Rucker's first country album, but he tells us he kept the same recipe for success from his long stint as lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish. "I've learned over the years to make records for yourself, and I'm not gonna lie -- I make records for me. I make records that I love, that I wanna love, that I wanna listen to all the time, and I'm amazed when other people like it."

  • Rucker is currently on tour with Rascal Flatts.
  • "Alright" sits at Number Nine on the Billboard singles chart.

Reba McEntire's upcoming album will be released to country dance clubs across the country. A special version of a song called "I Want A Cowboy" from McEntire's Keep On Loving You album will be heading to these clubs in advance of the CD's August 18th release date.
  • McEntire first performed "I Want A Cowboy" during her concert at the new Cowboys Stadium earlier this month.
  • Of the song, McEntire said. "I'm a huge fan of Katrina Elam -- I love her singing and I loved her album she had out a few years back. So I was listening to the album, and was talking to my producer Tony Brown, who had co-produced Katrina's album a few years back, and asked him if there were any plans to do anything with the song 'I Want A Cowboy'. Tony called Katrina and asked her if she had any plans for the song, and she said 'No, I don't think so - why?'. He told her I wanted to record it, and she thought that would be great. So we immediately went into the studio and cut it!"
  • "Strange," the first single from Keep On Loving You, is a Top 15 hit.

Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits II CD offers a sentimental journey back over the past few years of his career. Chesney told us that each of the 15 songs on the project hold a special place in his heart. "I look at the list of songs on this record and I know why they mean something to me. I mean, I can look at every song and tell you why I wrote a specific song or why I recorded that specific song. Each one of these songs takes me to a different place on stage. Each song takes me to a relationship, or it takes me to a breakup, or it takes me to new love, old love. It takes me to a night on stage where people were singing one of these songs back to me so loud where I couldn't of ever of dreamt it."
  • Greatest Hits II was released in May.
  • The only new song on the album, "Out Last Night," has already topped the country singles chart.

Phil Vassar's new video, "Bobbi With An I,"is now available exclusively at The clip was shot in Nashville and features Desperate Housewives star James Denton.
  • Vassar said, "Bobbi is actually a guy I knew -- this outrageous guy who showed up at a club one night dressed as a girl. It was just a funny way to pick up chicks."
  • "Bobbi With An I" was co-written by Vassar.
  • It's the debut single from Vassar's upcoming album, set for release later this summer.


  • Vassar's last album, Prayer Of A Common Man, was released in 2007.
  • It features the hit, "Love Is A Beautiful Thing," which made it to Number Two on the Billboard chart last year.

Craig Morgan recently reissued his latest album, That's Why, with two newly-recorded songs -- "This Ain't Nothin'" and "Bonfire," the latter of which is currently making its way up the singles chart. Morgan wrote the song, which he has been testing out on audiences for the past few months. After getting a big thumbs up from his fans, Morgan decided to share "Bonfire" with the world.
  • Morgan said, "I love writing and singing about the simplest pleasures of life's little things, and the fans always react to that. I think that's why 'Bonfire' has struck such a chord with everybody. Whether you're camping, at the beach or just cooking out, bonfires lots of times are the highlights of a summer party. We're just bringing a little bit of that party to life in this song!"


  • That's Why also includes Morgan's Top 10 hit, "Love Remembers."
  • The album was originally released in October of 2008 and then re-released in May of this year.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Win A Flyaway!"> will kick off the sweepstakes on July 1st through Augist 31st. Runner-up wins a framed autographed Pickler poster. Also, Pickler was recently honored by the U.S. Army, Col. Ronald Tuczak surprised Kellie on stage at the show by giving her the "Freedom Team Salute". The Salute commemorates people who have "significantly contributed to supporting U.S. ARMY soldiers and the ARMY's mission."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks K-Flaggers!

Thanks to all of you K-Flaggers who came out to Boot Barn in Laughlin last Saturday afternoon! What a blast! Thanks to store Manager John Peebles and Brooke for all of your hospitality! (Brooke was doing a new line dance called the Bumper sticker shake off!) Very cool Brooke!

We gave away a ton of free stuff...Chris LeDoux's Greatest Hits CD's, Movie passes, Tickets to The Phoenix Zoo, K-Flag totes, hats, shirts and more!

I bought a new pair of Laredo boots with silver tips and got a free Roper bag with the boots, what a deal! I think the total was $85.00! I also bough the wife some Wrangler jeans for $14.99, they are normally $38.00!

Keep listening to K-Flag for more great Boot Barn deals!
And listen for our next Boot Barn live remote broadcast!

Thanks for your support Flaggers!

Craig & Tyrone Powers

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

KFLAG Country Music Upadate! Live From Deerlick, KY

Sugarland's first major network special is set to air on August 3rd on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. Sugarland: Live On The Inside was filmed at the duo's Love On The Inside tour stop at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. The one-hour special was shot with 20 cameras and includes all of Sugarland's big hits, as well as never-before-televised performance footage.
On August 4th, Sugarland will release a live CD and DVD package, also called Live On The Inside. The 10-song set will be available exclusively at Walmart stores.
Sugarland continues their Love On The Inside tour on Wednesday (June 24th) in Primm, Nevada with special guest Billy Currington.

In addition to their own headlining tour, Sugarland is performing at stadium shows with Kenny Chesney and opening a handful of Keith Urban dates.
They will play Chesney's Sun City Carnival show on Saturday (June 27th) at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.
Their next show with Urban is on July 15th in Denver.

While many female artists are looking to follow Reba McEntire's career lead, the legendary entertainer is taking her cues from one of the youngest acts in the business -- Taylor Swift. McEntire recently told reporters at the CMA Music Festival that she admires Swift's business sensibility. "Well, I'm thrilled to be in the same business as she's in because I've learned from Taylor. She's a very smart, old soul, and she's very in tune with what's supposed to be goin' on, and she knows how to think. She's got a very great business sense, and so I like to kind of eavesdrop in on what Taylor's doin'. I always learn somethin'.

McEntire added that her husband and manager, Narvel Blackstock, often drops Swift's name when he's trying to get her to do something. "It's so funny that Narvel, back in the . . . well, a few years ago, I'll say that. If I wouldn't do somethin', if he'd come up with an idea, like lowering me from the ceiling of the Astrodome for an entrance. I said, 'I'm not gonna do that!' He walked off. He said, 'That's alright. Garth'll do it.' So now what do they say? 'Reba, would you do that?' 'No, I'm not gonna . . .' 'That's alright. Taylor'll do it.' 'Alright, I'll do it!'

McEntire and Swift are on sister labels The Valory Music Company and Big Machine Records, respectively.
McEntire's first album for Valory, called Keep On Loving You, will be released on August 18th.

It's official -- Julianne Hough is headed to the big screen! The singer and Dancing With The Stars champ will play the role of Ariel Moore in the remake of the 1984 movie Footloose. The film begins shooting in March, with a theater release date of sometime next year.
Hough recently told us that she has always been a big fan of the movie. "It's awesome! It's so good! I mean, I was a big fan of it from the beginning, even before I'd ever heard about this, and it's funny -- my brother played Ren on the West End in London at the same time that I played Ariel in high school in Park City, so it was kind of funny. We love it

Hough will star opposite Chace Crawford, who will play Ren McCormack.
Other stars reportedly considered for the role of Ariel included Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, and Hayden Panettiere.

Jimmy Wayne has taken the concept of Twitter to new heights. The singer has developed what some may call a Twitter addiction, posting Tweets sometimes several times an hour, and almost every Tweet is accompanied by a picture. Wayne says he is a bit obsessed, but that he loves constantly keeping fans in the loop. "You know, instead of havin' like a MySpace page, Facebook, where you have to actually go to your computer, open up or log on, you got a phone. You can do it in real time. It's right there, and I wanna bring the fans closer in and wherever I'm at on the road. Sometimes I'm at an airport lying on the floor and I'm like, 'Oh, you gotta see this!' -- click -- and I'll send it to everybody all over the world and they can actually be with you at all times, and I think it's fun for the audience."

Wayne is in the midst of his first major tour with headliner Brad Paisley. The American Saturday Night tour plays in Clarkston, Michigan on July 10th.
In the meantime, Wayne is scheduled to play a variety of fairs and festivals.

Kenny Chesney fans have the chance to win a trip for two to one of his Sun City Carnival shows. Beginning on Tuesday (June 23rd), fans can enter the TouchTunes Kenny Chesney Greatest Hits II Summer Soundtrack Sweepstakes in one of two ways -- via interactive entry forms on TouchTunes digital jukebox screens at participating locations nationwide, or by going online at Entry deadline is July 8th.

Chesney's Greatest Hits II is currently in stores.
The project features 15 tracks, including Chesney's recent Number One hit, "Out Last Night."

Kid Rock might get a chance to new some new material on the road this summer, when Rock heads out on a tour that begins this Friday (June 26th) in West Palm Beach, Florida. Rock revealed to that he has 18 to 20 songs written for his next album, and told us he's thinking about possibly giving some of them a workout onstage: ["I'm gonna have the band learn all the new stuff, so we can start playing it. Whether we decide to start playing it live on the road or when we go into the studio, you know, there's so many things you learn from going out and playing your records live. So it's gonna be nice, at least we're gonna start playing them all in soundcheck, you know, and screwing around with them every day. If nothing else, at least when we go into the studio we'll have a feel of playing these songs live

Rock will be on the road with Lynyrd Skynyrd until August 2nd, when the tour closes out in Wantagh, New York.

Two mid-July shows in his hometown of Detroit will also feature Alice In Chains.
Rock is working on his next studio album with producer Rick Rubin, and hopes to begin recording either during the tour or after it's finished, with an eye on an early 2010 release.
The new disc will follow up 2007's double platinum Rock N Roll Jesus, which featured the smash single "All Summer Long."

Friday, June 19, 2009

Live From Boot Barn Laughlin Saturday Noon-2pm

Join me and Tyrone for a "Live broadcast on location" at Boot Barn (tomorrow) this Saturday Noon-2pm at The Preferred Outlet Mall in Laughlin (Great time to get something for Dad!) Country music just makes you feel good! Tush Push contest, prizes and awesome Western wear...Boots, Shirts, Belts, Skirts, Wranglers and more!
I also found 5 copies of Chris LeDoux's Greatest hits CD's in my garage! I'm gonna give them away (Tomorrow)(Sat Noon-2pm)!
Big Prize drawing at 2pm! No purchase Necessary!
Free stuff with every purchase! 20% off selected items!

(Chris and I doing a live remote at 12 Midnight in Orange County in 1994! Over 100 people showed up at 12 Midnight to buy his new album!)


Father's Day is Sunday. Buying gifts for men is not nearly as complicated as it is for women. Follow these rules and you should have no problems.

Rule #1: When in doubt, buy him a cordless drill. It does not matter if he already has one. I have a friend who owns 17 and he has yet to complain. As a man, you can never have too many cordless drills. No one knows why.

Rule #2: If you cannot afford a cordless drill, buy him anything with the word ratchet or socket in it. Men love saying those two words. "Hey George, can I borrow your ratchet?" "Okay. By the way, are you through with my 3/8" socket yet?" Again, no one knows why.

Rule #3: If you are really, really broke, buy him anything for his car. A 99 cent ice scraper, a small bottle of de-icer or something to hang from his rear view mirror. Men love gifts for their cars. No one knows why.

Rule #4: Do not buy men socks. Do not buy men ties. And never buy men bathrobes. I was told that if God had wanted men to wear bathrobes, he would not have invented jockey shorts.

Rule #5: You can buy men new remote controls to replace the ones they have worn out. If you have a lot of money, buy your man a big screen TV with the little picture in the corner. Watch him go wild as he flips and flips and flips. Forget the program, your entertainment is watching him have fun!

Rule #6: Do not buy any man industrial-sized canisters of after-shave or deodorant. I'm told they do not stink-they are earthy.

Rule #7: Buy men label makers. Almost as good as cordless drills. Within a couple of weeks there will be labels absolutely everywhere. "Socks. Shorts. Cups. Saucers. Door. Lock. Sink." You get the idea Again, no one knows why.

Rule #8: Never buy a man anything and then tell him he should read the instructions because the box says "some assembly required." It will ruin his special day. He will always have parts left over.

Rule #9: Good places to shop for men include Northwest Iron Works, Parr Lumber, Home Depot, Lowe's, John Deere, Valley RV Center and Les Schwab Tire. (NAPA Auto Parts and Sears Clearance Centers are also excellent men's stores. It doesn't matter if he doesn't know what the gift is. "From NAPA Auto, eh? Must be something I need. Hey! Isn't this a starter for a '68 Ford Fairlane? Wow! Thanks.")

Rule #10: Men enjoy danger. That's why they never cook (but they will barbecue). Get him a monster barbecue with a 100-pound propane tank. Tell him the gas line leaks. "Oh the thrill! The challenge! Who wants a hamburger?"

Rule #11: Tickets to a New York Giants game are a smart gift. However, he will not appreciate tickets to "A Retrospective of 19th Century Quilts." Everyone knows why.

Rule #12: Men love chain saws. Never, ever, buy a man you love a chain saw. If you don't know why, please refer to Rule #7 (Remember what happens when he gets a label maker?)

Rule #13: It's hard to beat a really good wheelbarrow or aluminum extension ladder. Never buy a real man a stepladder. It must be an extension ladder. No one knows why.

Rule #14: Rope. Men love rope. It takes us back to our cowboy origins, or at least the Boy Scouts. Nothing says "I love you" like a hundred feet of 3/8" manila rope. No one knows why.


  • 64.3 million: Estimated number of fathers across the nation.
  • 9,003: The number of men's clothing stores around the country (as of 2006), a good place to buy dad a tie or shirt. 14,012: The number of hardware stores (as of 2006), a place to buy hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and other items high on the list of Father's Day gifts. Additionally, there were 6,749 home centers across the country in 2006.
  • 23,270: Number of sporting goods stores in 2006. These stores are good places to purchase traditional gifts for dad, such as fishing rods and golf clubs.
  • 78 million: The number of Americans who participated in a barbecue in the last year --it's probably safe to assume many of these barbecues took place on Father's Day.
  • 140,000: Estimated number of stay-at-home dads in 2008. These married fathers with children younger than 15 have remained out of the labor force for at least one year primarily so they can care for the family while their wives work outside the home. These fathers cared for 234,000 children. Among these stay-at-home dads, 54 percent had two or more children, and 52 percent had an annual family income of $50,000 or more.
  • 25%: Among the nation's 11.3 million preschoolers whose mothers are employed, the percentage who are regularly cared for by their father during their mother's working hours. This amounted to 2.9 million children.
  • 25.8 million: Number of fathers who were part of married-couple families with children younger than 18 in 2008.
  • 1.8 million: Number of single fathers in 2008. Currently, among single parents living with their children, 16 percent are men. 8 percent were raising three or more children younger than 18. About 51 percent were divorced, 25 percent were never married, 19 percent were separated and 5 percent were widowed. 43 percent had an annual family income of $50,000 or more.
  • 85%: Among the 30.2 million fathers living with children younger than 18, the percentage who lived with their biological children only. In addition, 11 percent lived with stepchildren, 4 percent with adopted children and fewer than 1 percent with foster children.
  • 31%: Percentage of custodial fathers who were due child support. They numbered 678,000.
  • $2.4 billion: Amount of child support received by custodial fathers in 2005; they were due $3.3 billion. In contrast, custodial mothers received $22.4 billion of the $34.7 billion in support that was due.
  • 43%: Percentage of custodial fathers who received all child support that was due, not significantly different from the corresponding percentage for custodial mothers. These fathers received an average of $6,210 in child support in 2005, compared with $5,981 for mothers who received full support. (These figures are not statistically different from each other.)
  • 36%: Percentage of custodial fathers with child-support agreements or awards.
  • 72%: Percentage of custodial fathers receiving noncash support, such as gifts or coverage of expenses, on behalf of their children. The corresponding proportion for mothers was 59 percent.
  • 53% and 71%: Percentages of children younger than 6 who ate breakfast and dinner, respectively, with their father every day in 2006. The corresponding percentages who ate with their mother were 58 percent and 80 percent. (The percentages of children who ate breakfast with their mother or father, respectively, were not significantly different from each another.)
  • 6: Average times children ages 3 to 5 were read to by their fathers in the past week, as of 2006


  • Hillary Clinton was on her way to the White House Wednesday night when she fell and broke her elbow!
  • Tom Brokaw interviewed President Obama June 5th. This week, he was named to the President's Commission on White House Fellowships.
  • The Global Language Monitor, a web site that uses a math formula to estimate how often words are created, estimates English now has one million words -- more than any other language.
  • T.R. Knight will be disappearing from "Grey's Anatomy," as he is being released from his contract.
  • Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and "Dancing with the Stars" runner-up Melissa Rycroft will appear on "Good Morning America" as a traveling contributor this summer.
  • It took two calls from Angelina Jolie before fashion designer Malcolm Harris would believe it was really her. He thought he was being Punk'd.
  • A sequel to "Hangover" is already in the works.
  • Even though David Letterman's ordeal with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave his "Late Show" a ratings boost, rival Conan O'Brien remained top dog after two weeks as the "Tonight Show" host.
  • A GPS with the voice of Homer Simpson telling you where to turn? TomTom is now offering it.
  • According to a new survey, some teens are starting to use their cell phones to cheat on tests in school. They act like they just got a call, but instead, they're checking answers placed on their phone.
  • David Archuleta's dad was busted for soliciting a prostitute at a massage parlor.
  • Jane Fonda has had her left knee replaced.
  • The Emmy Awards are being postponed by a week to avoid bumping into MTV's Video Music Awards on September 13th.

Here are 10 steps to being a better husband

Guys, ever wonder how to be a husband? Here are 10 steps to being a better husband (from

  1. Take an interest in something your wife is really passionate about. This can be especially tough for guys, because we generally feel that if someone else has interests that differ from ours, they're morons. It's not an easy task, and being able to show interest in something that matters to someone you love shows growth -- and that's terrifying. Good, but terrifying. Accomplish this and you'll make her feel better about herself, and you get better insight into what makes her tick.
  2. Put the kids to bed. Once a week give her the night off and put the kids to bed by yourself. Let her take a hot bath, read a book, or check gossip on the Web and forget about the kids. I'm always amazed how happy this makes my wife. It ranks somewhere between low-end jewelry and a Hawaiian vacation.
  3. Learn to apologize. This is the easiest one, and the hardest one. A marriage is a marathon, and we all fly off the handle too quick or let our temper get the best of us sometimes. When you're wrong, it's best to step up and apologize. It's amazing how fast "I'm sorry" can defuse a stupid argument about something you can't even remember.
  4. Thank her for putting up with you. Every once in a while, just thank her for putting up with you. That's all you have to say. Don't launch into a list of your faults, or the story about coming home two days late from that Vegas bachelor party. Just thank her, and let her know that you understand that you're not the easiest person in the world to live with.
  5. Clean up after yourself. Take care of that late night snack or morning cereal bowl. Setting them in the sink is one thing, but go that extra mile and actually put them in the dishwasher. After all, no one enjoys scraping bacon dip off a bowl that's been sitting too long or smelling the chili from the night before. A beer bottle on the counter the next morning is even worse.



Alan Jackson on his relationship with his three daughters: "I think that I have a sense of humor with 'em and I'm fun and I'm not just some serious dad, and then I talk to 'em. If they're dating some boy and I wanna know what's goin' on, I'll ask 'em. I'll just go in there and tell 'em, 'Hey, me and your mama were datin' when we were 17. I know what's goin' on,' and I just talk to 'em."

Alan Jackson on his own dad:"When I decided to go to Nashville, that was like, everybody in Newnan, Georgia thought I'd lost my mind, you know, but my daddy, I'm sure he deep down thought, 'I hate to see him go, he's gonna get hurt,' and just said, 'You know, you can always come back home.' That's the kind of man he was. He just said a few things, but they always supported us."

Brad Paisley on patterning his parenting after his dad: "He was around for my childhood. He worked a day job. He coached my fifth grad basketball team. He was there, you know? He was the dad that you want a dad to be, and (I) couldn't ask for better, and so I didn't have any excuses for being a bad father. Some people might have a good excuse if they don't know how to do it, but I don't!"

Dierks Bentley on Father's Day plans: "I'm gonna definitely get an extra bus and bring everyone out. It takes on a whole new meaning. I'm always kind of the just make the phone call kind of forget to send the care out in time kind of son, and I feel bad. Now that I am a dad it's like I expect some things here. I want some cards and some recognition, but really in our house it's Mother's Day that deserves all the major praise cause I've been fairly busy this year."

Jason Michael Carroll on what he'd like for Father's Day: "One of the best gifts I could probably get for Father's Day is more time with my kids, you know? Hangin' out with them, having them on the road, when I go home, being able to pick them up with less drama -- just havin' a great time doin' that kind of stuff."

Darryl Worley on becoming a father to his toddler daughter: "It really, really has changed my life in a lot of different ways, but I think the most important way is that it has made me realize just how unimportant all the things that I thought were important are and how important it is my focus be on my wife and my child. I mean, it took something like that to really make Darryl Worley get his priorities straight, and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life."

Alan Jackson will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year, it was announced by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Thursday (June 18th). Other 2010 recipients include Russell Crowe, Adam Sandler, Alan Jackson, Bryan Adams, James Cameron, Bill Maher, Ringo Starr, Mark Wahlberg, Colin Firth, Randy Newman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Gale Anne Hurd.
  • Jackson celebrates this 20th anniversary as a recording artist this month.


  • Jackson took home a CMT Music Award for Performance of the Year for "Country Boy," the video performance with George Straight, Brad Paisley and Dirks Bentley, earlier this week. The clip was from his special, CMT Giants: Alan Jackson.

Newcomer Justin Moore has a hit on his hands with his latest single, "Small Town USA." The song climbs inside the Top 20 this week, giving Moore a different perspective on the music business, as he told us on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards earlier this week."It feels good right now. It's the first song I wrote when I moved to Nashville seven years ago, and I thought, 'Man, this is a little too personal for anybody else to get besides people that grew up just like I did.' Luckily, I've been wrong. It's a lot of fun to be doin' all this stuff with a hit record, so it's a departure for me."
  • Moore's new EP, called You Asked For It, was recently released exclusively on iTunes. All of the songs on the EP were selected by the fans, including "Small Town USA," "Back That Thing Up," "I Could Kick Your Ass," "Hank It" and "How I Got To Be This Way."
  • Moore's self-titled debut album is slated for release sometime this summer.

Kellie Pickler graces the pages of the current issue of OK! magazine -- six pages, to be exact! Dubbed "Southern Belle," Pickler talks about life on tour, which she's becomes quite accustomed to since hitting the road with Taylor Swift on her sold-out Fearless tour. Pickler said, "Funny. As a child I thought, 'I'm going to be a big country star and get out of this damn trailer.' Then I go and get one. I mean, it's a $1 million trailer but it's still a trailer."

Pickler also shared her long-term goal with the publication. "Of course I would love to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. It would be such a huge honor."


  • Pickler is doing some headlining of her own this weekend while on a brief hiatus from the Fearless tour. She performs tonight (Friday, June 19th) in Harris, Michigan.


Lady Antebellum

Sugarland, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley, Tayor Swift

Josh Turner & Ryan Newman

Holly Williams

Celebrity Gossip

GOSSIP GIRL' STAR SPOTTED IN SEX TAPE: Actress Leighton Meester is reportedly in a sex tape that is being shopped around town, reports. The Gossip Girl star appears in the tape with her boyfriend. The tape, which was shot a few years ago, contains "mostly innocuous though nude scenes. But there are several big exceptions, including "one involving her very talented feet," according to A company called is negotiating for the video. "We've seen the tape and we're hoping to close the deal," the company's spokesperson, Kevin Blatt told TMZ.

LINDSAY LOHAN AND PARIS HILTON MAD AT GOSSELINS? Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are reportedly livid at being replaced by Jon and Kate Gosselin on the tabloid covers and are actively trying to regain headlines. A source told the New York Post, "Lindsay and Paris hate not being on the covers of weeklies. That's why Lindsay has been causing so much havoc and pulling these antics. And why Paris had a big blow- up with Doug [Reinhardt]."

BRAD AND ANGELINA REMIND US THEY'RE HUMANITARIANS: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated $1 million to help displaced people in Pakistan on Wednesday (June 17th) in support of Jolie's eight-year relationship with UN Refugee Agency. Jolie celebrated World Refugee Day on Thursday (June 18th), where she was supposed to appear with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- but Clinton had to pull out after breaking her elbow.

CHER SUPPORTS CHILD'S SEX CHANGE: Cher is speaking out on her child's sex change, telling People magazine that she supports Chaz's (formerly Chastity) transition from female to male. The performer released a statement saying, "Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support. I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny and although I may not understand I will strive to be understanding. The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child."

STEPHANIE PRATT DENIES 'US WEEKLY' CLAIMS: Stephanie Pratt is denying Us Weekly magazine's cover story, that working on The Hills made her bulimic. The reality star told MTV, 'The Hills' did not make me bulimic. It was my own issues with self-esteem, and if anything, my life on 'The Hills' has only helped me get healthy, 'cause I know how lucky I am to have this job and to have the chance to be a role model. And if it weren't for 'The Hills,' I don't know how long I would have had those dark stages in my life." She said that she never approached the magazine to do a cover story and claims that the tabloid approached her to do an article about the show's upcoming season.

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT OFFERING RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: Jennifer Love Hewitt is writing a relationship advice book. revealed that in The Day I Shot Cupid, the Ghost Whisperer star "reveals a surprisingly wicked sense of humor as she explores the new landscape of modern dating and offers up a wide range of practical tips, from text-flirting and IM-ing to what men and women really want, and how to start over after a breakup." The book is due to hit stores in march of 2010.

TV COUPLE COMES OUT: How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor and Lipstick Jungle's Lindsay Price are a couple. The TV stars opened up about their romance, admitting to People magazine that they've been together for nearly a year. Radnor told the magazine that after their initial introduction, "We met up a year and a half later in New York, last summer in August. We went to have dinner near the Bowery. It went really well. We've been together ever since." Price described her beau as " the light in the dark space."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Live Broadcast This Saturday at Boot Barn Laughlin!

K-Flag Day At Boot Barn in Laughlin!

Update! Update! Update! Update!

Location Change to Laughln This Saturday at 12 Noon!!!

Flaggers....If you love Western Wear, Wranglers, Hats, Shirts, Jeans, Boots, Belts, Buckles, Work Clothes... and more then join me CP and my Horse Tyrone broadcasting live on location at The Boot Barn in Laughlin in the Preferred Outlets at Laughlin. (1955 S. Casino Drive. Laughlin, NV 89029) They'll have special Fathers Day deals on jeans and shirts! Plus, we are giving away a ton of free prizes, movie passes, weekend getaway stay-cations and much, much more!!
The Fun kicks off this Saturday Morning 12 Noon at the Boot Barn in Laughlin, bring the whole family!

They'll have awesome fathers Day deals going on!

CYA There!

CP and Tyrone!


  • In Florida, they were deciding whether to name a new school after former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno or former NBA star Alonzo Mourning. They've chosen Mourning.
  • Former first lady and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fell and broke her elbow Wednesday. She'll have surgery to repair her elbow next week.
  • "The Hills" co-star Heidi Montag has posed nude for the September issue of Playboy magazine.
  • Men who consume healthier food may also have healthier sperm, according to new research from Spain's University of Murcia.
  • People has named the Hottest Bachelors of 2009 and Chace Crawford tops the list as Summer's Hottest Bachelor. Also on the list are Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Zac Efron, Adam Lambert, Shia LaBeouf and Bret Michaels.
  • Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada has admitted having an affair with a staffer from December of 2007 and ending in August of 2008, for those of you keeping score at home.
  • MySpace has laid off 30% of its staff in cutbacks.
  • Sean Penn is dropping out of "The Three Stooges"'' and "Cartel" to take an extended leave from Hollywood so that he can focus on family matters. Sources have said the absence could last up to a year.
  • British Airways has asked its 40,000 staff to work without pay for up to a month as the airline tries to stay afloat.
  • Yes, that's Sasha Baron Cohen completely naked on the cover of the latest GQ.
  • Even though NBC has "30 Rock" and "The Today Show," Alec Baldwin says you'll never see him on the Today Show again. He's still miffed how they featured that phone call rant a couple of years ago, but never contacted him until after it aired.
  • Donald Trump has just bought World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW show.
  • Piers Morgan says the offers are pouring in for Susan Boyle. Most are along the lines of $160,000 to sing four songs.
  • Mia Farrow's brother has been found dead in his Vermont art gallery and police say it looks suspicious.
  • Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has his day in court today on drug and burglarly charges.
  • Bob Bogle, one of the co-founders of the The Ventures, has died at age 75.


  • They try a lot harder: When you're out on a date (or doing private stuff, wink wink), a younger guy is more out to impress than an older one who feels like he's already proved himself in the past. And since we're more apt to expect less from a younger guy, every little thing he does seems above-and-beyond.
  • They really, really like that you're older: Maybe he had some high school fantasy about fooling around with a teacher or he digs the whole Ashton and Demi thing, but you're automatically considered more of a challenge, more mysterious - and all you had to do was be born before him.
  • They don't take themselves too seriously: Of course you're expected to be more mature as you age, but some men interpret this to mean you can no longer be goofy and laugh at yourself. But younger guys? They're not above wearing spandex shorts and eighties sweatbands on Halloween.
  • One word...abs: Yes, it's shallow, but what woman hasn't been on the beach with a bunch of college coeds and thought about running her hands along a washboard?


  • Comedies: A person who watches comedies is trying to feel positive by perceiving daily life as a sitcom. You can use the different approaches to humor based on the dynamics of gender humor. Never make fun of him, but do laugh at his jokes because he wants your approval. However, a woman can make fun of herself like, "Silly me" and he will melt! Use humor to quickly disarm negativity even in the middle of a heated argument. Laughter in the bedroom is a real turn on for the comedy viewer because laughter releases stress and increases endorphins. Initiate sex with a pillow fight or tickling.
  • Sports: This is a goal-oriented person. Your spouse really wants to please you and make sure that you are fulfilled. Discuss important matters side by side while you are both active: jogging, bicycling, hiking or painting a room. This person releases stress and thinks better when he or she has a physical outlet. A sports fan does not like to feel cornered. You are lucky because your lover enjoys sex and wants a partner to enjoy it too.
  • Reality Shows: This viewer is concrete, down to earth and not attracted to fantasy. He or she is an observer of human nature and learns through imitation. This person is likely to be competitive, and looking for validated success -- acknowledge it. Celebrity stories provide a springboard for conversation and behavior. Remove your mask and be honest about your feelings. Update special rituals for just the two of you.
  • News: He or she is straightforward, basic and likes to read the fine print. This person needs structure, so don't surprise him or her with unstructured fun. However, do expose him or her to little adventures. The enjoyment will be enormous. Remember to speak literally and not metaphorically. Another plus is you will get consistency in this relationship.
  • Drama: This viewer thrives on romance and is in love with the idea of love, especially its highs and lows. It's good to be emotional and use metaphors. Use your hands to emphasize your points. Go on and have a good fight! Kissing and making-up are part of the rhythm of this relationship. So activate your flair for fantasy -- verbally, and don't forget to dress boldly.
  • Home Improvement TV: This viewer likes the nuts and bolts of things and relationships. Too much makeup or formality is a turn off. Working on your self-growth improves this marriage. The outdoors and green living are core values. Restoration as opposed to throwing things away is a high priority. Create a bedroom retreat to jumpstart romance and it doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, design on a dime is most desirable.
  • Adventure & Discovery: He or she is an explorer and loves to change it up. Routine will deaden this heart and cause your beloved to wander away on a solo journey. Travel together to new places, sample new experiences and make sure to change your look periodically. For a heart-to-heart conversation, visit the amusement park!


Toby Keith kicks off his America's Toughest tour tonight (Thursday, June 18th) in Holmdel, New Jersey with special guest Trace Adkins. The day's festivities include a free pre-show party at The Stone Pony in nearby Asbury Park. The celebration begins at 1 p.m. ET and includes live music, afternoon drink specials, Harley Davidson promotions and exhibitions, not to mention a special appearance by Toby. The show at the PNC Bank Arts Center begins at 7:30 p.m. ET with a performance from Trace.

Trace recently told reporters at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville that he and Toby have more in common than just being two of the biggest guys in country music."I've thought for years that it made a lot of sense for Toby and I to tour together. I think some of the music that we do is not dissimilar. I mean, we'll both go from one end of the spectrum -- do something offensive and then do some kind of sweet ballad right after that, or a gospel song or whatever, so I've always thought it made a lot of sense. I think we share a fan base, so I'm lookin' forward to it. I think it oughta be a lot of fun. I've known several of the guys in Toby's organization for literally decades, so I'm really lookin' forward to this!"

  • The America's Toughest tour is sponsored by Ford F Series.
  • The tour runs through September.

Reba McEntire recently celebrated her son, Shelby's, graduation from high school. Some parents find that day to be quite emotional, but McEntire tells us it was just a giant relief. "It made me feel very successful. To get a kid through high school is somethin' else. (Husband) Narvel (Blackstock) and I high-fived. We cheered. There wasn't a tear shed at graduation. I mean, I was goin' huggin' the teachers. I said, 'We did it!' It takes a tribe to raise these kids nowadays, but, yep, we've already gone to orientation. He's going to college this fall, and he's very excited about it and so are we."
  • McEntire is taking some well-earned vacation time with her family before hitting the promotion trail for the release of her new album, Keep On Loving You, on August 18th.
  • Her debut single, "Strange," is a Top 15 hit and climbing on the country charts.


  • McEntire will expand her retail line with a newly-designed line of luggage. She Twittered yesterday (Wednesday, June 17th) that, "It's gonna be really nice!" For more information on the product log onto

Martina McBride is the coolest mom ever since the Jonas Brothers tapped her to perform with them during their Nashville concert last year. It all started when Nick Jonas paid a visit to Martina and her husband, John McBride's, Blackbird recording studio in Nashville. As the parents of two big Jonas Brothers fans, Martina tells us her husband offered fair warning to Nick. "We're so happy that he came to record at the studio, and, of course, Delaney and Emma were very, very excited, and John said right up front, he said, you know, 'I just wanna tell you, we will try for our daughters not to stalk you while you're here,' and they actually did good! They ran into each other but Delaney was very poised, and it was great to have him there. He's a nice guy!"

McBride says that while she and her family have gotten to spend some time with the Jonas Brothers, you aren't likely to find them hanging around her house. "You know, I got to sing with them when they were here in Nashville at the Ryman. They asked me to come sing with them on stage, so we got to go to rehearsal and hang out a little bit, and they're really serious about their music, really sweet kids. (I) got to meet their parents, and so I wouldn't say we like hang out and are really close friends, but we have connected quite a few times."

  • McBride graces the cover of this month's Shape magazine, alongside Julianne Hough and LeAnn Rimes.
Three of country music's hottest women have uncovered their shapes for America to see. Julianne Hough, Martina McBride and LeAnn Rimes share the cover of this month's Shape magazine, and they are all proudly sporting bikinis. The ladies range in age from 20 to 42. The magazine hits newsstands this week.



  • Kudos to Martina, who at the age of 42 looks as good as her much younger counterparts!

Jimmy Wayne's first major tour is with notorious prankster Brad Paisley. Wayne says he's been known to play a joke or two, but the level of Paisley's pranks has him shaking in his boots. "I'm scared! Brad asked me to have lunch with him the other day and the whole time I'm sittin' there at the table I'm thinkin', like, 'He's plotting! That's what he's doing!' You know how the fox circles the pen? That's exactly what he was doing. I was like, 'He's plotting!' He's all, 'Hey, man, really glad to have you out here.' I'm gonna be the poster child. I know it already!"
  • Paisley's American Saturday Night tour plays in St. Louis tonight (Thursday, June 18th).
  • The tour also features special guest Dierks Bentley.

Although the lyrics make clear references to his ex-girlfriend, Joe Jonas won't confirm that his band's single, "Much Better" is about Taylor Swift. When asked about the song's subject, the 19-year-old told MTV, "We went through a lot in the past year and a half, all of us. And you're just going to have to get the record and figure it out for yourself."
  • A sample lyric in "Much Better" reads, "I got a rep for breakin' hearts/ Now I'm done with superstars/ And all the tears on her guitar/ I'm not bitter."
  • One of Swift's singles is titled, "Teardrops on My Guitar."
  • Swift on the other hand, admitted that her song, "Forever & Always" was indeed inspired by her relationship with Jonas. She told MTV at the time, "With this situation, I feel like I owed it to my fans to be like, 'Look, it happened, you weren't crazy,' and address it. And I addressed it, and, you know, that's a chapter in my life that's closed now."


  • From Ohhitsdeanna on "wow taylor has more balls than joe ever will for admitting it was about joe, and having tons of girls wanting to claw her eyes out. but she still did it. taylors 10 times better than his new girl could be. but hey, the jonas brothers will be gone soon enough. while thankfully, taylor swift will be around for a long time."

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