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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It would be extra thoughtful to leave a bouquet of your mom's favorite flowers in a matching vase somewhere around the house on Mother's Day, instead of just buying her random flowers and handing them to her.
Your Favorite Childhood Book
Buy your mom a copy of your favorite childhood book and write a thank you note inside for always reading it to you when you wanted her to.
Start A Book Club -- For Just The Two Of You
Buy two copies of a book that you've been dying to read and have a mini book club with your mom! It's a great way to let her know you want to spend more time together.
Make Her A Playlist
Burn your mom a CD or make her a spotify playlist of music to listen to when she's at the gym, commuting to work etc. Make sure to choose the songs you knew she loves -- it's a great way to show her how much you pay attention to her interests.
Photo Mug
Pick out a few of your mom's favorite pictures of you (and your siblings) and have them put onto a photo mug. Then be sure to buy her a box of herbal, calming tea so she can get her morning started right.
Plan A Movie Night
Whether you head out to dinner and the movie theater or you opt to rent a DVD and cook your mom's favorite meal at home, a special movie night with just the two of you is sure to make her happy. Just make sure you have the popcorn ready and stop at CVS for her favorite candy, too.
Frame a Quote
Frame her favorite quote or a quote that reminds you of her. (And have a tissue box close by for when she cries.)


WELL-KNOWN DEATH PENALTY LAWYER JOINS BOSTON BOMBER'S DEFENSE TEAM: San Diego attorney Judy Clarke, who has won life sentences instead of the death penalty for high-profile clients including Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, Atlanta Olympics bomber Eric Rudolph, Susan Smith, who drowned her two children, and Jared Loughner, the shooter in the Gabrielle Giffords attack, has joined the defense team for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Clarke's appointment was approved yesterday (April 29th) by U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler, who also denied, at last for now, a request from Tsarnaev's public defender to appoint a second death penalty lawyer. The 19-year-old Tsarnaev has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction during the bombings in which three people were killed and more than 260 injured. His older brother and fellow bombing suspect, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, died in a shootout with police.
RANGER FILES SUIT FOR $1 MILLION DORNER REWARD MONEY: A camp ranger whose truck was taken by former L.A. cop Christopher Dorner during his anti-police killing spree in February filed a lawsuit Monday (April 29th) for the $1 million reward offered for information leading to his capture. Dorner killed two police officers and the daughter of a third and her fiancee before apparently committing suicide during a standoff with law enforcement in a mountain cabin. Rick Heltebrake has filed a breach-of-contract suit, claiming his call to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department after Dorner ordered him out of the truck before taking it directly led police to Dorner's cabin hideout. A couple who called police after Dorner tied them up and fled in their car has also filed a claim, as have others.
FDA TO INVESTIGATE CAFFEINE IN FOOD: The Food and Drug Administration said Monday (April 29th) that it is closely watching the marketing of caffeinated foods and wants to know more about their safety, so the agency will be investigating the foods' effects on children. The move comes in response to the introduction of a caffeinated gum called Alert Energy this week by Wrigley, which has about the equivalent amount of caffeine as in a half-cup of coffee in each piece. The FDA is already investigating the safety of energy drinks and energy shots after reports of illness and death. Food manufacturers have added caffeine to candy, nuts and other snack foods in recent years, and, like Wrigley does with Alert Energy Gum, they label them for adult use only. But critics say that's not enough when caffeine is being put in products, like candy, that appeal to children.
MCCONNELL TWEETS BAR PHOTO IN RESPONSE TO OBAMA'S JOKE: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell yesterday (April 29th) tweeted a photo of himself sitting at a bar with a glass of beer next to an empty chair and a glass of wine, both presumably meant for President Obama, in a funny response to Obama's joke about the Kentucky Republican during Saturday's (April 27th) White House Correspondents Association dinner. During his humorous remarks, Obama said, "Recently, I had dinner -- it's been well publicized -- I had dinner with a number of the Republican senators. And I'll admit it wasn't easy. I proposed a toast -- it died in committee. Of course, even after I've done all this, some folks still don't think I spend enough time with Congress. 'Why don't you get a drink with Mitch McConnell?' they ask. 'Really? Why don't you get a drink with Mitch McConnell?' I'm sorry. I get frustrated sometimes." McConnell's response also was a nod to Clint Eastwood's remarks to a empty chair that was supposed to represent Obama at last year's Republican National Convention.
VIRGIN GALACTIC'S SPACESHIP MAKES FIRST POWERED FLIGHT: Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo made its first powered flight on Monday (April 29th), breaking the sound barrier in a 10-minute test flight over the Mojave Desert that moves the company closer to its goal of flying passengers on brief trips into space. A special jet carrying the SpaceShipTwo climbed to an altitude of 48,000 feet and released the spaceship, after which the pilot and co-pilot triggered the craft's rocket engine. The spaceship went up to an altitude of 55,000 feet and a speed of Mach 1.2, passing the speed of sound, before landing safely. Until yesterday, SpaceShipTwo had only performed unpowered glide flights.

  • More than 500 wannabe space tourists have put down deposits or paid a full $200,000 for an eventual trip 62 miles up on the spaceship. No date has yet been set for the first flight.
EX-JUSTICE O'CONNOR SAYS HEARING BUSH V. GORE MAY HAVE BEEN MISTAKE: Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor now thinks that it may have been a mistake for the high court to agree to hear the Bush v. Gore case that decided the 2000 presidential election, telling the Chicago Tribune editorial board last Friday (April 26th), "It took the case and decided it at a time when it was still a big election issue. Maybe the court should have said, 'We're not going to take it, goodbye.'" O'Connor, who sided with the four other Republican-appointed justices in the 5-4 decision that made George W. Bush president over Al Gore, didn't say the decision the court made was wrong, but stated that the case had, quote, "stirred up the public," and given the court, quote, "a less-then-perfect reputation." O'Connor retired in 2006.
RAND PAUL TO ENDORSE EX-S.C. GOV. MARK SANFORD: The National Republican Congressional Committee may have abandoned former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford as he tries to make a return to politics with a run for a U.S. House seat, but Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky plans to endorse his fellow Republican ahead of the May 7th special election, it was reported yesterday (April 29th). The NRCC said earlier this month that they'd stop devoting resources to Sanford's campaign after news broke that his ex-wife accused him of trespassing on her property. Sanford has said he went to the home when his ex-wife was out of town so one of their four sons wouldn't have to watch the Super Bowl alone. The two divorced after then-Governor Sanford admitted visited his mistress in Argentina in 2009 following his disappearance from the state as his aides said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. Although Sanford served out his gubernatorial term, his political career was ended, but he's now trying to make a comeback. Paul, who's popular among libertarians and tea partiers, is trying to show his independence from the national party with the endorsement, as well as appeal to grassroots activists in the key state of South Carolina.
VETERAN NBA PLAYER JASON COLLINS COMES OUT AS GAY: Veteran NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay yesterday (April 29th) in an article he wrote that was posted on Sports Illustrated's website, making history by becoming the first male active player in one of the four major U.S. professional sports leagues to come out. Collins' article began: "I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay. . . . I wish I wasn't the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, 'I'm different.' If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I'm raising my hand." Collins has played for six teams in 12 seasons, most recently with the Washington Wizards after a midseason trade from the Boston Celtics. He is now a free agent and wants to keep playing in the NBA. In the article, Collins joked about the many teams he played for, calling it the "Three Degrees of Jason Collins," and wrote, "Some people insist they've never met a gay person. But Three Degrees of Jason Collins dictates that no NBA player can claim that anymore."
Collins drew immediate and widespread support for his announcement, from both inside and outside of the sports world, including from President Obama, who called him to offer support and say he was inspired by his courage. First Lady Michelle Obama also spoke out, tweeting: "So proud of you, Jason Collins! This is a huge step forward for our country. We've got your back!" Among the other messages of support:
L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant tweeted that he was proud of Collins, writing, "Don't suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others."
Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat: "Jason Collins showed a lot of courage today and I respect him for taking a stand and choosing to live in his truth."
Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs tweeted: "Really hope people will RESPECT Jason Collins for his decision to come out. Just glad he can now relax and not be afraid to be who he is."
Doc Rivers, Collins' coach with the Celtics, called him a, quote, "pro's pro" and "consummate professional," and compared the announcement to Jackie Robinson's breaking baseball's color barrier, saying, "If you have learned anything from Jackie Robinson, it is that teammates are always the first to accept. It will be society who has to learn tolerance."
Former teammate Garrett Temple of the Wizards: "I was surprised. I didn't know and I was right next to him in the locker room. It definitely took a lot of courage for him to come out. He was a great teammate."
Former teammate Jerry Stackhouse, now with the Brooklyn Nets: "I hope Jason is received well by our NBA family. Jason is a friend and a former teammate that I've enjoyed many laughs and conversations with and his sexual orientation won't change that with me."
NBA Commissioner David Stern said in a statement: "Jason has been a widely respected player and teammate throughout his career and we are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue."
Former President Bill Clinton, whose daughter went to Stanford with Collins: "Jason's announcement today is an important moment for professional sports and in the history of the LGBT community. It is also the straightforward statement of a good man who wants no more than what so many of us seek: to be able to be who we are; to do our work; to build families and to contribute to our communities." Chelsea Clinton also tweeted her support, saying she's proud of her friend.
NFL's Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings, who's been outspoken in favor of gay marriage, tweeted: "Big kudos to @JasonCollins34. Living proof that your sexuality has nothing to do with your athletic ability."
Baseball's Boston Red Sox made an offer to the former Boston Celtics player, tweeting: "We salute you, @jasoncollins34 for your courage and leadership. Any time you want to throw out a first pitch at Fenway Park, let us know."
Amid all the praise, however, there was one attention-grabbing negative response from ESPN sportscaster Chris Broussard, who said on the show Outside the Lines that he wouldn't characterize Collins as a Christian because of his homosexuality:
Last night, Collins responded on Twitter to all the support he's gotten:
JETS CUT TIM TEBOW: The New York Jets cut backup quarterback Tim Tebow on Monday (April 29th), ending what turned out to be a one-season soap opera that began with Tebow as perhaps the most popular football player in the nation, and has ended with uncertainty about whether or not the Heisman Trophy winner will be able to find another job in the NFL. Jets coach Rex Ryan said in a statement yesterday, "Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped," while the famously religiously Tebow reacted on Twitter by citing a Bible verse about trusting in God. The Jets never figured out a way to use Tebow, the backup to starter Mark Sanchez, effectively, and he was never able to be good enough in practice to make Ryan put him in more games. So far, no NFL team has made an attempt to get him after the end of last season.
NBA PLAYOFFS: Results from first-round games last night (April 29th):
  • The Houston Rockets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 105-103 in Houston to get their first win and avoid a sweep. Game 5 will be played Wednesday (May 1st) in Oklahoma City.
  • The Brooklyn Nets topped the Chicago Bulls 110-91 in New York to cut the Bulls' series lead to 3-2. Game 6 will be Thursday in Chicago.
  • The Atlanta Hawks downed the Indiana Pacers 102-91 in Atlanta to even the series at 2-2. Game 5 will be played Wednesday in Indiana.
(Headline News, FYI and Sports stories were compiled in part from reports by the Associated Press and Reuters.)


Kenny Chesney's new album, Life On A Rock, is in stores today (Tuesday, April 30th). Kenny wrote or co-wrote eight of the 10 songs on the new CD based on his own personal experiences and friends connected with his life at his second home in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Kenny tells us: "A lot of songs on Life On A Rock are so personal, and I never imagined that anyone but myself and the friends that I wrote them about would hear them. That was the mentality that went into this. I really didn't realize that all these songs were gonna make a record. They were just very simple songs about my friends' lives and characters I met and the stories they told me and so many journeys that I went on in my mind and these moments in life that would've been very easy to let evaporate, but I was able to capture them and write about them. That's how this whole album started, really. None of these songs would've fit by themselves, I don't feel like, on a specific record but they all fit together. I think that's what makes this record for me so personal, so special, because I was able to be a storyteller. I was able to hopefully take the people that have lived with my music for a while on this incredible journey and show them some places and tell 'em a few stories and make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, make 'em remember somebody."
Kenny will perform tracks from Life On A Rock today on ABC's Good Morning America and later tonight on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
Kenny is nearing the top of the charts with "Pirate Flag," the debut single from Life On A Rock.
Fans can hear some of the new music live on Kenny's No Shoes Nation tour, which continues on Saturday (May 4th) with a show at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Kenny will perform as part of Good Morning America's Summer Concert series on August 9th.
They just announced their separation, but Jason Aldean has filed for divorce from his wife, Jessica Ussery, after 11 years of marriage. The papers were filed in Williamson County, Tennessee court on Friday (April 26th). Jason cites irreconcilable differences for the cause of the split.
He issued a statement yesterday (Monday, April 29th) saying, "This is a really tough time for my entire family. Jessica and I have been together since we were teenagers. We've been through a lot of ups and downs over the years as we grew up together as a couple. She will always be important to me because she is the mother of my children, and I know that we will both always make our daughters our #1 priority. I've learned that everyone always rushes to judgment when they hear news like this. That's really hard because no one knows anything about our relationship but us. I understand that because of my job, I have to go through a lot of this in the public eye, but for my girls' sake I really wish people would give us some level of privacy and at the very least be respectful of them."
The couple have been reportedly working on their marriage after Jason was caught canoodling with another woman -- a former American Idol contestant -- at a Los Angeles bar last year.
Jason continues on his sold-out Night Train tour, with scheduled shows this weekend in New Mexico and Texas.

Lady Antebellum will hit the national TV circuit over the next two weeks to promote their new album, Golden, which will be in stores on May 7th.
The trio will kick things off on release day with appearances on Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and end with an exclusive and intimate release show at New York City's McKittrick Hotel for the Lady Antebellum Golden Release Show presented by Citi. The VIP event will give a select number of fans the first preview of songs off the new album and a donation will be made to Musicians on Call On behalf of the group's charity initiative, LadyAID.
On May 8th, Lady A will begin their take-over on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and set up residency at 30 Rock with interviews and performances on shows on both the 8th and 9th.
The following week, Lady Antebellum will jet to the West Coast for an appearance on Chelsea Lately on May 13th and a performance on NBC's The Voice on May 14th before continuing on to Toronto for more media appearances and events.
Lady A is particularly proud of Golden. They did some reinvention and took a few risks on the new album, but it already seems to be paying off, as the debut single, "Downtown," has already hit the top of the charts.
Hillary Scott tells us: "We'll be really honest and say that on our last record we felt the pressure. You know, we had just had the success of Need You Now, that whole album, that song in particular, and we started recording the third record, went to the Grammys, had that amazing life-changing night, and then went back into the studio to finish it up. And as much as we tried for the pressure to not get to us, I think it definitely did, and with having an album removed from that and knowing that we, you know, we wanted to continue to grow. Everybody says the word evolve, but it's true. We were all in different places we had more to say, and truthfully, we felt like we were writing songs because we love writing songs, not trying to chase a hit, you know. So, not only did we write songs that we were really excited about, that told a story, that we were really proud of, but we got pitched songs that were great too. And so, I think we just really relaxed into the process, and in that relaxation, it almost gave us more confidence to take some more risks."
Lady A's new single is called "Goodbye Town."
The group plan to announce some special tour plans in the coming weeks.
  • Golden is Lady A's fourth studio album.
  • Hillary, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley co-wrote seven of the 12 songs on Golden.
Carrie Underwood is already scaling the charts with her new single, "See You Again." Carrie co-wrote the song several years ago, and while she loved it, she tells us she never really thought it would end up on one of her albums. "'See You Again' actually started -- we were writing for The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I loved 'See You Again' and honestly thought they might pick that one for the movie. And I was like, seriously, like, whatever we don't use, I want for my album. But 'See You Again' fit. It fit this album. And I'm so glad. That was the first one we had in the can. It's like, 'Okay, well, that one'll be on the album.' And I've loved it for that long."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . for that long.)
"See You Again" is the fourth single from Carrie's Blown Away CD.
In other Carrie news, the singer's pooch, Penny, suffered an allergic reaction after trying to eat some ants. Yesterday (Monday, April 29th), Carrie tweeted out a warning to fellow pet owners writing, "Attn. pet owners: make sure to have Benadryl handy in case your dog gets stung. This is miss Penny before and after. I mean, what dog eats ants?! She's fine now, but it made for a scary morning!" Of course, the tweet was accompanied by a before and after pic of Penny, whose snout was clearly swollen after the run-in.

  • Carrie is included in this week's People magazine's Most Beautiful People issue.

George Jones' cause of death has been revealed. The legendary singer reportedly passed away on Friday (April 26th) due to hypoxic respiratory failure, a condition that occurs when there is not enough oxygen present for the body to carry out its basic functions. Jones' funeral will be held on Thursday (May 2nd) at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. It is open to the public.
Taylor Swift was the punchline of one of President Obama's jokes at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C. on Saturday (April 27th). He was talking about the budget sequester and said, "Republicans fell in love with it. Now they can't stop talking about how much they hate it. It's like we're trapped in a Taylor Swift album."
Greg Bates will kickoff Derby weekend by performing at Louisville's Fest-de-Ville Derby Eve Jam on Friday (May 3rd) at Waterfront Park. The set will include his Top Five hit, "Did It For The Girl," his latest single "Fill In The Blank" and a few new songs from his debut album.

New trio The Henningsens are adjusting to some big life changes. The family band has scored their first Top 20 hit with their debut single, "American Beautiful." They are getting ready to hit the road on their first big tour on May 9th on Brad Paisley's Beat This Summer run, and if that isn't enough, Clara Henningsen is planning her wedding. The 23-year-old lead singer and her fiance, Jacob Calaway, got engaged in September and will tie the knot this spring.
That feeling of family is a thread that runs throughout the band's music video for "American Beautiful," and fans can catch The Henningsens as they visit the set of CMT's Hot 20 Countdown in the episode premiering on Saturday (May 4th) at 11:30 a.m. ET and re-airing at the same time on May 5th.
The Henningsens' American Beautiful album will be in stores on July 2nd.
The title track was co-written by Clara, Aaron, and Brian Henningsen along with Brett Beavers.

LeAnn Rimes' new album, Spitfire, will be released on June 4th exclusively at Walmart. She co-wrote nine of the songs on the project saying, "This album is a peek into my world; who I am, what I've gone through, what my emotions are. It's an intimate conversation between me and whoever's listening. I hope I'm saying things that are hard for others to express. It certainly took me a lot of work to get to this point. And it's still easier to sing these thoughts than it is to say them out loud. The intimacy in my music is just beginning."

Guests on Spitfire include Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Jeff Beck, Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski.

Here is the Spitfire track listing:
1. Spitfire
(LeAnn Rimes / Darrell Brown / David Baerwald)
2. What Have I Done? with Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminsky
(LeAnn Rimes / Darrell Brown / David Baerwald)
3. Gasoline & Matches with Rob Thomas and Jeff Beck
(Buddy and Julie Miller)
4. Borrowed
(LeAnn Rimes / Darrell Brown / Dan Wilson)
5. You Ain't Right
(Liz Rose / Chris Stapleton / Morgane Hayes)
6. I Do Now
(LeAnn Rimes / Darrell Brown / Dan Wilson)
7. Where I Stood
(Missy Higgins)
8. You've Ruined Me
(LeAnn Rimes / Darrell Brown / John Shanks)
9. Bottle
(Christina Aldendifer and Gary Burr)
10. A Waste Is A Terrible Thing To Mind
(LeAnn Rimes / David Baerwald / Darrell Brown)
11. Just A Girl Like You
(LeAnn Rimes / Darrell Brown / Nathan Chapman)
12. God Takes Care of Your Kind
(LeAnn Rimes / Darrell Brown / Dean Sheremet)
13. Who We Really Are
(Sarah Buxton and Darrell Brown)
14. Borrowed (Live) - Bonus Track

Q. Who was the first female to win back-to-back ACM Entertainer of the Year awards?
A. Carrie Underwood (2009/2010)
Kenny Chesney
Florida Georgia Line
Kenny Chesney
Larry the Cable Guy


  • Willie Nelson (80)
  • Carolyn Dawn Johnson (42)
  • Robert Reynolds (The Mavericks) (51)
  • Lisa Dean Ryan (actress, Wanda on TV's Doogie Howser, MD) (41)
  • Kirsten Dunst (actress, the Spiderman movies, The Virgin Suicides) (31)
  • Cloris Leachman (actress, Young Frankenstein, Kiss Me Deadly, The Last Picture Show) (87)
  • Jeff Timmons (pop singer, 98 Degrees) (40)
  • Paul Taylor (jazz saxophonist) (53)
  • Akon (R&B singer) (40)
  • Johnny Galecki (actor, Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, Christmas Vacation, David on Roseanne, I Know What You Did Last Summer) (38, disputed)
  • Adrian Pasdar (actor, Nathan on Heroes, Judging Amy) (48)
  • Bobby Vee (singer, "Rubber Ball") (70)
  • Lloyd Banks (rapper) (31)
  • Kunal Nayyar (actor, Raj on The Big Bang Theory) (32)
  • Dianna Agron (actress, Glee, I Am Number Four) (27)


GABOUREY SIDIBE JOINS 'AMERICAN HORROR STORY': Precious star Gabourey Sidibe has signed on to appear in the upcoming third season of American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy announced the news on Twitter on Monday (April 29th.) Her role has not been revealed.
ANOTHER CAST MEMBER DEPARTS 'REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS': Marisa Zanuck has confirmed that she will not be a part of the fourth season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She told Celebuzz, "I wasn't asked back. It's as simple as that and I'm okay with it."
WETV ORDERS 'HOUSE OF CURVES': WEtv has given a series order to House of Curves which focuses on plus-sized designer Kenyatta Jones as she navigates the "skinny world" of fashion. The show will air as six hour-long episodes.
SARAH SILVERMAN TO STAR IN HBO SPECIAL: Sarah Silverman will star in her first-ever HBO special called We Are Miracles. The special will tape in May and air on the network in the fall.
STEVEN SODERBERGH TEASES NEW PROJECT: Supposedly retired director Steven Soderbergh used his ghost Twitter account, @Bitchuation, to tweet out various chapters of a novella called Glue on Sunday night (April 28th.) Glue is believed to be original work from the man behind Magic Mike and appears to be a crime story told from the second person perspective. Only the first seven chapters have been posted thus far.


ADRIENNE MALOOF SAYS SHE DOESN'T NEED TO BE A REAL HOUSEWIFE: Ousted real housewife Adrienne Maloof may have been burned on national television after failing to appear at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion but the reality star says she doesn't need Bravo to keep her career going. She told The Bender, "I ended on a high note with Bravo. They understand my situation. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get into too much about my marriage and my children, so I had to do what I had to do. It was a great platform and for me the second chapter of my life I think you'll find to be quite impressive. I've got offers left and right for a reality television show and I'm doing a feature film with Dreamworks."
ANNE HATHWAY HIDES IN A STRANGER'S CAR: Anne Hathaway landed at LAX recently and rather than wait curbside for her ride to show up, she sought shelter in a stranger's car. TMZ caught the actress entering a car that she quickly learned was not her ride but asked if she could sit and wait for a few minutes until her car arrived to avoid the paparazzi.
REESE WITHERSPOON SAYS IT'S OK FOR SUCCESSFUL WOMEN TO SHOW OFF: Mud star Reese Witherspoon gave an interview to Red magazine before her "Do you know who I am?" disorderly conduct arrest where she says successful women should be allowed to show off a little. She told the magazine, "As women, we shrug and smile and say, 'Oh... me?' because it makes it socially acceptable for us to be successful. But there is a balance between being an arrogant jerk and being someone who is proud of their accomplishments. We need to let successful women show off and support them. You have to be the best version of yourself and, if that means you have to be a bit self-promoting, then it's okay."
LEONARDO DICAPRIO TAKES CREDIT FOR BRINGING JAY-Z TO 'THE GREAT GATSBY': Leonardo DiCaprio was promoting his new film The Great Gatsby to E! News when he revealed that he is partially responsible for bringing Jay-Z in to perform on the soundtrack for the film. He said, "I can't say me specifically but I think I suggested Jay-Z to Baz. I made the introduction, 'cause I know Baz in his great search to create this spectacle that is a Baz Luhrmann movie wanted to, in a sense, modernize the music in a lot of ways. And jazz was kind of the equivalent of hip-hop in that era. So I suggested Jay-Z, and then they started working together and had a great collaboration and worked on the movie tirelessly."
ASHTON KUTCHER WENT BACK TO STAGECOACH FESTIVAL: Ashton Kutcher returned to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival on Sunday (April 28th) --only a day after fighting with a security guard and being asked to leave. There were no incidents reported on his second day at the festival


With the release of Brian Stelter's new book Top of the Morning last week, NBC is back on damage control hoping to recover Matt Lauer's reputation and protect the Today show. Kathie Lee Gifford recently attempted to help her fellow NBC employee by speaking out in his defense to the media but according to some leaked emails acquired by Radar Online, the network allegedly had to edit her words.
Radar is reporting that Kathie Lee launched an effort to help Matt's image by collecting signatures from NBC employees in support of the anchor that she planned to run as an ad in a newspaper but Lauer supposedly asked her to put the kibosh on it. She also told Extra, "Matt is not a monster. You know a completely different person than the monster you're reading about in the press." Those words did not sit well with the network and, after a series of emails with producers of the NBC-owned entertainment news program, the references to him being viewed as a monster were removed. Instead, Extra ran a clip of Gifford saying, "This man we love and respect so much and is handling this beautifully, how about, maybe they'd believe us? I think Matt's an honorable man and a consummate professional."

  • Meredith Vieira also expressed her opinion on the matter by telling the NY Post, "Even if NBC blew it from a p.r. point of view, you've got to move on. I think what is happening to Matt is really wrong."


Martha Stewart is looking for love and she's turning to the internet to find it. The 71-year-old appeared on Monday's Today show where Matt Lauer announced that the show will be documenting Martha's quest to find a mate.
When Stewart asked CEO Sam Yagan if he felt she would find a match on the site like many of her employees, Sam said, "What we know we can get you is some great first dates. I think finding a soul mate for you might be a little difficult. But I think first dates are easily doable." Yagan also recommended that Martha set up her profile under a false identity so she could get to know people without them being blinded by her fame.

  • Martha also revealed, "I'd like to have breakfast with somebody. I'd like to go to bed with somebody. Sleep with somebody."


Despite reports the emerged last week that Kate Middleton planned to move in with her mother Carole Middleton immediately following the birth of her first child this summer, a source tells E! News that is the case. While Kate plans to spend a lot of time with her family, she isn't moving home full-time.
The source said, "There are no formal plans for her to move in with her mom in Bucklebury. But after Will's paternity leave -- currently expected to be two weeks -- Kate will spend most of her time between London and Bucklebury." It was suspected that Kate would be moving home since she is reportedly considering giving birth at the hospital where she and her sister Pippa were born and they are currently removing asbestos from home she shares with Prince William.
  • Kate's baby is due in July.


Wild Things star Denise Richards doesn't understand why the tabloids are saying she is "painfully thin" and "extra skinny." The 42-year-old briefly discussed her weight with Extra while walking the red carpet at the Radio Disney Music Awards on Saturday (April 27th.)
She said, "I don't know why lately I've been getting so much flack for it. I have a very healthy lifestyle and I'm busy." Denise added, "What bothers me is I have three daughters. I'm such an advocate for health and fitness...In moderation, we eat ice cream all the time. I had grilled cheese before we got here!"


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has finished negotiating the sale of her sex tape with Vivid entertainment and will reportedly earn a high six-figure payday for making the video available to the public. According to TMZ, after weeks of weighing her options with various studios and a public feud with her co-star James Deen, Farrah's 70-minute adult film will be released.
Although the exact amount of her payday is unknown, Farrah definitely did not receive the $2 million she had hoped for but it is believed to fall very close to the $1 million mark. The movie will reportedly be called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

  • Farrah came under fire last week after being photographed bringing her father and three-year-old daughter to the negotiations for the sale of the tape.


MAN ALLOWS 10-YEAR-OLD SON TO DRIVE FERARRI: Police in India cited a man who allowed his 10-year-old son to drive a Ferrari F430 on his birthday. Authorities cited Muhammad Nisham after he posted a video to YouTube that showed his son Ishaan driving the sports car on his birthday. Nisham said, "We did not expect this kind of furor after we uploaded that video on YouTube... I don't think there should be any problem for a boy to try out a car... especially when we ensure that it is done with utmost safety." He added that the citation won't stop him from allowing his son to drive his new Lamborghini on the empty roads near his tobacco factory. Nisham hopes his son will grow up to be a successful Formula One driver. (UPI)
WOMAN WHO USED THE TERM 'ENGLISH COW' PLEADS GUILTY TO RACIALLY AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT: A Welsh woman who insulted an British woman by calling her an "English Cow" pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment. 25-year-old Elen Humphreys used the insult against Angela Payne -- a woman who had been having an affair with Humphreys' father. When Humphreys went to Payne's home to collect some of her dad's things, she told Payne, "Leave well alone, you English cow." Humphreys' attorney said his client was under a lot of stress after discovering that her father had been "backwards and forwards" between her mother and Payne. Humphreys was ordered to pay Payne $77.48 and sentenced to a 12-month conditional release. (Telegraph)
INFLATABLE POOP INSTALLATION: An inflatable poop art installation in Hong Kong was 51 feet tall before it was destroyed by a sudden storm. See it here:
BROTHERS REUNITED AFTER 80 YEARS LED SIMILAR LIVES: Two British brothers who were recently reunited after an 80-year separation have discovered they reached the same rank in the Royal Air Force, played the same soccer position and even gave their respective daughters the same name -- Wendy. Ron and Fred Boyles were adopted through different services 80 years ago and only recently found out about each other after a relative discovered the relationship while researching the family tree. 80-year-old Fred said, "...To find out I had a brother after all these years was just, wow. When we first met, Ron was sat back in his big chair and... oh, I couldn't speak." 83-year-old Ron added, "It was emotional. That feeling of having a real brother was absolutely marvelous." (The Mirror)

JONAH FALCON RELEASES POP SONG ABOUT HIS LARGE PENIS: Jonah Falcon, famous for his 13.5-inch penis, has released a pop song titled, "It's Too Big." The song has been released through iTunes and and features the following lyrics: "I heard it from all the guys and every single freakin' girl/They wanna try and take a ride on the biggest in the world/But in order to ride the beast it must be unfurled... Too damn big/It's just too damn big/Your penis too damn big yeah/It's too damn big." (Huffington Post)

SCOTTISH CRUISE COMPANY BUYS LOCH NESS MONSTER INSURANCE: A Scottish cruise company has insured its tourist boats against potential damage from the Loch Ness Monster. According to reports Jacobite Cruises signed a 1.5 million dollar policy with an insurance company on the 80th anniversary of the first reported Loch Ness Monster sighting. The cruise company's owner, Freda Newton, said, "How silly would we look if it [happened] and we weren't covered for it?" (msnNOW)


WHAT YOUR FACEBOOK INTERESTS SAY ABOUT YOU: A new study finds that the more interests a person lists on their Facebook profile, the more romantic relationships they've likely had. The research was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior. Study author, Dr. Christopher Carpenter, says. "Even if we walk away from our romantic relationships with some heartache, we generally also gain new interests and activities. Our relationships with others help us become more interesting to people by perhaps broadening our horizons." (Men's Health)
TOP REGRETS OF AMERICANS: New research finds that Americans have a lot in common with each other when it comes to regrets. Researchers from Northwestern University conducted a telephone survey on 370-adults in which they asked the participant to describe one regret in detail. They found that just over 18-percent of people described romance or lost love, and nearly 16-percent said family arguments. About 13-percent cited a missed educational opportunity, while about 12-percent said it was a missed career opportunity, and nearly ten-percent regretted their money management or spending habits. (Psych Central)
MORE PEOPLE GOING UNDER THE KNIFE FOR ARM-LIFTS: The American Society for Plastic Surgeons says that the number of women receiving arm-lifts in the last decade has increased more than four-thousand-percent. The society says in the year 2000 only 300 arm lifts were performed by plastic surgeons in the U.S. while in 2011 nearly 16-thousand were performed. This procedure is most popular with middle-age women, but doctors say patients should carefully consider the pros and cons before having the procedure, as it does leave scarring on the arms. (UPI)
LACK OF SLEEP MAY HARM MEN'S SPERM: A new study from Denmark finds that not catching enough Zs may harm a man's sperm. To find this, researchers asked 953 young men how they slept over the previous four-week, then researchers measured the hormone levels of the men and analyzed their semen. Scientists found that the poorer the men reported their quality of sleep, the poorer the quality of their semen. In fact the poorest sleepers were found to have a 25-percent reduction in sperm count, and 1.6-percent fewer sperm that were morphologically normal, compared to men with lower levels of sleep disturbance. While researchers admit there is only an association between poor sleep quality and poor sperm counts, they say the study results may have important public health implications. (Fox News)
STUDY: MONEY MAKES YOU HAPPIER: New research links money to happiness. The research comes from Brookings Institute and finds that in the world's 25 most-populous countries, as households get richer, people report feeling more satisfied. Researchers say this new study disproves older research, which claimed there was a "satiation point" for wealth, and that people didn't feel any better once they made more than 75-thousand dollars per year. The new research finds the more one has the better they feel, and that applies no matter how rich or poor the country, or how rich or poor the people are within the country. (The Atlantic)
STUDY: LEARNING DISABILITIES ARE FAIRLY COMMON: New research from the University of Melbourne finds that up to ten-percent of the population is affected by specific learning disabilities (SLDs). SLDs include problems with math (dyscalculia), reading (dyslexia) and autism. The statitic would translate into two or three students in each classroom. Researchers also found that children are frequently affected by more than one learning disability-- for example, 33-to-45-percent of kids with ADHD also suffer from dyslexia, and 11-percent from dyscalculia. Dr. Brian Butterworth, with the study, said the results showed there were many neurological development disorders that result in learning disabilities, even in children of normal or even high intelligence. (Psych Central)
ARE DINING ROOM TABLES OBSOLETE? A British survey reveals dining room tables may be becoming obsolete. New research from finds that just five-percent of those surveyed say they ate every meal at their dining room table, and 13-percent said they eat at the tables once a day. Some respondents said they ate at their dining room table just once a week or once or twice per month, 19-percent and 26-percent respectively. Most people- 30-percent- said they only eat at their dining room tables a few times a year. (Daily Mail)


Psychiatrist Calls for Study of Dead Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect's Brain
A Boston psychiatrist wants the brain of Boston Marathon bomb suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev to be studied to look for evidence that his boxing career may have left him brain damaged, potentially prone to depression and aggression. The body of the 26-year-old Tsarnaev, who died in a shootout with police, has yet to be claimed, but Dr. Michal Craig Miller of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed suggesting the brain study, "We should suggest the idea to whomever has custody of his remains." Tsarnaev has a wife and three-year-old daughter, his parents are both in Russia and his younger brother Dzhokhar, who allegedly was involved in the bomb plot with him, is in custody. Miller wrote, "Our local experts should get the chance to study Tamerlan Tsarnaev's brain. And they should study it as closely as our forensic experts have studied a few blocks along Boylston Street," which was the site of the two bombings.

Is Avoiding Cleavage at Work Always the Right Thing for Women To Do?
"Dress for success" advice for women usually says that they should avoid cleavage in the workplace. But a post on the blog Already Pretty suggests that might not be fair for all women depending on their body type, stating, "Some people will have visible cleavage even in a garment with a relatively modest neckline. I can understand why someone with ample cleavage might choose to conceal it. But it feels unfair to automatically label their style as provocative or unprofessional if they don't." The post continues, "I support office dress codes in concept; however, I'm not comfortable with the notion that the application should vary based on people's body size and shape. If I can wear v-neck sweater to work, I think my well-endowed colleague should be able to as well." Addressing the distraction factor for co-workers, the writer says, "People -- often women -- are held responsible for other people's reactions to their bodies, particularly if those reactions are sexual. I have a hard time with that. . . . Will that little line peeping through create a brief sexy diversion for a co-worker? It might. But if said co-worker is professional, I think it's reasonable to expect them to ignore that distraction and continue with the job at hand."

Where Did the 'Love' Go in Pop Song Titles?
It's a fairly safe bet to say that love has inspired more pop songs over the years than most any other topic, a contention backed up by the fact that "love" is the most frequent word -- excluding articles like "the," "you" and "I" -- in the tens of thousands of song titles in the Whitburn Project database of Billboard Chart hits. But "love" seems to have faltered in the past 15 years, with The Week citing information recently found by linguists at Idibon, a company that gets useful information from language data, that the amorous word is appearing a lot less often in pop song titles these days. They found that the percentage of hits with the word "love" in the title in recent years is only 30 percent what it was in 1980. In fact, the percentage of songs with "love" in the title has since 1998 been at the lowest level in decades, going back until at least the late 1940s. Interestingly enough, while "love" has been fading, "hate" has been surging. There are only 30 songs with "hate" in their title in the entire database, and 11 of them have been in this time period. The Week reports on another interesting and possibly related stat that artists may have picked up on -- love songs stay on the charts for an average of 9.4 weeks, while non-love songs remain longer, an average of 11.4 weeks.

Monday, April 29, 2013


All weekend long, celebs and fans of George Jones have been tweeting and reacting to the death of the legendary singer on Friday (April 26th).
Carrie Underwood posted a picture of herself with "the possum" on twitter writing, "Happy memory of me and George. You may have left us, but your music and your legacy never will."
Brad Paisley wrote, "My friend, the greatest singer of all time, has passed. To those who knew him,our lives were full. To those of you who don't: discover him now."
Vince Gill wrote, "There aren't words in our language to describe the depth of his greatness. I'll miss my kind and generous friend."
Alan Jackson released a statement, saying, "Well, heaven better get ready for some great country music. While George was known for his wild and crazy days, I've known him for 25 years as a friend. He had grown into a real good man. Of course, he will always be the greatest singer and interpreter of real country music - there'll never be another. Like the song says, 'You know this old world is full of singers, but just a few are chosen to tear your heart out when they sing. Imagine life without them...Who's gonna fill their shoes.'"
Dolly Parton issued a statement saying, "My heart is absolutely broken. George Jones was my all time favorite singer and one of my favorite people in the world. My heart goes out to Nancy and all his family and friends."
Merle Haggard sad, "The world has lost the greatest country singer of all time. Amen."
Hank Williams Jr. said, "Today is a sad day in Country music. We have lost another piece of history. George Jones was not only a good singer, but was a good friend. He will be missed by many."
Randy Travis said, "I am very thankful I got to know George, he's one of the greatest singers that ever lived. I actually loved the man and really enjoyed the time I got to spend with he and Nancy."
Kenny Rogers said, "George Jones will always be one of the most amazing singers who ever lived. He was a true Country Music legend who made music very personal to the listener - I think more than anyone else. He will be dearly missed, but always remembered."
Barbara Mandrell said, "I believe if you ask any singer who was the greatest country music singer of all time, they would say 'George Jones'. He was without question and by far the BEST! I first met and worked with him when I was 13 years old; I am so very grateful that he was my friend."
Travis Tritt said, "I am just devastated by the news that George Jones has passed away! The music world has lost one of the most original and innovative talents that the world has ever known. I feel such a personal loss of not only one of the greatest vocal influences of my life, but also I've lost a dear friend. Visits with George have always been full of joy and laughter. Every time I would see him, George would always greet me with a funny story or a joke! His legacy will put his name at the top of the most influential artists in history, right along with Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. His voice will be influencing singers 100 years from now and beyond! I'm reminded of the lyrics that Waylon wrote in the tune 'It's Alright.' 'If we all sang like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones!'"
Toby Keith tweeted, "George Jones has passed. Damn. Thought he'd live forever. Let's break out his catalogue and play it all day Godspeed possum and family."
Little Big Town tweeted, "There will never be another George Jones. You are and always will be country music. Rest in peace. #GeorgeJones"

Clay Aiken tweeted, "Sad to hear of the passing of the great George Jones, Soundtrack to much of my childhood. We'll lay a wreath upon his door. Rest in peace."
Rob Thomas tweeted, "R.I.P. to a true country/american legend, George Jones. thanx for the music."
Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted, "I'm stunned and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend George Jones.The very definition of a legend. Thoughts and prayers"
The Band Perry tweeted, "Country music and the world lost a true legend today... Mr. Jones, you will be greatly missed."
Hillary Scott tweeted, "Saddened by the passing of George Jones. Sending prayers up for his wife and family. Country Music will never be the same."
LeAnn Rimes Cibrian tweeted, "So sad we lost "the possum" today. R.I.P George Jones and know we didn't stop loving you today. You will live on forever in our hearts."
Dierks Bentley tweeted, "man....heartbroken"
Charlie Daniels tweeted, "Rest in peace George Jones There will never be another one like you and we'll miss you a bunch Buddy."
Blake Shelton tweeted, "Really REALLY bad news. We've lost a country music legend. And I've lost a hero and a friend. Goodbye George Jones... "
Martina McBride tweeted, "So sad to hear about George Jones . His voice and music will be with us forever. Thoughts go out to all his family, friends and fans."
John Rich tweeted, "Every serious country artist in the past 30 years has some #georgejones dna in their blood and music. My God. We've lost our Elvis."
Tim McGraw tweeted, "Gone ...... George Jones he was country music"
Faith Hill tweeted, "We lost one of the best voices God created this morning. Our hearts are saddened to hear that George Jones has passed away...Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy and all of the family."
Jason Aldean tweeted, "So sad to hear abt the passing of George Jones. Country music has lost one of our pioneers & legendary icons. You will never be forgotten."
Kix Brooks tweeted, "Possum, angels got a serious lead singer today - God bless Nancy his loving wife - what a guy- what a voice - that was one hell of a show!"
Loretta Lynn said, "It's a sad day for country music and a great loss for those of us who knew him. I was blessed to call George my friend. He was one of the best country singers there ever was. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Nancy, and all of his family. It's a sad, sad day."
Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts said, ""He was the greatest country vocalist that ever lived! Through the years we have all tried to emulate the passion in his voice, but no one can fill his shoes."
Kenny Chesney said, "He had a voice that was the truth, raw and unfiltered. You cant get any realer, any more tortured or any more alive. No one can do what George Jones does, and that's why 50 years later, he still stands out as one of the greatest singers in any genre of all time. We were great friends, but it was really more like a father/son relationship. He even showed up in Lexington, Kentucky two years ago to surprise me onstage for my birthday... all the way from Nashville, to surprise me and sing 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' with me, which will be one of the greatest memories of my life. When I was just staring out, and I was picked to open the George Jones/Tammy Wynette Reunion Tour, I thought I'd made it... Then one night, George asked me if I was heading home because he and Nancy had a plane, and they'd take me. I remember sitting there on that jet, thinking, 'This can't be happening...' because he was George Jones, and I was some kid from nowhere...' I'm sure he knew, but he was generous to kids chasing the dream, and I never forgot it."
George Strait told us: "The most special memory was when he gave me my medallion at the Hall of Fame ceremony. He actually was the one that did the actual induction, and what a special night that was, but we're just gonna miss George so much. This came as a total shock to me. I didn't even know that George was in the hospital. To the whole music industry it's just gonna be a big void not having George out there, but we've got his music, and that music will live forever. I mean, he did a lot of crazy things in his career and no matter how crazy he got everybody still loved him because that's just the kind of guy that George was, and we're just all gonna miss him. It's a sad day for the music business, for sure."
Luke Bryan told an Indianapolis radio station: [You know, I was very sad to hear that, but when you think of wow, what an amazing life he lived. From all his ups and downs, I mean, hey, that's what life is. He lived the ultimate country song, I believe. Nobody's ever had a more recognizable voice and a more recognizable style. When you consider he is the artist on the greatest song that country music has ever known, I mean what better way to be an artist than to know that, 'Hey, I had the best song that's ever been.' You know, I got to meet he and Nancy and they were just amazing people. You know, he toured his whole life, even right up to the end, and, heck, he had tickets sold when he passed away, and I think he was just a special person and (I'm) certainly sad to see him go. For years, my CD player in my truck held four or five George Jones greatest hits and gosh, you know, 'Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes' and recordings like that are just amazing stuff and he'll certainly be missed."
James Taylor tells us exclusively about George recording his song "Bartender's Blues" for his 1978 album of the same name: "I had written the song as a tribute to him and with him in mind because he's maybe after Hank Williams the greatest . . . He's a real . . . He really invented something, George Jones did, and as far as I'm concerned, he's a real innovator and one of the most remarkable American singers ever. You hear it all over the place, you hear his influence, and he's just had a huge influence on me, so I'm really gonna miss George Jones, but, you know, he recorded so much, he recorded so much material that he's still with us."
And finally, Keith Urban tweeted, "If I'm blessed enough to make it there, I look forward to you giving me the grand tour. Rest in peace George Jones!!!!!" He then shared a musical tribute to the late legend by singing "He Stopped Loving Her Today."
George Jones' funeral will take place on Thursday (May 2nd) at The Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville at 10 am CT. The service will be open to the public.
A private visitation for family, friends, and fellow performers will take place on Wednesday (May 1st) evening at an undisclosed location.

Nancy Jones issued a statement saying, "Thanks to George's friends, fans, and loved ones for the outpouring of love at this terrible time. I love you all."

George died on Friday (April 26th) in Nashville at the age of 81.
A member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1956, George was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1992.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that contributions be made to the Grand Ole Opry trust fund or to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Opry Trust Fund
    2804 Opryland Drive
    Nashville, TN 37214
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
    222 Fifth Avenue South
    Nashville, TN 37203

Chris Young has been selected to perform the national anthem at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama on Saturday (May 4th). In addition to "The Star Spangled Banner", he will play a free Infield concert later that night.
Saturday's Aaron's 312 NASCAR Nationwide Series race begins at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN.
Chris will hit the road with headliner Brad Paisley on the Beat This Summer tour beginning on May 9th in Maryland Heights, Missouri. The run also features Lee Brice.
Chris' new single is called "Aw Naw."

Taylor Swift has added another home -- well, in this case, mansion -- to her growing list of properties. TMZ reports the superstar plunked down $17 million in cash for the Harkness House in Rhode Island. Taylor and her parents toured the eight-bedroom, 11,000-square-foot mansion earlier this month
The original asking price on the 5.23-acre waterfront home was around $20 million.
Harkness House comes with 700 feet of shoreline overlooking Block Island and Montauk Point, a Pebble Tec outdoor pool and a pool house/fitness center.
Taylor is in the midst of her sold-out Red tour, which plays at Detroit's Ford Field on Saturday (May 4th).

Trace Adkins is working on a movie, and this time he's been cast as the lead. The film is a Western called The Virginian.
The Boot reports that the even the singer himself was shocked to learn he would be the star of the film. He said, "I told the director, the first day that I met him up there on the set, I said, 'OK, let's get this out of the way first: I don't trust anyone who casts me as a lead in the movie. So let's just start from there.'"
Trace has been shooting the flick in Canada.
He says the original version of The Virginian starred Gary Cooper and was made in 1929.
  • Trace's new album, Love Will . . . , will be released on May 14th.
  • He continues to compete on The Celebrity Apprentice all-star season, which airs on Sundays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.
Billy Currington's recent legal woes have gotten him bumped as the pre-race act before next month's All-Star race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Billy has been replaced with Josh Turner at the event on May 18th. Last week, the singer was charged with making terroristic threats and abuse of an elderly person. He was released from a Georgia jail after posting a $27,700 bond.
The Band Perry and Kacey Musgraves have been added as performers at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19th in Las Vegas. Other performers include Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Selena Gomez, Prince, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Miguel. The show will air live from the MGM Grand on ABC.
Martina McBride is scheduled to sing the national anthem at this year's Kentucky Derby on May 4th at Churchill Downs in Louisville. Previous Derby national anthem singers have been Mary J. Blige, Jordan Sparks, Rascal Flatts and LeAnn Rimes.
The CMA Music Festival's nightly concerts at LP Field have sold out six weeks before the June event. This is the first time in Festival history that this has happened. The lineup this year includes Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Q. What was George Jones' first Number One hit of his career?
A. "White Lightining" in 1959
Pistol Annies
Billy Ray Cyrus
Larry the Cable Guy, The Band Perry
Zac Brown Band


  • Duane Allen (Oak Ridge Boys) (70)
  • Jerry Seinfeld (actor-comedian) (59)
  • Uma Thurman (actress, Pulp Fiction, Batman & Robin, Paycheck, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2; former wife of Ethan Hawke) (43)
  • Federico Castelluccio (pronounced cas-tell-OOH-chee-oh) (actor, The Sopranos' Furio) (49)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (actress, Scarface, The Witches Of Eastwick, Married To The Mob, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Batman Returns, What Lies Beneath, I Am Sam, Stardust, Dark Shadows) (55)
  • Eve Plumb (actress, The Brady Bunch's Jan Brady) (55)
  • Daniel Day-Lewis (three-time Oscar-winning actor, My Left Foot, The Last Of The Mohicans, In The Name Of The Father, Gangs Of New York, There Will Be Blood, Nine, Lincoln) (56)
  • Kate Mulgrew (actress, Star Trek: Voyager) (58)
  • Andre Agassi (tennis player) (43)


SYLVESTER STALLONE'S 'ROCKY' MUSICAL HEADING TO BROADWAY: Sylvester Stallone is aiming to bring his $30 million Rocky musical to Broadway in March 2014. The show debuted in Hamburg, Germany last October. Here's a preview:
ZACH BRAFF'S KICKSTARTER MAKES $2 MILLION: The kickstarter campaign started by Zach Braff to help finance his next film reached its $2 million goal in only a few short days. Zach's upcoming project Wish I Was Here launched on Wednesday (April 24th) and received over 28,000 backers by Saturday (April 27th.)
JOHNNY DEPP EYED FOR 'INTO THE WOODS': Disney is reportedly in the process of signing Johnny Depp to star in their film adaptation of the Broadway musical Into the Woods. Meryl Streep is also rumored to be a part of the project.
SHERRI SHEPHERD WANTS AN EX 'CHEETAH GIRL' FOR 'THE VIEW': Sherri Shepherd told Us magazine that she would like to see former Disney star Adrienne Bailon replace Joy Behar on The View. She told the magazine, "I want everyone to stay, but Joy's been there for a while and she's ready to go, so I'm supportive and I'll miss her. But what do I want? A young Latina voice is very underrepresented, so I would love to see a young Latina sitting at the table. Adrienne Bailon would be so great. She's awesome and I'm a Cheetah Girls fan."
J.J. ABRAMS WANTS TO ADAPT STEPHEN KING NOVEL: Director J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot is in talks to buy the rights to Stephen King's time travel novel 11/22/63. According to Deadline, the story is being considered for a TV adaptation as a series or miniseries. A series based on King's Under the Dome will air on CBS this summer.


REPORT: ANNE HATHAWAY SMOKES WEED: The National Enquirer is reporting that Anne Hathaway's husband Adam Schulman has gotten her into smoking pot. The tabloid claims to have a number of photographs of Anne holding a homemade blunt with a lot of booze bottles around. Friends are reportedly worried that Adam has brought Anne down a bad path.
'X FACTOR' ALUM HANGS WITH SELENA GOMEZ: X Factor season two runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar was photographed enjoying a dinner in NYC last week with Selena Gomez sparking rumors that Selena may be mentoring the 13-year-old singer. Carly tweeted a photo of the pair hanging out along with the message, "So fun hanging out with @selenagomez tonight! She is humble and so talented! Have fun at the MTV Upfronts tomorrow!"
JEFFREY WRIGHT ARRESTED FOR DWI: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actor Jeffrey Wright was arrested for DWI in New York on Saturday (April 27th.) According to TMZ, Jeffrey was pulled over for a traffic violation at 3 A.M. and then failed a field sobriety test. Wright will be playing Beetee in the upcoming sequel based on the best-selling novel.
LINDSAY LOHAN DROPPED FROM ENDORSEMENT DEAL: Lindsay Lohan has been dropped from a $500,000 endorsement deal with clothing and lifestyle brand Odaingerous. The company's director and CEO told Radar Online, "In light of the recent conviction of actress Lindsay Lohan, clothing and lifestyle brand, Odaingerous is officially withdrawing its offer for an endorsement agreement of actress Lindsay Lohan as the face of the brand. We wish her the best on her recovery and future pursuits."
CLINT EASTWOOD SPOTTED WITHOUT WEDDING RING: With his wife in rehab and rumors of marital troubles, Clint Eastwood was photographed on the streets of Manhattan over the weekend without his wedding ring on. TMZ reported that their relationship issues played a major part in what drove Dina Eastwood to seek treatment for depression and anxiety.


Pain & Gain, the based-on-a-true-story film about a group of steroid-using Florida bodybuilders who carry out a kidnapping, extortion and murder plot, debuted in first place at the weekend box office. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie, and co-stars include Ed Harris, Rob Corddry, Rebel Wilson and Tony Shaloub.
The comedy The Big Wedding, about a family who tries to get through a weekend wedding celebration that has the potential to become a fiasco, opened poorly in fourth place. Its ensemble cast includes Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams, Katherine Heigl, Susan Sarandon, Amanda Seyfried, Ben Barnes and Topher Grace.

  • Last week's top movie, Oblivion, fell to second place.
  1. Pain & Gain, $20 million
  2. Oblivion, $17.4 million
  3. 42, $10.7 million
  4. The Big Wedding, $7.5 million
  5. The Croods, $6.6 million
  6. G.I. Joe: Retaliation, $3.6 million
  7. Scary Movie 5, $3.5 million
  8. Olympus Has Fallen, $2.8 million
  9. The Place Beyond the Pines, $2.7 million
  10. Jurassic Park in 3-D, $2.3 million

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